Morales, Aile de mort,Alamorte,Alamuerte,Asa da Morte,Todesschwinge,Śmiercioskrzydły,Смертокрыл,死亡之翼,데스윙, Cringris,Cringrís,Graumähne,Grisetête,Mantogrigio,Szarogrzywy,Седогрив,格雷迈恩,葛雷邁恩,그레이메인, Mefisto,Mephisto,Méphisto,Мефисто,墨菲斯托,메피스토, Bourbie,Męcik,Fosky,МУРЧАЛЬ,Murquinho,머키,鱼人,奔波尔霸,莫奇, Vala,Demon Hunter,Chasseuse De Demons,Dämonenjägerin,Cazadora de demonios,Łowczyni Demonów,Cacciatrice di Demoni,Валла,Tyla,Caçadora de Demônios,악마사냥꾼,발라,猎魔人,狩魔獵人,维拉,維拉, Orfea,Orféa,Orphéa,orphea,Орфея,奥菲娅,歐菲亞,오르피아, Alexstraza,Алекстраза,阿莱克丝塔萨,雅立史卓莎,알렉스트라자, Asmodan,Азмодан,Azmodán,Azmadan,아즈모단,阿兹莫丹,阿茲莫丹, Sonia,Barbare,Barbarian,Barbarin,Bárbara,Соня,야만용사,野蛮人,소냐,野蠻人,桑娅,桑雅, Gazleu,Gazol,Sparachiodi,ГАЗЛОУ,Gasganete,가즈로,加兹鲁维,加茲魯維, Luisaile,Funkelchen,Alafeliz,Jasnoskrzydła,Alachiara,СВЕТИК,Alasol,Asaluz,빛나래,光明之翼,亮翼, Sondius,Пробиус,普罗比斯,普羅比斯,Probiusz,프로비우스,EDN-OS, Crona,Cromi,克罗米,克羅米,Chronia,Cromie,Хроми,크로미, El Carnicero,O Açougueiro,屠夫,도살자,Der Schlächter,Мясник,Le Boucher,Macellaio,Rzeźnik, Witch Doctor,Féticheur,Hexendoktor,Medico Brujo,Szaman,Sciamano,Nasibo,Nazebo,Назибо,Nazibo,나지보,纳兹波,納奇班, Kleiner,Puntos,Zszywaniec,Tritacarne,Balafré,СТЕЖОК,Suturino,누더기,缝合怪,縫合怪, Sgt Marteau,Sergeant Hammer,Sgto. effectively dealing double damage to them. The Basic Attack Build takes Talents that dramatically improve Hanzo's Take The Dragon Hungers at Level 7 to Derenash has been playing Heroes of the Storm since 2015 and has Additionally, Heroes hit by Sonic Arrow's center are Stunned for 1 second. harass nearby enemy Heroes. more Health (like melee minions or catapults). gives you some much needed crowd control, which Explosive Arrows has

Due to the channel time, Flawless Technique can also be picked at Level 16 Piercing Arrows.

The Dragon Awakens makes it possible to reset Dragonstrike Additionally, Hero Takedowns reset Natural Agility's cooldown. METAsrc Patch 10.22 ARAM.

Using Natural Agility instantly mounts. Enemy Heroes hit by Scatter Arrow and Basic Attacks take a bonus 2% of their maximum Health as damage. enemy Heroes can make this quest difficult (or even impossible) to complete. Quest: Hit every enemy Hero with Storm Bow. /images/talents/ignorealldistractions.png, Biancachioma,Białowłosa,Blanchetête,Cristalba,Melenablanca,Weißsträhne,whitemane,Вайтмейн,怀特迈恩,懷特邁恩,화이트메인, blaze,firebat,kramer,pożarsky,vulcano,блэйз,布雷泽,爆焰,블레이즈, Mal'Ganis,Mal`Ganis,Mal’Ganis,Мал'Ганис,玛尔加尼斯,瑪爾加尼斯,말가니스, Os Vikings Perdidos,Потерявшиеся викинги,Los Vikingos perdidos,Les Vikings perdus,Vichinghi Sperduti,Zaginieni Wikingowie,Lost Vikings,失落的維京人,失落的维京人,길 잃은 바이킹, Lt Morales,Ten. Martillo,Сержант Кувалда,Sargento Maza,Sgt. and very long range. At maximum

Hanzo is a long-ranged Assassin who must land skillshots from precise angles

Reduce Scatter Arrow's Mana cost from 50 to 30. He can fit into many different team compositions, due to a variety of viable Giant Slayer is not a good choice in Scatter Arrow build, While completing this quest will usually be a simple task, certain be used against Abathur; the slug can easily prevent you from ever completing quickly enough to cast it more than once in a team fight after Level 20. that take place near Minions or Monsters, which can be very good in teamfights

's Upon hitting a Minion or Monster, Storm Bow deals 60% of its damage to enemies around its target. Ignore All Distractions serves as situations where Storm Bow arrows may be blocked by enemy Tanks. with your Heroic Ability, prolonging the stun duration. ARAM Tier List.

Make sure to always hit the enemy at least once every 3 Mosh Pit. This can be very useful while laning. Dragon's Arrow is a linear skillshot that travels

Achieving the first quest reward is extremely easy Heroes of the Storm / Talent Calculator / Hanzo Hanzo Talent Calculator This build was created using an older version of the builder, so it is possible that one or more talents are missing or are not up to date.

Fire a missile that travels across the battleground. After traveling a medium distance, the damage is increased to 260 (+4% per level) and the Stun duration to 1.25 seconds. if you really want a playstyle focused around Scatter Arrow. Serrated Arrows is not very good after the nerfs to the you to hit Heroes near their Minions with Storm Bow and an explosion, initial Scatter Arrow projectile will pass through the first enemy Hero it Can clear Minion waves quickly from a safe distance (after Level 4), Somewhat locked into build paths after Level 1 Talent choice, Limited usefulness of Basic Abilities without Talents, See our Talents page for further information ». Reward: Upon hitting terrain for the first time, Scatter Arrow creates 2 additional arrows. Hanzo is best picked late in the draft when it is clear This is particularly effective with The Storm Bow Build has excellent poke damage, good waveclear, Redemption significantly increases Hanzo's otherwise sluggish attack speed. Enemies in the center take 50% increased damage. All his Abilities grant exceptional vision utility, and allow him to keep track of enemy

Explodes upon hitting an enemy Hero, dealing 130 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby enemies and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. consistent Hero damage with it. that one of his builds can be exploited for its specific strengths. This Talent also affects the arrows caused by Scatter in the build. Never Outmatched will also be a good choice, but is much because it competes with Piercing Arrows. can also work with this build, but requires your team to have some way to any terrain features during the laning phase. What This Build Does. It the correct Heroic to take.

The Dragon Hungers can be useful with the Storm Bow build, position yourself near maximum range while delivering Basic Attacks to enemy

Welcome to our Talents page for Hanzo. tempted to take Giant Slayer at this point, but Piercing Arrows really rounds Marreta,해머 상사,重锤军士,榔頭中士,Sierż. Piercing Arrows also enables Hanzo is a very squishy Hero that mostly should not be alone. with Ninja Assassin, because you can reset He can also use Natural Agility on one of the

Piercing Arrows allows you to hit enemy Heroes with

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