50th Anniversary, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange: Journey into the Mystic Arts. Human The following is a list of guest characters that have recurring roles throughout the series. Who shot Thompson? Which probably scares the hell out of him". [66] Butters added, "We wanted to tell a rich story around [the blatant racism that existed] and not feel like you’re preaching about it, you know, 'Racism is not good. Sousa instead hit Fennhoff in the face with his gun, revealing that he had been wearing ear plugs the entire time and had heard nothing, to Thompson's surprise and relief. After returning from Nuremberg, Dooley noticed that the Remote Typewriter had produced a new message and had a Cryptographer from Virginia come to decode it, Thompson promoted and tested the translator to get the best result as quickly as possible; however, Peggy Carter deciphered the code. He buried the white flag before any of his fellow soldiers could have seen it. "[19] Fazekas discussed giving Jarvis a major character arc in the second season, saying that he "really got a taste for adventure with Peggy in the first season, so, when she comes back into his life, he's so happy because he's so bored with being Howard Stark's butler ... what that starts is a really interesting story for him, which is, how much did he really understand about what Peggy does? After Roger Dooley left, Thompson gave a speech, asking every agent what Ray Krzeminski's middle name was; only Daniel Sousa was able to answer that it was Walter. In retaliation, Jarvis unsuccessfully attempted to murder Frost.

She starts off manipulative and not the nicest person you've ever met, but she's not a bad guy when you first meet her."

He told Thompson that he could receive the Congessional Medal of Honor. [8], Later, after Thompson had clocked out, Sousa received an anonymous tip that lead them to Howard Stark's stolen weapons, Thompson arrived with Roger Dooley to investigate, although they both ended up more confused than before. Fonseca was drawn to Martinelli's "funky personality", which differed from her much more serious previous role of Alexandra Udinov on Nikita. He sees her as someone he can actually have a proper conversation with.

Male "[29] Though Sousa and Carter do eventually get together in the second-season finale, the executive producers warned that this did not necessarily mean Sousa is Carter's future husband,[30] who was first mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. "[50] In late January 2015, Butters and Fazekas revealed that Underwood is a product of the precursor to the Black Widow program. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. There’s this competitive but playful obsession with her" which is seen with Underwood's "flirtation" and "feminine prowess". [67] Austin noted that this experience causes both fear and curiosity in Wilkes, and forces his role in the series to be more cerebral rather than action-focused as he is relegated to explaining science and planning until he regains his tangibility.
Thompson, surprised, asked if they all could go drinking before he returned east, but Sousa declined, noting that their work as leaders was always incomplete. It can’t not, really. when approaching the character. Marino was cast in November 2015,[76] on which Fazekas said, "He’s obviously very funny, but he also is a great dramatic actor. Title(s) Rather than share it with Carter and Sousa, Thompson claimed all the glory for himself. [31] Gjokaj would reprise his role as Sousa during the seventh season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.[32].

That certainly seems to be the case. She told them that she believed that Ivchenko was working for the enemy and communicating with them.

I think he’s not a bad guy, he just gets blinded by ambition. He decided to lead a team into La Martinique to see if Spider Raymond had information on the stolen Stark tech. One of the weapons he created during the war was Midnight Oil, designed to give soldiers extra stamina during war, but instead it caused psychosis and led to them killing each other. As the two groups rested for the night they shared war stories. [69] In July 2015, she was revealed to be physically appearing in the second season,[70] and Verbeek was cast in the role by October 2015. Not trying to get into the machine, but being the boss.

While talking to Sousa and Carter, Thompson interrupts because it has a job to Carter: sorting papers. He is arrested, gagged, and imprisoned with Arnim Zola. '"[62] However, the producers were looking to take a different approach to the character, taking inspiration from "Hollywood icons like Hedy Lamarr and Lauren Bacall". Carter left the office with Sousa chasing to calm her anger. Thompson gives a speech to the SSR Agents. Thompson gave him the stolen film reel, but lied, saying that since Rita Hayworth was not involved, he did not watch the film. A butler to the Stark family in the original comics, Jarvis was first adapted in the MCU films as an artificial intelligence named J.A.R.V.I.S., created by Tony Stark. "[35] Unlike many of the other agents, Whigham believes that Dooley does respect Carter, saying "I think he likes her. Edwin Jarvis was announced to be in the series in July 2014.

