Most of the assassins were easily disposed of through her father's firearm proficiency and her mother's special ability. Kyouka Izumi(泉 鏡花Izumi Kyōka) is a defected agent of the Port Mafia inBungou Stray Dogs.

Dazai acknowledges Akutagawa and everyone looks upon the city, now returned to peace. It was collected in a total of six DVDs and Blu-rays in Japan from December 23, 2016 to May 26, 2017. As an orphaned, helpless young girl with a powerful ability, she was easily taken by the Port Mafia. It is the same type of ability as Kyōka's, but she can control it with her own will. Golden Demon Oda wakes up in the Port Mafia headquarters, and relays the events of last night to Dazai. Japanese Voice Nonetheless, Kōyō's attachment to Kyōka drives her to intercept a Special Division for Unusual Powers armed transport vehicle – leaking the true events of Kyōka's past to the girl[2] – and later makes a point of never physically harming Kyōka during the Cannibalism operation. Meanwhile, Dazai uncovers an organisation known as "Mimic" with the Graugeist model as its members' emblem, threatening to destroy the Port Mafia. Occupation Kyouka, during her Port Mafia months, has an extraordinarily detached character. It is produced by Bones, directed by Takuya Igarashi and written by Yōji Enokido. Female

Dazai reveals Ango's true identity as an agent of the Ministry of Internal Affairs made to monitor the Port Mafia's movements. Her ability,Demon Snow, is a reference to his work, Demon Pond. English Voice As Lovecraft transforms into an eldritch monster that even Dazai cannot nullify, Chuuya reveals the true form of his gravity-controlling gift 'Corruption', which sends him on an uncontrollable rampage while multiplying his power. While held captive, Atsushi meets Lucy again, revealing that he, like her, was an orphan that was also tortured when he was young, earning her sympathy and understanding.

Dazai, knowing that Oda will surely seek out Gide for vengeance, reveals that he joined the Port Mafia to place himself close to his raw emotions under violence, death, instinct and desire in order to find a reason to live his life. Kōyō protected, cared for, and loved Kyouka like her daughter. Back in the present, Kyouka attempts her first job delivering information to a court judge, but inadvertently wrecks havoc.
As Ango's leaves for good, he leaves the photograph of the three of them on the table. Kō (by an unnamed man)Ane-san (by Chūya Nakahara) As Nathaniel, Margaret and majority of the workers escape to the pier, they are confronted by Akutagawa, who kills everyone on the spot. They were very successful in their assassinations but created significant enemies. This page was last edited on 9 May 2020, at 01:10. Her mother was then also put under manipulation, and she ordered Demon Snow to protect Kyouka from herself, and Demon Snow killed Kyouka's mother. Episode 17

Atsushi and Yosano, two Armed Detective Agency detectives, were on the train at the same time. Despite that, she still has an altruistic mindset and has twice shown willingness to sacrifice her life for the greater good.
Weight Her name is a gender-bent version of the Japanese authorKyōtarō Izumi. She was under the care of Kōyō Ozaki a Port Mafia agent with an almost identical ability. When Dazai leaves to confront Gin and Higuchi, they reach the station to meet up with Atsushi. [2][3] An original video animation was bundled with the 13th limited edition manga volume, which was released on 31 August 2017. Kōyō has the ability to control the Golden Demon (金色夜叉,, Konjiki Yasha? Gender John uses his ability to take control of the forest and capture the girls, but is stopped by Junichirō and Kunikida. I don't want to kill anymore!" She then opens her kimono revealing that she is wearing the high explosive. 35 (maybe 36) accounts of murder, attempted assisted bombing

Atsushi orders her to deactivate her ability and tell him where the bomb is.

