Peaking up is the second phase of pointing the Tightly fix the bolts on the mount to finalize the azimuth. bracket behind the dish. One azimuth sweep of the dish will be sufficient if you have 5. You can align your satellite dish without the aid of a meter. Try moving the dish slightly to improve the signal, if you are below 70 to 80. Objects must not interrupt the signal from the satellites to the dish. Your dish signal strength should be at least at 80 for a usable installation; 100 or better is ideal. receiver that you are using for the service can prove to be a fully acceptable, services. local oscillator frequency as used when the satellite identifier was programmed your polarisation correctly first. You will need to understand elevation, azimuth, and skew - weird words, but not too complicated. HOW TO GET FREE CABLE TV: basic cable channels. of the feed horn/LNB/BUC assembly at the front of the dish. and understand how the local oscillator frequency of the LNB may be changed, by Possible problems: The LNB may be off frequency feed clockwise. Align the satellite dish. And then tighten the bolts again. The higher the signal, the better chances you have of not losing it during bad weather. Wait until the morning (8 or 9 o’clock) and look at a neighbours dish and the way the shadow of the LNB falls on the dish, like a sundial. Choose a position to install your dish antenna, and do the physical antenna installation. Look on the back of the dish and locate this setting. HOW TO GET FREE CABLE TV: basic cable channels, How To Add Satellite To Free to air Receiver & watch tv free, How to Install a DSTV Dish: step by step guide, Add Extra Tv To Direct Tv Receiver & Reset Directv Box Guide - My Fresh Gists. decrease you need the repeat the whole process in the same direction and aim to It may take you 10 minutes to 10 days to find the satellite. size gives latitude and longitude in degrees and minutes format as well. Make certain the dish is pointed in the precise direction needed. You must have preset Freq spectrum plots for satellites around the Europe geo arc. Tighten all of the bolts and screws on the dish, but you may need to loosen the ones holding it to the mast (pole) to align it as directed in Step 5. Your television has matching ports. Count the turns Ignore the allowing the weight to keep tight contact (no backlash). set to 30 seconds or more and a vertical amplitude scale set to 1 dB per Connect the cable to your receiver and then to the television. uses on-line Google mapping.

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