—-#1)  At right on desktops, at the bottom of every page on tablets and phones, is a list of all the offices, officials & topics covered on the site. I don’t intend to use the honorific judge in attorney correspondence. I would also agree that the best salutation would be "Dear Judge Smith and Mr. Smith," even if the judge in question is an appellate court judge. In 2020, PSOW launched online, instructor-led training to meet the needs of students worldwide. This is a misrepresentation. Washington, DC. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Wedding Etiquette for Professionals Program. To a Married Couple, Different Last Names . If not, adjust your spelling. Justice or Judge Last Name. Note: I don’t have mailing or Email addresses for any of the officials and I don’t keep track of offices that exist only in history books. Dr. Last Name Is it correct to write his name in the program as the Honorable (Full Name) and to call him Judge (Surname) in conversation? Address. All posts copyright their original authors. —-—-Chief Judge There are several situations in which a person would need to write a letter to a judge. Dear Simple Question, Dear Simple question--There are several ways to properly address an envelope for a judge and spouse: Male Judge: Judge John Doe and Mrs. Doe Judge and Mrs. John Doe The Honorable and Mrs. John Doe The Honorable John Doe and Mrs. Doe Female Judge: Judge Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe The Honorable Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe. Protocol officers at the Pentagon regularly encounter retired officers working for defense contractors. —–#2) Social Use: Former judges can correctly be Judge (Surname) socially after stepping down from the bench – but only in clearly social settings.. E.g, you could be Judge Kevin Knight & Mrs. Knight  on an invitation’s host line on your daughter’s wedding invitation. The official engagement email allows you to inform judges about the event, such as where and when it will take place, and provides information that will help them decide whether they will accept the invitation. // ]]> The Honorable Full Name, Governor of the state of ______, The Honorable Full Name, Mayor of City (or, of the city of _______). If you are addressing the judge again later in the text of the letter, use the same form of address as in the salutation line. They are addressed in conversation or a salutation as Judge (Surname) in every social situation. If married, use titles followed by husband’s first and last name: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. Associate Justice of a State Supreme Court, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Protocol and Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association, Creative Developments Web Design and Internet Marketing. //
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