He follows his owner, Emily around everywhere she goes. Later, found her in the linen closet. He has such a big purr and an even bigger personality to back it up! What do you think?

He's is a Maine Coon mix - very high spirited and often lazy as well. We are so glad to have found this wonderful breed and laci has grace to thank for finding her forever home. I would love to hear opinions and thoughts if Tiger could be a Maine Coon mix. Liam is a 5 year old ginger Maine Coon and thinks he is our third Chesapeake Retriever. He is super inquisitive. Her mother was a feral tuxedo and her father unknown. Reply: Hi there, yes we do!

She got a job and her daughter picked our Fresh, that is the name her daughter gave him. thanks!!! As a result our kittens can only be adopted by kind, loving, indoor homes. I can't say enough good things about the breeder, Lisa. Charlies facial features look very "Maine Coon". I only visit Copper 1-2X's per month. She'll spill her water before drinking it 'day old'! This is Sebastian. I love my boy, he brings so much joy into my life! As you can see from the pics he likes to lay around on our desks and be the center of our attention.

She is 18lbs. She likes going into the shower when we are done and much prefers drinking water straight from the sink rather than from a bowl. My son named him that because he is a Ginger and Seamus is a masculine Irish name. Another favourite pastime is to leap on my tabby boy Mark, usually when he's taking a nap...and, almost forgot, Dashel is a keen birdwatcher... Greetings to all you lovely cats and your catslaves... XXX. ", He is such a quiet, undemanding fellow. In The Cupboard With a Grubby Nose. We wanted to rescue a cat, knowing there are so many in shelters, but didn't know if we would find a coon. He's my baby boy. Do you know if diabetes runs in Maine Coons?

Emily & Bob Swansea. Continue if you are OK with this or find out more in our Privacy Policy. They each chose which of us they wanted to "belong" to.

The cats are both almost 7 years old and still act like kittens. Bizou is a stray that chose us in September 2012. It broke our heart when the doctor recommended we get a new home for Peaches as her long fur was contributing to my son's asthma problems. This cat looks exactly like my baby Maine Coon! He is just over 1 year old and around 14 pounds. We also adopted a small barn cat, Piewacket, who is a little gray and white domestic short hair. I did not discover that she was a Maine Coon until I saw a picture on a website about cats. He hung around our porch all summer until one day I discovered he was bleeding from the chest. Cookie loved to be around people but wasn't a lot of a cat to let you pick her up most of the time. They say cats have short memories......but Beebes mourned the loss of the love of her life for quite a while.

Thanks for your continued devotion to these awesome cats! We find our Maine Coons are also very loveable We live up in the Mountai, but because of our wild life as cats live in our home and have free roam of our home. Shelter thought he was a mix, as we wanted a bigger cat that could stand-up to Sunny. Grim is our very special little guy who means everything to us! Miss my Maine Coon cat "Guicho", gone for a year now :(. Wondering if she is part Maine Coon. We rescued (from what could have been a tragic death from the highway) her when she was just weaned from her mother. A few days after Duffer decided to stay with us, he came down the driveway followed by a beautiful black and white lady. L.C. Atilla (A.K.A Tills, Tilly, TillyBean, Tillbo Baggins) is the sweetest and most gentle boy, except when he's trying to steal the roast chicken off your plate. In return, I'm completely positive that he will show his love and gratitude. HE is very vocal and will let you know when he needs more food or needs out of the room the use the litter box. Kittens leave for new homes with registered pedigree papers, desexed, litter trained, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. He makes my poor little 6 pound Yorkie look so tiny.

I don't know if he's part Coon or Ragdoll. Polydactyls available. Priceless! He tips the scales between 23 and 25 pounds, but thinks he's little kitten. Maine Coons have been known to be in cat shows across the USA as far back as 1860. My son Jason has AS (Asperger Syndrome) which is a high functioning form of autism. Adam: Wow, he looks like my Cat Lilly she was born in 2009 they look like twins handsome kitty you have maine coons are great cats. This allows us to nurture healthy, secure, outgoing and affectionate kittens. Liam the social lion! judge DICK WYE with Arthur breeder of Arthur and his wife Sue Breeder, Ancats CH King Arthur of Wyecoon  at 9 months old, GhostGum Some Cookin  aka Cameo aged 4 months, Here at HEAVENSGATE MAINE COON we strive to breed to the standed set out by the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CATS  known as  ANCATS, DIAMOND DIVINE OF HEAVENSGATE  also we have 2 litters recently born from Heavenly and Rainbow available early January black classic tabbies below are three of Arthurs and Floras girls Rose, Ruby and Rosalina of Heavensgate. I did drive all the way from Mass. I plan on one in the orange and white color, and a Silver Tabby. and 16 in human years and doing OK living in a stable environment and is able to go outside mostly in the daytime when he wants to. Were his parents this large?

They come in virtually every color, but I've never seen quite this color pattern! The coloring is unique and not what you would see on a Maine Coon, but I bet she has some in her. Takes a drink from the water and runs to the outdoor swing if I ask him if he wants to swing. but he was very diffrent, his personality is the best.

After having people kidding us about our large babies and their ears lynx like, I decided to look what kind of cats they could have been mixed with and I came accross the Maine Coon with which they are shring a lot of characteristics. I noticed he was getting bigger then any cat I've ever owned and my daughter told me he looked like a Maine Coon. He lays upside down and kicks his belly alot especially when he wants to play. I flung the hat onto the pipe and thought, either his little catty angels will guide him into the hat or he will run down the pipe. He is named because of his squeaky little voice he had as a kitten- that he still has. When I have people over he often sits in the empty chair as if he is part of the circle of friends, part of the group and conversation. Grace setteled in nicely and became the most loving cat,sleeping with us and kissing obsessivly. He has been a most welcome addition to our family, and we love him dearly. He sits on command, follows me everywhere I go. She had a sinus infection and an ear infection. Maine Coon Cats can make good pets in Australia if they match your IifestyIe. He doesn't fit under my chin anymore but he still loves to cuddle. We called him Grim in honour of his Viking heritage as the name was very popular in the 800s and he certainly has a fantastic gung-ho personality to match it. You can see more of him here: Chester's Page. Copper was adopted in March 2000 from Daytona Beach, FL.

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