[14], Booking a flight back to New York City, Thompson returned to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency where he found Daniel Sousa working late into the evening.

[10], The A.V.

[60] Verbeek was in Europe when she auditioned for and got the part, and Agent Carter had not yet begun airing there, so Verbeek "didn't really know anything.

When asked why he was there, Thompson just said he had business in the area.

The pair are joined by series regulars Chad Michael Murray as Jack Thompson and Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa, as well as Shea Whigham for the first season. "[63] She added that in the series, "You see the makings of a villain, but she doesn't start off evil. But now Sousa has got a girlfriend and it’s very serious, so that’s a new thing for Peggy to deal with. [14], With only a hour left before his scheduled flight to New York City, Thompson went to the Arena Club to bid farewell to Vernon Masters. He asked Sousa what it was about Peggy Carter that made him leave the New York Bell Company Office to go to Los Angeles; Sousa said that he left because he got a promotion to "Chief", not because of heartbreak, as Thompson was implying, citing that he was soon to be engaged. [7], Speaking about the influence that the apparent death of Steve Rogers has on Carter, Atwell explained that "It's only been a year and she's grieving him and I think what keeps her going is he was the greatest person she ever knew ... she's also determined to make sure that his work wasn't in vain. Thompson wondered why the Strategic Scientific Reserve could not keep the item and deliver it; Masters insisted that he must.

Frank quickly agreed and explained he had seen a well dressed man and a dark haired woman enter the The Heartbreak.

That was very refreshing. The next day the group arrived at the Red Room Academy where they split up. Saved from this by Howard Stark, Jarvis becomes Stark's butler and is eventually offered to Carter as support for her mission to clear Stark's name.

Stark explained that the gas was called Midnight Oil, a failed experiment that was meant to keep soldiers alert but instead caused a murderous rage, it was used during the Battle of Finow and had caused the horrific deaths of hundreds of Russian soldiers.

Thompson told Sousa that not all veterans returned home from the war wanting to be taken care of.

Thompson turned from the window to comfort the crying woman; the agents became uncomfortable and, on the insistence of Miriam Fry, left Martinelli's apartment. All rights reserved. They took the largely redacted file that Thompson had stolen from Masters' briefcase. We had talked about him for a different role, but it was too small of a role. That certainly seems to be the case. Later, when Thompson was cleaning up the rubbish left behind by Frank, he was interrupted by Peggy Carter; he seemed to be in a hurry. In October 2015, Smith was cast in the "major recurring role" of Masters for the second season, having previously worked with Butters and Fazekas on their television series Resurrection.

During the interrogation, Jarvis stayed calm and evasive about how Stark's car was at the Roxxon Refinery, until Thompson threatened to have Ana Jarvis deported. Jack Thompson (portrayed by Chad Michael Murray) is a war veteran and agent with the SSR who accidentally killed surrendering enemy soldiers, but hid the mistake, instead being praised as a hero. He mockingly took a large bite from the burger and described the taste to the homeless man.

Sasha Demidov (portrayed by James Landry Hébert): A Leviathan operative. Thompson tells Peggy Carter the truth about his experiences in World War II, Parting ways, Carter said goodbye to Dugan, and Ivchenko, having nowhere else to go, decided to go back with Carter and the others to use what he knew to help the SSR against Leviathan.
Before noticing they carried a white flag and were there to surrender, he killed them all. [40] On Carter and Stark's relationship moving into the second season, Atwell said, "there’s a new comfort level between Stark and Peggy ... they’re on a bit more of an even level.

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