All of that is to say that there are real risks to marijuana, legitimate concerns about the current form of legalization America is embracing, and alternatives to what the country is doing besides the false binary choice between prohibition and commercial legalization. So he did. Besides, in a country where there were more than 800,000 aggravated assaults and more than 17,000 murders and non-negligent manslaughters just in 2017, and where at least 41 million people used marijuana that year, linking even dozens of cases over the years to the drug is not convincing evidence. Among the possibilities: legalizing possession but not sales (as Washington, DC, and Vermont have done), putting state agencies in charge of sales (as some Canadian provinces are doing, and as some states do, successfully, with alcohol), allowing only nonprofit organizations to sell pot, or permitting a handful of closely monitored for-profit companies to take part. The United States is in the middle of one of the most consequential presidential elections of our lifetimes. I read Campos’s book very early into my burgeoning interest in drug policy, and although my memory from the early 2010s is a bit fuzzy, I knew something was wrong with what Berenson wrote. About 40 million Americans were born in the last decade. That’s why Berenson calls decriminalization, when penalties for possession are reduced but sales remain fully illegal, “a reasonable compromise.” He writes, “People shouldn’t be arrested or sent to jail for possessing marijuana. The conclusion, if there is one: “This is a complex issue, one that certainly warrants further investigation.” In other words, we don’t know yet. The man left the Times for being a full-time author. On the other side, Berenson does make some good points about the overstated benefits of medical marijuana. “The black tide of psychosis and the red tide of violence are rising together on a green wave, slow and steady and certain.”. Alex was born to a loving family. Tell Your Children claims to inform its readers of the “truth” about marijuana, but it instead repeatedly misleads them. It could be a mix of all these factors. At the Times, he covered everything from the drug industry to Hurricane Katrina; in 2003 and 2004, he served two stints as a correspondent in Iraq, an experience that led him to write The Faithful Spy, his debut novel, which won the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best First Novel. The report is very careful in its findings. Finally, the man joined The New York Times in 1999. Berenson doesn’t dig into the potential causes and disparities here. After that, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Yale University. In the context of Berenson’s book, this is meant to be really alarming — “thousands” more violent crimes is meant to sound scary. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Attention citizens! The National Academies’ review of the evidence speaks to this. Your Dept. Tell Your Children is Reefer Madness 2.0. “Yet they did.”. They linked violent crimes — often involving immigrant perpetrators — to previous marijuana use. Conjoined Twins Seperated, As Adults, Wedding, Mirandacooper1999 Saying The N Word: Miranda Cooper Tik Tok (olt-Oram syndrome), Jackson Mahomes TikTok Height: Is Patrick Mahomes’s Brother Jackson Mahomes Gay? But the exact figures of his net worth is still unknown. As the National Academies’ report makes clear, there is still a lot about cannabis that we just don’t know, including its harms and benefits. Reader Interactions Primary Sidebar. It remains unclear, based on federal and state data, if marijuana legalization is leading to more cases of addiction or other marijuana-related harms. There is a risk to commercializing another product that’s addictive for some and may be harmful in other ways for others, and there may be better ways to legalize or regulate pot that minimize those risks than what we’re doing today. But there are ways to write about all these issues while still capturing the nuance and detail they require. His central argument is best summarized in a few brief lines later in the book: “Marijuana causes psychosis. In likely the most provocative claim in Tell Your Children, Berenson tries to argue that pot is already causing a spike in violence.

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