The agents took Carter into custody. Sousa chased behind Carter after she and Thompson traded insults, in hopes of calming her when he saw that objects were floating in Carter's presence. While waiting, Sousa asked Carter what had been the fluid; she replied that it was a fast-onset cold developed by Howard Stark. Sousa attempts to question a homeless man. Sousa went towards the house, pausing on his way to look at Violet as she left for work herself before he went inside and got some well-deserved rest.[15]. There, the Receptionist told them that there was a radioactive accident and the place was off limits until the spill was contained. Sousa learned during the chaos Stark had been kidnapped by Fennhoff.[2]. Carter used the fact that Sousa was drinking coffee to infiltrate the meeting.[3]. Edwin Jarvis ultimately came in with a supposed confession from Howard Stark, claiming that Carter was a patsy to his traitorous activities. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Agent Carter: 2.09: A Little Song and Dance, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SSR agents from Washington, D.C. came and evacuated the L&L Automat with Carter and Edwin Jarvis inside. He seems to feel a kinship with Carter due largely to the fact that both of them are belittled and openly looked down upon by their fellow agents, who deem them to have shortcomings: Carter for being a woman, and Sousa for being handicapped. Thompson laughed as he said that he had a compass, while Sousa and Carter felt embarrassed. Sousa watched as the two disputed. Agent Carter: 1.04: The Blitzkrieg Button,, For the Altered Timeline version of Daniel Sousa, see. He looked through Carter's personnel file and learned that it was a gunshot wound. The next day, Sousa obtained pictures of Stark on a boat with a woman; Carter distracted Sousa by lying about the picture. [1], Sousa and Jack Thompson meet Edwin Jarvis. Violet was there to bring Sousa a snack before she went to work; she was so charmed with Carter that she invited her to their date that evening. Hunt turned and punched Sousa and escaped before he realized that Sousa had no plan to kill him. Sousa attempted to negotiate with him for names, only to have Hunt mock him for his injury, saying that while Sousa had it easy during the war, he had been captured and tortured by the Japanese. Sousa stared in disbelief as Carter asked if he wanted tea. Sousa received the search warrant for Isodyne Energy Headquarters that he requested from Jack Thompson and he and Carter went to investigate. They were interrupted by Howard Stark's arrival, Sousa and the other agents immediately put him under arrest. He and Carter left to make sure Masters did not discover Hunt. Sousa was shocked at the familiar names and how high they were placed. Unlike the other agents at the SSR's New York City branch, Agent Sousa did not dismiss Agent Peggy Carter's abilities as an agent because she is a woman. Inside, Carter found a hollow section in the floor; it was filled with money and a Russian passport. Sousa asked Hunt again for names of men involved with the Arena Club, but Hunt still refused to divulge them. Fennhoff attempted to use his mind control powers to control Agent Sousa. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Stark agreed to be used as bait to draw Ivchenko, or as he was originally named, Johann Fennhoff, into the open. When Sousa later went to work, he informed his subordinates about his engagement, in which they celebrated with pie. Real Name Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sousa insisted on helping Carter, and she reluctantly agreed. The agents took Carter into custody. Title(s) Thompson handed Frank the burger and scotch and he took the scotch, drinking it all. He had to abandon the warfield due to losing one of his legs, and became an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve within one of their offices in New York City where he was determined to prove his worth in spite of his disability. Sousa ceded the interrogation to Carter, watching while she injected Hunt with a fluid she claimed was a virulent strain of malaria. Just then Wilkes entered and confirmed the story, hesitantly. Carter emerged, disheveled, wanting to give Chief Sousa a report of the occurrence, but Sousa suggested that she get some rest. Carter told him she had not wanted to mess up his life anymore. When the two entered the agency, they found Carter and Violet already there, conversing and laughing. Since Meltzer did not have an autopsy report ready, Sousa took a sample of the ice encasing Scott to Doctor Aloysius Samberly; Samberly learned that the substance was not ice, but did not know what it was.

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