Mori reminisces when he killed the previous boss of the Mafia and how Dazai was the only witness. Oda refuses as he yearns to become a writer someday after quitting the Port Mafia, after he was once inspired by a man named Natsume Souseki to write the third part of an unfinished series as a young man. Appearances Alias Ango facilitates a meeting between the Port Mafia's boss, Mori Ougai, and the Head of the Gifted Special Corps Division, Taneda, requesting for the Port Mafia to dispose of Mimic, in return for a black envelope permitting the Mafia to operate legally as a gifted organisation without fear of suppression from the Division. Port Mafia assassin (formerly)Agent of Armed Detective Agency 尾崎紅葉 Kōyō mentored Kyōka, consequentially being the cause of Kyōka's extreme fear of change when she first joins the Armed Detective Agency. As the Agency has evacuated, Naomi and Kirako are currently being housed in a countryside inn surrounded by the forest. The mystery details a series of murders in a mansion where a group of travellers are currently staying to take shelter from the snowstorm outside. Ruthless and brutal, Kōyō seldom holds back in a battle, only doing so for Kyōka Izumi's sake, and she is not above attacking when her target isn't looking. Dazai is sent to recover Q with the help of Chuuya, reviving the old invincible duo nicknamed "Soukoku" (Double Black) of the Port Mafia. January 10[1] Kyouka has taken a great liking to Atsushi, staying by his side whenever she can.

Back on Moby Dick's rooftop, Francis reveals his ability "The Great Fitzgerald" which grants him physical power proportional to the amount of money he spends, and how he aims to retrieve a book in Yokohama that is said to be able to make whatever it writes come to reality, intending to use it to bring back his dead daughter.

Screen Mode sung the opening theme titled "Reason Living" while Luck Life once again sung the ending theme titled "Kaze ga Fuku Machi" (風が吹く街, lit.

Two Guild members, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Mitchell, direct the loading of cargo into a luxury liner, discovering a letter written by Mori within the goods declaring their intention to obliterate the liner, called Zelda, and both their lives. [4][5] Funimation released the series in North America on September 4, 2018[6] A collection of the first and second seasons was released in North America on September 17, 2019. These three men: Dazai, Sakanosuke Oda, and Sakaguchi Ango, were members of the Port Mafia, when Dazai was a feared executive, Oda a low-ranking member known for hardly ever killing others with his gun, and Ango an intelligence officer. The two clash with Francis on the top floor in a battle for the control terminal, and in the process reaffirm their hatred for each other; Atsushi is unable to understand how Akutagawa could kill so many people just to demonstrate his power for Dazai's approval, while Akutagawa is unable to understand how Atsushi is still clinging onto his past and fighting to earn the right to live. After their hostility lowers, Kōyō extends some of her humor towards Atsushi Nakajima, but only once thus far, making a joke about how Osamu Dazai got information and cooperation out of her. Far from fearless, even Kōyō panics at the possibility of suffering through Dazai's infamous torture methods. 1 Plot 2 List of … In a public skirmish, Atsushi confronted Kyouka on an empty sector of the train while Yosano confronted Motojiro similarly on the other side of the train.

Dislikes As Q manipulates others' minds through hallucinations, he is once again thrown back into his trauma and cycle of self-pity. Nevertheless, they were caught and the man was killed. Her second sacrifice is what got her into the Armed Detective Agency officially.


Affiliation Dazai confronts Mori about how he orchestrated everything including allowing Mimic to enter the country and revealing the orphans' locations just to get that permit, with Oda's life as the tool to defeat Mimic for good. Anime As Dazai rushes to the base alone, he witnesses both Gide and Oda collapse from their injuries.

26[1] Armed Detective Agency vs.

However, the assassins apparently also had an ability user and they were able to control Kyouka's father's body through blood manipulation.

As a result, Kōyo both detests and fears 'light', thinking there's nothing but disappointment and despair once exposed. Although she feels exasperated and too young to be called 'ane-san' (姐さん,, 'ane-san'? Some born in darkness, some destined to wilt. After defeating Lovecraft, Dazai nullifies Chuuya's ability to prevent him from injuring himself further, displaying their comradeship. However, the police has received orders to arrest Kyouka, who hasn't been cleared of her charges yet, causing her to be taken into custody and allowing Francis to recapture Atsushi to the Moby Dick, the Guild's main headquarters in the form of a mechanical flying whale.

Bungou Stray Dogs Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス, Bungō Sutorei Doggusu; lit. Meanwhile, at the chapel, the Agency has split into defensive and offensive teams, with the defensive team consisting of Ranpo, Yosano, Fukuzawa and Kenji. None Kōyō carries a red Japanese umbrella that conceals her sword. Meeting up later, Dazai recalls the night at the bar, when Ango explained that he just returned from clinching a deal, and deduces that his words were a lie. Her detached figure is reminiscent of a doll or a mannequin. Professional Information

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