Lioness – The lioness is a force to be reckoned with. Black bears are known for their adaptability, and this is often seen in how resourceful you can be. If this is your Patronus, you’ll have a mischievous but effective helper at your side!

Dementors will not know what hit them from the back!

Your brown hare Patronus will not hesitate to get in a fighting stance and face the Dementors head-on. This cat loves to be active. Fox – Associated with cunning, the fox has a place in many ancient cultures’ folklore. They, like squirrels, are hoarders. "A Patronus is used against things that the Death Eaters generally generate, or fight alongside," she wrote in 2007. Or do you have some Patronus theories of your own? Witches and wizards have known that this is due to their appearance around Dementors. But despite your natural abilities, you don’t strut. This means they have to compensate for their size by attitude. It all comes down to interpretation. As Harry’s greatest wish was to have his family back, his Patronus brought them closer in some small, symbolic way.

Their ability to glide for hours without needing to use any energy means your albatross Patronus will always be ready to fight for you at a moment’s notice. Deerhounds are eager to please and will happily drive away Dementors with their irresistible urge to chase their prey! They may seem like quiet, kind animals, but they are easily agitated, especially if they are pushed too far or if someone threatens their herd.

From the tip burst three silver cats with spectacle markings around their eyes.". If your Patronus is a wildcat, you’ll be protected by this fierce cat!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. They work well in teams, so when teaming up with other Patronuses, you can't be beaten. They are known to be excellent mousers and can even be dog-like, resulting in the perfect “watch-cat”! When he realizes that Tonks had fallen in love with Lupin, he understands that the shape of her Patronus had changed to match his and become a wolf. This ferocious, determined little beast would be fearless in the face of a soul-sucking Dementor. This is a Patronus anyone should be proud of having! These horses are known for their strength and agility. Chow Dog – One of the few ancient dog breeds, the Chow Chow is proud, independent, and highly suspicious of strangers but fiercely loyal to family. It may seem intimidating and heartless, but in reality, it is a hyper-efficient beast that knows how to utilize even the barest of essentials. Otter – Through their affinity to water, otters are symbolic of life and purification. This creature makes a formidable Patronus, attacking Dementors from all three heads, disabling them quickly and ferociously. When Harry first sees his corporeal stag Patronus across the lake in "Prisoner of Azkaban," he thinks it looks like a horse. Ernie might have been a bit of a pompous Prefect at times; Harry wasn’t impressed with his attitude during the whole ‘Heir of Slytherin’ thing and nothing he said seemed to change Ernie’s mind. When done correctly, the defensive spell takes the form of a silvery-white animal, individually suited to the witch or wizard who cast it. "While there is a widespread and justified belief that a wizard who is not pure of heart cannot produce a successful Patronus... a rare few witches and wizards of questionable morals have succeeded in producing the Charm," Rowling wrote. Brown Bear – Brown bears have one of the largest brains of any extant carnivore relative to their body size and have been shown to use tools. With the ability to breathe fire, they quickly assert themselves, garnering both fear and respect from those around them. Otters are also extremely playful and curious. Despite your fierceness when challenged, you have a soft spot for those weaker than yourself for whom you are willing to make sacrifices. They work well in teams, so when teaming up with other Patronuses, you can’t be beaten. As Hermione put it, Harry did have ‘a bit of a saving-people thing’ going on. They often outsmart predators by hiding in incredible stillness, but they can run at formidable speeds if they need to get away. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Magpies are able to sense approaching danger very quickly, making them the perfect Patronus! As Rowling noted on Pottermore, she is one of few Dark Magic enthusiasts who's capable of producing a Patronus. These horses are full to the brim with attitude. Elephants are known for their intelligence, complex social structure, methods of communication, and fiercely protecting their young. The hare has a strong association with the moon, with the ‘moon gazing hare’ being a symbol in ancient pagan beliefs. Black swans represent the healing power of love and romance. "He's insane.". Their name literally means “low-set.” These short-legged companions are loyal and affectionate. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. As its antlers fall off and regrow annually, it is considered a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Like what you see here? "He raised his wand into the air and pointed it in the direction of Hagrid's cabin," the book reads. Plus one way to get a fox terrier. If your Patronus is the lion, you are likely brave, close to those in your inner circle, and extremely protective. If this is your Patronus, then you should definitely feel pride at your unique and uncommonly found personality! ", Harry's father's Patronus was the same as his Animagus — a form he adopted at Hogwarts, which earned him the nickname "Prongs.". If this is your Patronus, you’re in luck!

While they are hunting, they move quickly and confidently through the trees in pursuit of prey! We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. They will defend their territory and their humans fiercely, taking their cues from their chosen human. They live and hunt in packs/clans and are very social animals.

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