This will prevent breeding among females. Styled by Ruby Stretch. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. Site gave me care info and weaning info. Try again... Not quite! If you are concerned about the mother or have serious health worries about one of the pups contact a vet immediately, however. That's totally normal and expected. For older guinea pigs, this may include her carrying out her pregnancy and birth housed at the vets, as she is more likely to need intervention. Newborn Guinea Pigs Pups Care, Feeding, Vaccines, and More. There is no need to remove other sows, they may even help with the pups. They can be weaned off their mother’s milk and eat a typical, balanced diet. Selective feeding is where the guinea pig chooses the tastier bits of food over less tasty – but often more nutritious – foods. Guess again! If your pregnant guinea pig does not meet the age requirements, talk to your vet about a pregnancy plan. Once the pups are weaned, the mother should not require vitamin supplements anymore, unless you gave them to her as part of her regular diet anyway. Most litters range from two to four pups. If I felt my pregnant guinea pig's belly and caused her a miscarriage, what would the signs be? Be very careful if you need to hold or handle a pregnant guinea pig. Pregnant guinea pigs do need significantly more calcium than other guinea pigs do, but pelleted feed isn't higher in calcium than muesli. This slideshow is a very informative presentation of a guinea pig giving birth. Mother strains for 15 minutes without producing a pup. Kent Garrett also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. they were both female and have been living together. ", Unlock this expert answer by supporting wikiHow, Aiutare un Porcellino d'India in Gravidanza, s'occuper d'un cochon d'Inde durant la période de gestation, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Laber-Laird, Swindle, & Flecknell. Nope! What if a mother guinea pig rejects a baby? But if you need it, you'll still have to search through your contacts list. Handbook of Rodent and Rabbit Medicine. Introduce the male pups to the father and any other boars you have. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. :)", understand just in case for the future as well, thanks so much for the info. To stop her hair from getting matted, it's a good idea to trim it short, especially around her rear, a couple weeks before she gives birth. Kent Garrett is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. If you cannot check on the sow because of work etc. It can shorten your female’s lifespan, especially if they are eight months old or older. There are some ways to recognize if they have been rejected though. A lot of love and attention is necessary, but you are more than capable of caring for them. For pet owners who are not sure about separating their cavies, your vet can be very helpful. She may carry several pups, between one and six, and they're carried in the womb for 58 – 73 days. Pellet food takes care of this problem, because each pellet contains ground-up bits of every component. I have heard a lot of stories about guinea pigs eating their babies after birth. What should you do if your pregnant sow is not getting along with one of your other guinea pigs? If I think my guinea pig is pregnant, should I book a vet appointment for it as soon as possible? Sometimes after birth, a female can have extra skin, which may make it look like she is pregnant. You can easily prevent this from happening by ensuring your female is properly nourished during their pregnancy. Any pregnancies at all can be dangerous for your female, so I recommend spaying and neutering your pets as soon as possible. Afterbirth. Properly separating newborn guinea pigs at the right time in their life is crucial to their health and development. Sows are usually very hungry after giving birth and will settle down to eat after cleaning themselves and then will eventually get round to gathering the pups up. Whilst ‘syringe food’ in itself is not dangerous using a syringe to feed pups with is. Just follow the care tips listed above to ensure the pup grows up properly without the watchful eye of their mother. It is safe to handle a baby, but they need to spend most of their time near their mother. "This really helped. However, the process is complex and risky, so it's often not worth it. There's an even easier way to make sure that you have the number on hand when you need it. In fact, males should be separated from pregnant females throughout and after gestation because they can become aggressive.

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