Thus gauge pressures fluctuate with changes in atmo­ spheric pressure. For air velocity measurement, an inclined scale, generally up to 1" w.c. is used (1" w.c. velocity pressure = 4000 fpm). Reading is zero. Cookies are only used in the browser to improve user experience. A mercury filled U-tube manometer is used to measure the flowrate of air in a pipe. gr. At the right, a positive pressure has been imposed on the liquid in the well causing the level to go down very slightly. This device indicates the difference between two pressures (differential pressure), or between a single pressure and atmosphere (gage pressure), when one side is open to atmosphere. Thus one leg of water column will rise and the other falls. The tube generally contains a liquid whose specific gravity is greater than the processing fluid. See Fig. With both ends of the tube open, the liquid is at the same height in each leg. This manometer has precise dimensions and is able to give best performance. Allied Tools Corporation w.c.), using water or oil as the fluid. Reading is direct since scale is compensated for change of level in well. 3-2. Fig. This meter is use to measure the difference of pressure between two points the same pipe or in two different pipes. Dwyer Durablock® inclined-vertical instrument, T: +1 800.872.9141 +1 219.879.8000 F: +1 219.872.9057. If a gauge pressure measurement is sufficient then we can use the following equation: Example. For air velocity measurement, an inclined scale, generally up to 1" w.c. is used (1" w.c. velocity pressure = 4000 fpm). We use the same data as in the example above, except that the U-Tube is inclined 45o. It is developed by using best quality material. In the Dwyer Durablock® inclined-vertical instrument, this scale is combined with a vertical section allowing readings of high pressures, usually 1" w.c. to 5 to 10" w.c., to be taken. Inclined manometer. This distance is Rm  divide by the sin α, the angle of inclination. Our organization has gained years of reputation in offering Inclined Tube Manometer to our clients. In a simple way manometers are defined as the devices used to measure the pressure difference. A common problem when measuring the pressure difference in low velocity systems - or systems with low density fluids - like air ventilation systems - are low column heights and accuracy. This manometer is used to measure small pressure differences. The working Pressure Gauge With Electric Alarm Contact, Specialty: Data Hold, Memory Back Up, Back Light, Units: bar, mbar, psi, in Hg, mm Hg, Kg/cm, No moving parts, calibration accuracy, zero adjustment, Mounting space saving with compact design, Measuring Range available: From 0 to 1000 mm Wc. This calculator can be used to calculate the differential pressure measured with an U-tube manometer.

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