A colorful tail attached to Balvin’s dog. The process of creating the show, witnessed over three of the event’s four days of rehearsals and taping, was a cross between old-fashioned Hollywood and cutting-edge virtual reality. J Balvin’s concert will be available again on Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. EST. Time and production resources are part of the reason, as Epic has tried to put on shows more frequently. Instagram, YouTube and the gaming site Twitch have been crowded with performances, and a host of companies have attempted to charge money for virtual tickets and recreate some elements of attending in-person shows, like preferred seats and artist meet-and-greets. They will use XR (extended reality) technology, LED walls and camera tracking to create a “virtual world” around the real-life singer. “Shadow Midas has taken over The Authority with his reawakened Henchmen. Apple Stock (AAPL) Drops Nearly 13% In October — What’s Going On? Worried that you might miss out on the fun? A well-timed Fortnite show in April by the rapper Travis Scott — with eye-popping graphics that placed Scott within the game’s digital realm — became a surprise cultural event, drawing nearly 28 million players and offering proof of concept to performers who had suddenly found themselves homebound. Besides the new song, Balvin will also perform “La Luz” at the Afterlife Party alongside Panamanian singer Sech. He has collaborated with Beyoncé and Cardi B, and Balvin’s Coachella set last year gave a taste of the aesthetic he would bring to Fortnite: dancers in bulbous costumes bounded around him while giant screens showed smiling, brightly colored anime clouds. The four-time Grammy winner will perform a mix of his biggest hits, including “Mi Gente” (featuring Willy William) and “I Like It” (featuring Cardi B. and Bad Bunny). The set had far more advanced technology than any standard music-video shoot. But when the taping started, bright lights danced across the LED screens on the diamond-shaped stage and two walls behind it, while monitors displayed those same scenes enhanced with 3D animation. This year’s “Fortnite” event is already shaping up to be quite different than in the past. 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There were strict Covid-19 rules on set, including mask wearing. }, +  seven  =  10 .hide-if-no-js { While I watched Balvin’s performance, I kept an eye on my own dancing avatar and occasionally tracked other characters zipping across my field of vision. 3  +  six  =  .hide-if-no-js { display: none !important; Participants will also be able to unlock a bunch of themed gear and weapons for a limited time. In a phone interview before his second day of rehearsal, Balvin said he had big ambitions for the set, his first virtual performance of the pandemic. How to Get on Spotify Playlists — Try These 16 Proven Tips. All the while, full moons, gravestones and spider webs swirled vividly around them. (The Black Eyed Peas were another virtual guest, for the song “Ritmo.”). The concert was created in “XR,” or extended reality, a blending of real and virtual worlds. Living in a time of a pandemic, “Fortnite” has been a big help for musicians to get their music out to their fans in a fun, unique and interactive way. Check out the Digital Music News recap that delves into how the Apple vs. Epic Games legal battle is an extension of Apple’s fight with Spotify over the Apple Tax. In another scene, Balvin sang “Que Pretendes” while standing on a giant golden skeleton palm, another studio illusion. The extended reality stage, surrounded by LED panels, awaiting its cast of characters. Besides Scott, other Fortnite concerts have featured Marshmello, the D.J. But the set had far more advanced technology than any standard music-video shoot. display: none !important; Since the event with Scott, in which a 3D version of the rapper was integrated into the game, the musical appearances on Fortnite (by BTS, Diplo and others) have been taped in real life and displayed within the game, as if through a window between worlds, drawing some fan complaints that the viewing experience was simply not as engaging. Each time the director, Shelby Cude, changed a shot, the floors and walls automatically realigned their display to the cameras’ new perspective. “I love it!” Balvin said afterward. J Balvin is set to headline a special spooky concert on Fortnite. A pumpkin played a pivotal role during the set. ... of this world way to perform a concert in 2020." Epic Games, an American video game and software developer, recently announced that J Balvin, the popular Colombian singer, will be the headlining act during the “Fortnitemares” event on Halloween, where he is set to premiere an unreleased song. Epic says it licenses music and pays the artists a fee for their appearances. This includes being able to hunt for shadows that have taken over the island. Balvin’s Halloween-themed appearance