Centerfire Rifles, Dangerous Game Rifles, Lever Rifles, Rimfire Rifles, Drillings & Combos, Vintage Hammer Guns. In post World War I Germany the government redesignated the Kar 98AZ to be the Kar 98a. All of these are suitable for wild boar or any species likely to be encountered on a driven hunt. German Double Rifles. The action included only a bolt guide rib as its single locking lug, locking forward of the receiving bridge.

Merkel B3 over/under double rifle “Jagd Edition” with Class 5 walnut stock.

The shorter weapon was easier to load and more practical in skirmish combat. Or the big game hunter in Africa, hunting buffalo – his side-by-side rifle ready to fire. The gun with two side-by-side barrels is based on one of the oldest hunting gun construction principles. Designated the Kar. Gebruder Merkel make a range of side by side and over/under double rifles. The needle gun first made its appearance in street fighting during the May Uprising in Dresden in 1849. Field & Stream may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site.

It is 50.25 inches (1,276 mm) long, with a .69 caliber 35.75-inch (908 mm) barrel. This rifle was based on a Swiss pattern using Minie ammunition in .54 caliber. The 15.4 mm (0.61 in) bullet was shaped like an acorn, with the broader end forming a point.

Not many of these were made.

This included the production of the MKb 42(H). It is formally known as the Samozaryadniy Karabin sistemi Simonova (Russian: Самозарядный карабин системы Симонова), 1945 (Self-loading Carbine, Simonov's system, 1945), or SKS 45. The Grand Prix brought the name of Merkel into the world spotlight and many prominent people became Merkel customers. (K.Kaps.Weitzlar-Asslar 6x). Eventually the truth surfaced and Hitler ordered the project stopped once again. Double rifles da76_idp_admin 2018-02-21T08:57:40+00:00 Double rifles. The Gewehr 43 stayed in service with the Czechoslovak army for several years after the war. A well set up bolt action rifle offers both the optimum shot to shot accuracy, generally shooting sub Minute of Angle groups, and doing it with a high level of shot to shot consistency.

The diameter was .323", which required the re-barreling of previously issued rifles, including the Gewehr 98 and Gewehr 88.

The rifle must of course be kept pointing in a safe direction when doing this. The Gewehr 43 was put into production in October 1943, and followed in 1944 by the Karabiner 43 ('K43'), which was identical to the G43 in every way save for the letter stamped on the side. It had a 28½" .58 caliber tapered and flared barrel, offering good balance. O/U double rifles O/U double rifle B3 Bergstutzen B4 O/U Rifle 323 Shotguns SxS Shotgun 40E / 45E / 41E SxS Shotgun 60E / 65E / 61E O/U Shotgun 2000C / 2001C O/U …
KRIEGHOFF 500 3" & 20 TWO Bbl.

30/40 Kraig - Marked; Buhler Spezial Stahl 18" Barrels - Fine Hand Checkered Tiger Stripe Maple Stock with Strait Grip and Double Cheek Piece, #071219, Krieghoff 500/416 N. E. Model Classic Big Five SxS Double Rifle with One Spare Factory Barrel in 20 Bore, A lot of 500/416 ammo and dies go with the gun, The rifle barrels at 23 5/8" ext, An unusual German double rifle with a Clam Shell action (unusual for this heavy caliber) and both triggers are single set. Over 14 million of these rifles were produced by various manufacturers.

This double rifle over 16 gauge drilling overall is in almost new condition, the checkering is very strong and points are not worn but the, This Over/Under rifle has three claw mounts (no scope). Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH HEYM 450 3 1/4" N. E. & 12 BORE FACTORY 2 Bbl SET- MOD 88B SAFARI- 25 1/2" in 450 & 28 3/8" as a 12 BORE- 25% ENGRAVED- OVERALL A 95% PIECE. Better steel, stronger locking mechanisms, barrel regulation devices and separate cocking mechanisms make these guns very practical and reliable for the big game hunter.

It will almost invariably be a double barrel gun, I don’t know of any serious skeet or trap shooter who uses a lever action shotgun, or even a pump. If you are looking for one of the sidelock 160AE prices will be significantly higher than that, but even the more expensive Merkel models with engraving and higher grade walnut options are still about half the cost of a comparable British “best” rifle from the likes of Holland & Holland, Westley Richards,  Anderson Wheeler or Rigby: and if the going gets tough out on safari a couple of .500 Nitro Express bullets from a Merkel Model 140 is going to stop the buffalo, hippo or pachyderm just as surely as the British rifle would. Whereas the previous cartridge was 7.9mm × 57, a 227-grain (14.7 g) bullet that had a diameter of .318" and a round blunt end, this new cartridge, 7.92mm × 57, featured a 154-grain (10.0 g) bullet of the 'spitzer' (pointed) type.

You will find the Model B4 Bergstutzen on the Merkel website if you click here. The Dreyse needle-gun (Nadelgewehr) was a military breechloading rifle, famous as the arm of the Prussians, who adopted it for service in 1848 as the Prussian Model 1848. To this end the rifle’s small caliber barrel can be had in .222 Remington, .223 Remington, or  5,6x52R (i.e.

Merkel B4 Bergstutzen (Mountain Rifle) with Kahles rifle-scope and Quick Detachable double-lever mounts. SET- MOD 88B SAFARI- 1992- MATCHING SERIAL NUMBERS- 375 H&H SCOPED- 20 w/ 7 BRILEY CHOK, GERMAN 1940 O/U in 7 x 57R by J.J. REEB- BORES as NEW- 24 1/2" KRUPP Bbls.- ORIG.
Weight begins at 10.14lb/4.6kg on up depending on caliber. The company survived the two wars by becoming a parts supplier for such things as carburettors, range-finders and small arms.

by Austria’s best Hans Obitchnig. The Model 160, like the model 140, is made as an “African Express” version as the 160AE. You will find full details at the Merkel website if you click here.

The Model 161 is made in the same caliber range as the 141: 7x65R, .30-06 Springfield, .30R Blaser, 8x57IRS, and 9,3x74R. A perfect rifle for whitetail deer, and anything else a 30-06 is good for. The Merkel Model 140 rifles on the Merkel USA website were mostly listed at USD$13,255.00 at time of writing, in calibers from 30-06 to .375 H&H Magnum up to the even more serious .470 NE and .500 NE.

The evolution of German military rifles is a history of common and diverse paths followed by the separate German states, until the mid-19th century when Prussia emerged as the dominant state within Germany and the nation was unified. The piece is with 24", #1491, Krieghoff Model Classic Big Five SxS Double Rifle in 500 3" Nitro Express with one each of their spare factory barrels in 20 gauge. It was originally planned to serve as the standard issue weapon for the Soviet military forces, alongside the new AK-47. This rifle is out of an estate that we are d, #1130A HCG STEIN DBL. This article discusses rifled shoulder arms developed in or for the military of the states that later became Germany; it excludes firearms of the Austrian Empire, except where they were used substantially by German troops. The 1811 Prussian Cavalry Rifle was almost a completely redesigned: it was a new pattern featuring a new lock and hardware.

After extensive testing, they requested numerous changes in the CETME design. This rifle is not intended as a dangerous game rifle but for driven game situations, and so it has a single trigger as standard, with a double trigger being optional. It could be a matter of life or death.

The Merkel 141 features adjustable barrel regulation via two screws at the muzzle.

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