Guanine deposited in the skin causes the tissues to be reflective and bluish-gray in color. If they continue to lose more scales, then some more detective work will need to be done to figure out the cause. 1/2 solution should be in your tank at the 24hr mark, next 1/2 over the next 24hrs. My goldfish list its black pupil from its eyes but its looking healthy. Goldfish will sometimes loose their scales during or around breeding time. It looks like white dust and you. Try feeding them only veggies 4x a day for the next 3days- lots of peas, broccoli florets, spinach, etc. You should ensure that the goldfish stays completely healthy, and the tank is clean while scales are growing back. Then the possibility of scale loss because of nipping reduces to a large extent. How To Take Care Of A Goldfish? Will my guppies tail grow back? A human eye contains three different chemicals that allow it to see colors but a goldfish eye contains those plus another chemical that allows it to see in the ultraviolet spectrum. If you are just starting bulbs, remove them. Goldfish torn fins may be in water infected with bad bacteria and or in water low oxygen and low in general hardness. If so, how long will it take? they are in an 800 gallon tank, And I have four goldfish in there. Recommended Further Reading: 6 Common Goldfish Tank Mates + (How And Why To Choose Them). Nothing special is needed beyond this and the scales will regrow on their own in a few weeks to a few months time. More about the Scales. In this article, we’re going to discuss why scales might fall off and how you can solve this issue in no time. You should never buy corn-based food. The exception to this is protozoan parasites which can be killed using salt while treating the ulcer. A slime/covering on the tank walls is pretty normal- just wipe it off prior to a wc. Trailing waste is fine as long as its the color of what they are eating. Keep reading…. Fungus may also be present in the environment or on the fish. I'm no expert on goldfish but keeping them in clean water with a healthy diet should be all that is needed for scales to grow back. KH gives water the strength to hold on to the oxygen molecule. A white cloud in the water is also an indication of bad bugs in the water, Water low in oxygen is an open invitation to harmful bacteria. The aquariums sold at pet shops do not meet their requirements. Maybe they're trying to help, or maybe they're attracted to the rotting tissue Goldfish missing scales Like our hair and fingernails, fins and scales will grow back, but this takes time. They are still small, 2 and 3 inches. Thanks so much for the info! If the range in your tap water tests in the comfort zone, your tank or pond water may be low in oxygen.

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