was the latest high-profile music event on Fortnite, the hugely popular video game that has taken on a new importance to the entertainment industry during the pandemic. display: none !important; Hosted by the popular video game, “Fortnitemares” is a Halloween event that kicked off on Oct. 21. The video game has become a music venue as the pandemic continues to keep live shows off the road. But he was soon joined by the Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny, who was not present for Balvin’s taping but had filmed his appearance in front of a green screen — a glimpse of humanity that was actually another wraith. The CEO of ‘Non-Profit’ SoundExchange Makes $1.4 Million a Year, What Streaming Music Services Pay (Updated for 2020), Is Your Song Being Played on the Radio? }, Digital Music News ©2018 All Rights Reserved, Working Through the Pandemic: Three Prominent Music Supervisors Discuss the Music Industry’s Way Forward, Sync Licensing: It’s Much Bigger Than TV, Film, and Commercials, Artist Image Is Everything — Here’s How to Build Yours on a Budget, This Is the Real Difference Between Rap and Hip Hop, “My Whole Source of Income Just Disappeared” — How Two Musicians Are Dealing With Cancelled Concerts, What Does It Take to Succeed In Songwriting? Balvin will perform at 9 p.m. EST on Halloween from Fortnite’s “Party Royale” mode. While many livestreams began barely above DIY-level production quality, innovations have emerged: Erykah Badu’s series of shows featured a performance seemingly from inside giant bubbles; a summer festival took place in Minecraft, another game with a gigantic audience. J Balvin is bringing a special ... Party will include familiar hits and the debut of a new song with Sech titled "La Luz," said in a statement. For now, it appears Epic Games is hoping its cultural attractions are enough to keep gamers interested. Your email address will not be published. That’s a hefty portion of gamers who were likely enjoying the game – before it disappeared. Balvin will perform during the game’s “Fortnitemares” event kicking off at 9 p.m. Eastern. scrambled to find the best platforms to stream concerts. Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Ozuna Lead 2020 Latin Grammy Nominations KAROL G, Nicki Minaj, Rosalía, Ricky Martin, and Maluma are also up for awards By Matthew Ismael Rui z After heading there, players briefly roam through what look like music festival grounds — passing open fields, a fast-food restaurant and a lot of signage — and eventually make their way to the stage. Balvin’s performance involved an array of candy-colored costume changes. J Balvin rehearsed and taped a concert that appeared in the video game Fortnite over four days in Glendale, Calif. The show will take place on October 31st at 9 pm ET and will include the debut of a brand-new song. Epic says it will also introduce a new skin called the Party Trooper. 5  +  5  =  .hide-if-no-js { On the soundstage, three infrared-equipped cameras performed their own choreography around Balvin. Android users can, as long as they side-load Fortnite by avoiding the Google Play Store. Balvin as Frankenstein’s monster makes his way to the set. They will use XR (extended reality) technology, LED walls and camera tracking to … Travis Scott also joined the virtual concert fun back in April of this year, where over 10 million participants logged on for the event. Rowan University’s Campus Newspaper - Since 1938, J Balvin to Premiere New Song During “Fortnite” Event on Halloween, Paul McCartney to Release “McCartney III” This December, Student Diary: How Self-Confidence Will Save Your Life, REVIEW: Boy Pablo’s Debut Album ‘Wachito Rico’ is an Easy Listen, But Nothing New, Act II, Scene II: “No Exit” – The Rowan Lab Theatre Play That Transitioned Online, The Whit wins Outstanding Campus Media Award, Equality, Representation, and the State of Black Rowan, Individual has died near Barnes and Noble, Rowan University takes position against Trump’s immigration ban, Noah Weinstein is “the unofficial mascot of Rowan”. Practicing how he would appear on top of the pumpkin, he stood several feet from the edge of the stage but pretended to teeter, and almost topple, over what would be the edge of the glowing squash. October 21, 2020 J Balvin will debut a brand new track during this year’s Fortnite Halloween celebration, “Fortnitemares.” The special event returns this year with some new … It’s estimated that Epic Games gave up on around 73 million users who installed the game on iOS. I feel like I’m in the game. The Latin pop star put his own colorful spin on the experience. Fortnite Just Lost 73 Million iOS Users — Federal Judge Rules in Apple’s Favor Pending Trial, Ava Max’s Roblox Music Release Party Clocks 1.2 Million Visitors. But at the taping of his appearance in California a week before, there was no pumpkin, no riser and no crowd.

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