The physical evidence will take months to process, so it seems that Adnan's story will not end with the final episode of season one of 'Serial.'. Lee picked up her young cousin from elementary school every day by 3.30pm, but that day she never made it. We know that every piece of forensic evidence collected pointed to Adnan’s innocence. You can find it on the Maryland Court’s website as part of the public records from Syed’s case files. 'And her skirt was on but pushed up. The state argued the cell records could be used to track Adnan’s movements and back up Wilds’ story, pointing in particular to two incoming phone calls to Adnan’s phone around 7pm that night, both of which pinged a cell tower that covered the area where the victim’s body was found.

This has been the most heart wrenching thing I have read on this subreddit.

The lack of physical evidence linking Adnan to the crime led 'Serial' host and journalist Sarah Koenig to question whether he really killed Hae. Enright told TIME that her team identified another potential suspect, Ronald Lee Moore, who was released from prison 10 days before Hae was murdered. Hae's body is trying to give clues as to how she was murdered. One guy died face down on his own hand and the imprint is perfect.

But Enright pointed out to TIME that the physical evidence from Hae's rape kit was never tested. But they can’t because we can prove his innocence with the two pieces of factual information that are irrefutable: that Lee left school after 2.15pm and was intercepted by her killer by 3.30pm on 13 January 1999, after which the family realized something was wrong.

Given the reputation of the park as a dump, or could even be someone went off road to take a leak, I can almost see Ritz said "not important, ignore it". My sister used to live in Dickyville (just northwest of the park). Yearbook picture of Adnan Syed. But Adnan — and those who knew him and Hae in high school — said their breakup was pretty normal and that Adnan had also moved on afterward.

There were hairs on her body, two of which were microscopically compared to Adnan, and he was excluded and they didn't belong to her either.'. Lee picked up her young cousin from elementary school every day by 3.30pm, but that day she never made it. One potential problem with Moore as a suspect is that the other crimes he was tied to involved sex assault, and there wasn't definitive evidence to show that Hae was sexually assaulted before or after she was murdered. He will remain innocent until and unless the State of Maryland can prove his guilt all over again. Her team decided to take on Adnan's case. It may be 1 mile away, but that 1 mile is straight up hill through the woods. Poor Hae. Adnan’s conviction turned on two things – a state witness, Jay Wilds, who testified to having helped him bury the body, and Adnan’s cellphone records that the prosecution introduced to corroborate Wilds’ story of his and Adnan’s movements on 13 January 1999, the day the victim Hae Min Lee disappeared.

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