I worked my way along the road as best I could. He was again elected to the Forty-seventh, Forty-eighth, and Forty-ninth Congresses. "When I came to my senses some time after I found I was in the rear of the confederate line. He remained financially interested in banking and in the manufacture of steel, and served as chairman of the Republican State convention in 1887. He was transfered from there to a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. He survived and carried the bullet in his head for many years afterward. I got a nurse to fill my canteen with water so I could make an effort in getting near safety as possible.”. That was the first time my wound was washed and dressed by a surgeon.”. Jacob remembers laying in the hospital tent, “A hospital nurse came and put a wet bandage over my wound and around my head and gave me a canteen of water. Jacob’s answer is, “I have an everyday reminder of it in my wound and constant pain in the head, never free of it while not asleep. Jacob Miller, born about 1759 and from Northampton County, Pennsylvania, served as a private during the war. He was shot at Brock Field at Chickmauga, a battle known as second in casualties only to the Battle of Gettysburg. “I made up my mind, as long as I could, to drag one foot after another. He was inside a long building, “lying with hundreds of other wounded on the floor almost as thick as hogs in a stock car. When I came to my senses some time after, I found I was in the rear of the Confederate line.”, Determined not to become a prisoner, Jacob got up using his gun as a staff and made his way through the Confederate troops and off the field of battle.
The next day, Jacob awoke to find himself in Chattanooga. He not only lived to tell the tale but has spent over thirty years with the .25 caliber bullet lodged in his brain. During the Civil War, he volunteered and served with the Union Army in Company G, 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was interred there in Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown.
Campbell served in the Union Army as a first lieutenant and quartermaster of Company G, Third Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. And thirty one years after, two pieces of lead came out.”, When asked how he can relate, in such detail, the story of his getting wounded, after so many years. He was shot at Brock Field at Chickmauga, a battle known as second in casualties only to the Battle of Gettysburg. He served as chairman of the United States House Committee on Manufactures during the Forty-seventh Congress. He attended the public schools and learned the art of printing in the office of the Somerset Whig. Campbell was a delegate to the first Republican National Convention at Philadelphia in 1856. They could not believe it was me as they said I was left for dead on the field. Jacob and his companions made their way to the bridge, but found a long line of troops and artillery crossing it. Then, to another in New Albany, Indiana. Jacob wanted the bullet to be removed. He got us something to eat. Jacob C. Miller was born on August 4, 1840, in Bellevue, Ohio. I got a nurse to fill my canteen with water so I could make an effort in getting as near to safety as possible. Posted September 17, 2015 in Ammunition, Guns & Gear by TFB Staffer with 63 CommentsTags: bullets, civil war, gsw, Gunshot Wound, shot, shot in head, Soldiers. Some bearers passings by, saw him, put him on a stretcher and carried him to the field hospital. “When we arrived across, we found our company teamster, who we stopped with that night. |}, List of Confederate Regular Army officers, Members of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, People of Pennsylvania in the American Civil War, Pennsylvania United States Representative stubs, File:Jacob Miller Campbell - Brady-Handy.jpg, United States House Committee on Manufactures, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, https://civilwar.wikia.org/wiki/Jacob_Miller_Campbell?oldid=9231. It’s sitting in a spot too delicate to touch, although if it ever shifts, he’s bound to be in trouble. TFB Staff, bringing you the latest gun news from around the world for a decade. “Seventeen years after I was wounded,” he says, “a buck shot dropped out of my wound.

The Union Army of the Cumberland was making an offensive maneuver and was attacked by the Confederate Army of Tennessee. “I suppose I was so covered with blood that those that I met, did not notice that I was a Yank.”, Jacob continued walking until he struck an old by-road, which he followed. Miller took a bullet to the head on September 19, 1863, and the wound was apparently bad, because his fellow soldiers left him for dead. I made up my mind as long as I could drag one foot after another I would not allow myself to be taken prisoner.

Template:Start box The surgeons examined my wound and decided it was best not to operate on me and give me more pain as they said I couldn’t live very long, so the nurse took me back into the tent. The very thought of being a prisoner of war motivated Jacob. They arrived in Bridgeport and caught a train to Nashville, Tennessee. While eating, an orderly rode up and asked if we were wounded. Contents[show] Early life Jacob M. Campbell was born at “White Horse,” near Somerset, Pennsylvania. The whole scene is imprinted on my brain as with a steel engraving.”, Jacob wants readers to know that he hasn’t given this interview to complain about his suffering all these years, or to blame anyone else for his misfortune. Imagine being shot in the head – right between the eyes, no less – and not only surviving, but carrying on with life as usual for three decades. He remembers laying down in the train car in a state of utter exhaustion. Right between the eyes. He says, “The government is good to me and gives me $40.00 per month pension.”, Cher Ami: The Pigeon that saved the Lost Battalion – WW1. We got a cup of coffee and a bite of hard tack and fat meat to eat. ! |- The next morning, the doctors came around to make a list of the wounded and said they were sending all the wounded to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I got out of the tent without being noticed and got behind some wagons that stood near the road till I was safely away — having to open my eye with my finger to take my bearings on the road. During the journey Jacob was finally able to open his right eye without using his fingers. My comrades got out with me and we went on foot.” They walked sixty miles to Bridgeport, taking four days to get there. But that doesn’t mean the whole shot-in-the-head-and-survived thing hasn’t happened since.

For Civil War soldier Jacob Miller, a member of the 9th Indiana Infantry, that was his reality.

I raised myself to a sitting position, got my canteen and wet my head.

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