What hidden skeletons there are in many households!    TBN TV Live How many are exercised with thoughts like these.    Power Point Lyrics Like the sailor boy who goes aloft for the first time, we must learn to look UPWARD, away from ourselves and our weakness, and upward to Christ in heaven. 20; 1 Thess. (5 of 15), How to Stay Together While the World Falls Apart, CCPA - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. If He say that He is angry with thee, say, 'Lord, I place the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between me and Thy anger. To each and all of these sayings, one common remark applies. 11). google_ad_slot = "6476869422"; I consider there are four points of view in which we are intended to "look to Jesus," and I shall try, briefly, to put these four before you in order. To the biologist He is the Life. Great truths of the bible outlined in story. Where is the man in all England, the best and saintliest among us, whether old or young, who must not confess, if he speak the truth, that his best things now are full of imperfection, and his life a constant succession of shortcomings? It is a useful everyday religion. I ask my younger readers especially to remember THAT. The barbarians esteem Him as a prophet, but His own followers adore Him as the immediate offspring of the immortal God.    Popular Lyrics Chords So weak and treacherous are our hearts, so busy the devil, so persecuting and ensnaring the world, that we are sometimes half inclined to look back and return to Egypt. Yet no part of God's truth can ever be neglected without the Church taking damages; and I believe the Church has suffered greatly by neglecting the point of which I now speak. How many Absaloms bowing down a father's head by their thanklessness and rebellion! Worship Music Like a crying infant in the arms of a stranger, the world is ever fretting, and wailing, and struggling, though it hardly knows why, and will never rest and be quiet till its rightful parent takes it in hand, and puts the stranger aside. So much for the second "look to Jesus." HigherPraise.org/ About forty years ago a Mrs. L— was visiting a place in New Zealand called Kuripapanga. (a) And now let me wind up all by offering a word of friendly advice to all into whose hands this paper may fall. Preachers And she came away to talk about that name and its sweetness. He that leans on staffs like these will find them pierce his hand. But for your own personal religion, the salvation of your own soul, take care that your ruling idea is, "Looking to Jesus.".    Soft. The early Christians lacked many privileges and advantages that we enjoy. (Isaiah liii. Bold and outspoken in opposing hypocrisy and self-righteousness, tender and compassionate in receiving the chief of sinners; profoundly wise in arguing before the Sanhedrin; simple, so that a child might understand Him, in teaching the poor; patient towards His weak disciples; unruffled in temper by the keenest provocation; considerate for all around Him; sympathizing, self-denying, prayerful, overflowing with love and compassion, utterly unselfish, always about His Father's business, ever going about doing good, continually ministering to others, and never expecting others to minister to Him,�what person born of woman ever walked on earth like Jesus of Nazareth? www.higherpraise.net, HigherPraiseTube.com But I cannot understand it when I read the Epistle to the Hebrews, and see that we have a great High Priest in heaven, who can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, and who bids us pour out our hearts before Him, and come to Him for grace to help in time of need. What are its peculiar characteristics? 3. Well would it be for the Churches of the nineteenth century, if we had more of this simple Christianity among us, and could realize more the Person of Christ.    Advertising  To the jeweler He is the Pearl of Great Price. Search The text of Scripture which heads this page is well fitted to supply useful thoughts for Christmas. THROW AWAY THE HINDERANCE –Vs 1. Who can look abroad at public affairs all over the globe, and avoid the impression that this old, bankrupt world needs a new order of things?    Who is there among us all that can sit down and think over the days that are past,�school days, and college days, and days of middle life, their countless things left undone that ought to have been done, and done that ought not to have been done,�who, I say, can think over it all without shame, if indeed he does not turn from the review with disgust and terror, and refuse to think at all? One day a cart drove up to the door of the accomodation house, being driven by a Maori woman who was taking an invalid son to the hospital some forty miles away. So much for the first "Look to Jesus." He was weary, and yet He is our rest. They will have to turn at last, if they love life, like many before them, to the brazen serpent. The answer to these questions is to be found in the three words of the text which form the title of this paper. The first and simplest type of an apostolic early Christian was a man who trusted, and loved, a living Divine Person.    Clipart & In the phrase "looking unto Jesus," it is useful and interesting to remember that the Greek word which, in our English Bible, we render "looking," is only found here in the New Testament. On all sides we hear of restlessness, anarchy, lawlessness, envy, jealousy, distrust, suspicion, and discontent. SONGS, Click (b) Together with friendly advice, let me offer a friendly warning. At a season like this, when we are specially invited to remember how our blessed Lord came into the world, and was born of the Virgin Mary, we surely cannot do better than ask ourselves what we know of "Looking unto Jesus."    Clipart & The irrepressible thought that this life is not all,�that there is a God, and a judgment, and a "something after death, an undiscovered bourne from which no traveller returns,"�that thought will come up at times in every man's mind, and make him long for inward peace. This, again, is what he meant when he gave that confident challenge, "Who is he that condemneth ? They were men of one book. It is a portrait that extorted the admiration even of a wretched sceptic like Rousseau. Many, no doubt, in their impatience, misunderstood the times and seasons, and thought that the kingdom of God would immediately appear. His forehead is smooth and large; His cheeks without either spot, save that of a lovely red; His nose is smooth and formed with exquisite symmetry; His beard is thick and of a color suitable to the hair of His head, reaching a little below the chin, and parted in the middle like a fork. Engine Tab    Praise I dismiss as insufficient and unsatisfactory the idea that the Lord Jesus is only set before us here as an "example, and nothing more." So much for the fourth and last look to Jesus. "We look for the Saviour." Jesus Sermon Illustrations . //. iii. ii.    Tsunami Videos Photos www1godtube..com It is easy to write brave words about "eternal hope," and strew the path to the grave with flowers. PraiseLyrics.com When shall the end once be?". They will never find it. How many aching hearts! He is endowed with such unparalleled virtue as to call the dead from their graves, and to heal every kind of disease with a word or touch. No other religion will ever receive much heart-felt attention from mankind. SermonSearch.com is an online resource for sermon outlines and preaching ideas. This is what St. Paul meant the Hebrews to do. The strongest evidence that old-fashioned creeds, as some are pleased to call them, are God's eternal truth, is the universal conscience of mankind.

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