Death: Immediate Family: Son of Shadrach Meshack Stacy, Sr. and Agnes Bailey Husband of Mary Lovincia Stacy and Eunica Jane Stacy Father of John Stacy; Wilborne Stacy; Elizabeth Peyton; Asberry Stacy; Levi Lykins and 4 others; ; ; Brother of Meshack Stacy, Jr and John Stacy. The Amazing Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys Issue 98. He was forced to hunt down his own daughter after an encounter between her and Peter Parker led to the latter's death. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. However, too eager to capture and put Spider-Man behind bars, he does not believe that Dr. Curt Connors has been turned into a giant lizard. Hey! After safely securing the weapon, Captain Stacy interviewed Peter Parker, believed to have been held captive with Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. George Stacy is a supporting character in The Amazing Spider-Man. After a feverish Peter admitted to being Spider-Man before his friends including Captain Stacy, Parker asked the Prowler to imitate Spider-Man so Peter and the web-slinger could be seen together. Captain George Stacy and Gwen Stacy — father and Brace yourselves for After the interview, Captain Stacy revealed to Peter that he had spent time studying the career of Spider-Man, and that he was glad to have met Peter, known for photographing the wall-crawler on numerous occasions. He also took an instant liking to Peter, and openly encouraged the growing bond between the youngster and his daughter, Gwen. He is also an expert leader. Gwen's death at the hands of the Green Goblin prove that he was right, because Peter couldn't keep his distance from her and also Gwen was killed by Spider-Man's enemy after finding out that Peter was Spider-Man, who also knew Gwen. Peter immediately starts apologizing but Captain Stacy stops him and once again reassures him that he has never faltered from the right path. Despite Spider-Man's efforts, George returned programmed to follow the Kingpin's directions. Identifying himself as a strong supporter of Spider-Man, Captain Stacy wished to see the wall-crawler redeemed in the public eye. "Be good to her-- son! George Stacy is a supporting character in Marvel Comics's Spider-Man series. Though the Kingpin fled, and Winkler was apparently killed, the Stacy's were rescued. Spotting a child standing under the falling masonry, Captain Stacy leapt to cover the boy - and paid for his act of heroism with his own life. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As such, Captain Stacy later stole police records for the Kingpin while Spider-Man's automatic camera captured the theft. After discovering that a portion of Peter Parker's psyche remained in his mind, Dr. Octopus decided to enter Peter's inner world himself to finish him off personally. Sign up to our newsletter: Standard delivery within 3-7 working days (Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays) at the price of £2.50 per order. Captain George Stacy (of Earth-616) was the chief of police and the father of Peter Parker's first love, Gwen Stacy. While George and Gwen attempted to flee, they were kidnapped by the Kingpin's men and held captive at one of Norman Osborn's labs where Dr. Winkler worked. After Aleksei Sytsevich was sent to kill Stacy, Spider-Woman saved his life, and revealed to him her secret identity, making George change his views on the vigilante. George Stacy appears often as a vision and hallucination to Spider-Man, haunting him for the promise he did not and does not keep about his daughter. Abandoning the fight, Spider-Man swung down in time to hear Captain Stacy's final words, "Be good to her, son! George remained in an advisory capacity helping Foggy Nelson and the District Attorney's office until the Vulture would be caught.[3]. Captain George Stacy and Gwen Stacy — father and daughter who both met a tragic end due to their close association with the webbed wonder. While Spider-Man battled the Kingpin, Osborn arrived and tackled the Kingpin's henchmen holding the Stacy's at gunpoint. Article is a stub. Captain George Stacy, better known as simply Captain Stacy, was a captain of the New York Police Department and was the protective father of Gwen Stacy. She loves you so very much.". Peter turned around, dressed in a black coat and jeans, and sees Captain George Stacy and Gwen Stacy. He is portrayed by Denis Leary. He is Gwen Stacy's father, and a strong supporter of Spider-Man often defending the superhero when others accuse. [2], After the attack, Stacy was relieved from the command of the NYPD's Special Crimes Task Force by Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, who feared Stacy would undercut him. — a double bill of shocking stories from The Amazing Thanks!

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