Operating out of Simonstown in South Africa, [8] they in part replaced the Dido-class cruisers HMS Euralyus and Cleopatra usually deployed on these duties during 1946-1954. Ian Allen. HMS Leopard finished its service in the 1975–1976 Cod War, having given an Icelandic gunboat a 30-second warning that it would open fire with its 4.5" guns. Rebilding the RN (2012) p 73-74 & N, Friedman. These ships were designed to provide anti-aircraft escorts to convoys and light fleet aircraft carriers of the Sydney and Virkant classes and act as light destroyers on detached duties; as a result they were not built for fleet carrier task force speed —28 knots for the Victorious and Audacious classes and made only 24 knots (44 km/h). Because Leopard served in the navy's Egyptian campaign (8 March – 8 September 1801), her officers and crew qualified for the clasp "Egypt" to the Naval General Service Medal that the Admiralty issued in 1847 to all surviving claimants. Leopard left Britain on 30 March 1806 as escort to a convoy that included Asia, Lady Burges, Lord Melville, Lord Nelson, and Sovereign. Seaforth.

[3][5] Displacement was 2,300 long tons (2,300 t) standard and 2,520 long tons (2,560 t) deep load.

Gyro controlled with a relatively simple control system, they proved very effective in use. HMS Lynx was the last of the class operational, in 1977 attending the Spithead fleet review.

During testing every three months at sea, the ship could be easily driven into a 20°+ roll from the manual control on the bridge. Seaforth. [9], Game developer Lucas Pope based the layout of the titular ship in his game Return of the Obra Dinn on the layout of HMS Leopard.[10]. Had they been retained a few more years they could have been ideal during the Falklands War for specialized bombardment and the air defence of ships unloading in San Carlos Water:[10] the destroyers and frigates remaining in RN service in 1982 had only one gun turret, the new 4.5" Mk8 often jammed, and the few with the Lynx Mk8 twin-4.5", with 40-45 men required for each turret, rarely even test fired the guns. It was hoped a pair of Type 41 gunships with four twin-4.5" guns between them would be adequate to deter a single Russian Sverdlov cruiser, which British Naval Intelligence saw as having been in part conceived of to threaten the traditional trade from Buenos Aires to England.

London (1983) & 1990, p 50-1, Marriot.British Frigates 1945-1983(London)1983, p 52, "Unit cost, i.e. She was wrecked in 1814. Distinct from the Type 61, the Type 41 radar fit also supported surface fighting, whereas the radar fit of the Type 61 A/D ("Aircraft Direction") frigates was, when introduced, largely identical to the reconstructed Dido-class A/D cruiser Royalist. The Leopard-class, or Type 41, frigates were designed for a main role of providing anti-aircraft protection for convoys. (vii) Colour.

This meant that, unlike other post-war frigates, the Type 41 had a full destroyer armament of two twin 4.5" Mk6 gun turrets, giving them a more powerful armament than the Battle- or Weapon-class destroyers. The boarding party seized four deserters from the Royal Navy–three Americans and one British-born sailor–and took them to Halifax, where the British sailor, Jenkin Ratford, was hanged for desertion.

The government further stated that Leopard had only warned the Ægir that she would fire back if more shots were fired.

Her crew assisted in the relief effort, as well as the recovery of personal belongings left behind by the island's inhabitants. A similar sequence with the frigate HMS Leopard (F.14) alongside to receive the line.

As such they were provided with a heavy gun armament but did not require high speed.

As it was, the Bangladesh Navy found the Leopard-class satisfactory and useful for long life, the ships being active until they were retired in 2013. Slight reduction in top speed was also noticed when in use. [6], Leopard escorted a convoy from Portsmouth on 6 May 1808. The last ship was withdrawn from service in 1978.

In 1972 it was decided not to refit HMS Puma again, as purchasing the half-sister of the class, the former Black Star ordered by Ghana, and commissioning it as HMS Mermaid, would cost less than a Type 41 refit.

The incident caused severe political repercussions in the United States, and nearly led to the two nations going to war. In 1953 eleven additional Type 41s, also with cat names like Cougar and Cheetah, were planned, together with ten Type 61 or Salisbury-class frigates,[6] with which they shared a common hull and machinery. As a result, the orders for the new diesel-electric frigates were cancelled, changed to orders for Type 12, or sold to India.

Through their diesel-electric propulsion the Type 41s achieved long range through their low fuel use.

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