The Japanese fern tree, or Filicium decipiens, is a pleasant and graceful specimen whose small size makes it ideal for your yard or home landscape. It’s neither. If you've ever tried to plant in the shady part of your garden, you've probably run across ferns. You can see how it grows in a perfect globe shape. As smaller plants to grow among the trees and shrubs that you have in your border plantings, For planting around water features located in shady spots.

Fort Lauderdale has a beautiful display of Fern Trees along Davie Boulevard near Andrews Avenue. Its symmetrical crown magically grows that way — naturally rounded with no need to prune except for removing lower branches as it matures. Once the rains started, it grew some new leaves, but since then die-back has gotten worse. This artful shade tree deserves an artful touch, so be creative in your placement.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Come out from the house a minimum of 10 feet to give the tree's crown room to bush out. I took this photo at a local plant nursery. At 9:10 your truck pulled in and the crew went to work. Despite its name, this tree is not from Japan, nor is it a fern. Its name, decipiens, derives from the word “deceptive.”. © 2011–2020 ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design. Northerners have more choice in the matter. It seems well suited to our climate. The trees size of 20 or 25 feet makes it a good choice for a small front yard. Japanese fern trees require minimum care, which is surprising since they look like the high-maintenance exotic type. Or how about choosing a nice pair to flank the entrance of your driveway? The roots of this tree are not especially invasive but they will travel out nearly two times the diameter of the canopy. It tolerates two conditions that many plants are highly intolerant of: The main things to remember in growing it are that: Even when grown in an area sheltered from bright sunlight, Japanese painted ferns lose some color once spring yields to summer (the fronds become greener). But don’t assume it’s a fern or Japanese in origin. gcmastiffs. Bradenton, Sarasota & Venice Landscape Maintenance, Shady Lady Black Olive Trees Add Zen to Florida Landscapes, Florida Pindo Palms Provide Instant Feathery Flair, Japanese Fern Trees Overlooked in Southwest Florida, Growing Florida Banana Trees as Ornamentals, Florida Yellow Ixora Shrubs Will Put You in Sunny Heaven. Now there are *no* green leaves, and very few brown ones left. Just make sure you don’t plant them too close to your house. ( Log Out /  Fern Trees are not very cold tolerant so they need to be planted where there are no freezing temperatures. Japanese fern trees require minimum care, which is surprising since they look like the high-maintenance exotic type. Still, the fact that the plant achieves its best color in the North if grown in partial shade more or less makes the decision on plant location for you. Natural germination should work just fine: sow the seeds in the fall and give them time, and they should begin to germinate in the spring. Remember that its crown will widely expand as it ages, so plant at least eight to 10 feet away from your house and driveway. Click here to read our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer, in pairs flanking the entrance to a driveway. You must protect the colorful fronds for which this foliage plant is grown from exposure to the hot afternoon sun. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, Well-drained, humusy, and kept evenly moist, Neutral to very acidic or slightly alkaline, Non-flowering; ferns are an ancient group of plants that reproduce via spores. Description. But the spreading nature of the plants does allow you to divide them (spring is best) and multiply the number of them available for use elsewhere in your landscaping. Jon VanZile is a Master Gardener and the author of "Houseplants for a Healthy Home. Japanese painted fern is a lot different from the plain green ferns that many gardeners are most familiar with, such as the interrupted fern (Osmunda claytoniana). This is a mature tree, but not fully grown. Just had a wonderful experience with your company you should be aware of. ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design offers everything you need ranging from Landscape Design and Landscape Maintenance to Tree Services and more. Happily, for the gardener who demands low-maintenance, this spreading occurs only very gradually. Water on a regular basis but allow time for the tree to dry out a bit between waterings. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. At 8:44 this morning I e-mailed your irrigation department to advise of a leak in our system. F. decipiens is native to Africa and the Indian subcontinent, not … The

All you have to do is plant in a well-drained area (allow to dry out between regular watering). Even though it is not a native of South Florida, it does not appear to have any invasive qualities. It’s also important that the seeds don’t get planted in soaked or soggy soil. Japanese painted fern is a lot different from the plain green ferns that many gardeners are most familiar with, such as the interrupted fern (Osmunda claytoniana).True to its name, Japanese painted fern is more colorful, offering triangular, silvery leaves (called "fronds," technically) that sport an arching habit. Fern-like leaves resemble long fingers that push up and out. While called the Japanese Fern Tree, it is originally from India and Tropical East Africa. This is a very elegant little tree, and it's one of the best small shade trees to tuck into any size yard. It originates from India and East Africa. The crown of the Japanese fern tree is spherical and symmetrical, and as the tree ages, it steadily expands outward to achieve a wonderful shape. It can help to soak the seeds in water at room temperature for about 24 hours prior to planting in order to soften the exterior and increase chances of germination.

Such exposure will burn them. Pinnate leaves are shiny, bright green and can be up to 5 inches long or more at maturity. Please note that some of our features are still under construction. Consider adding composted cow manure to the soil in order to help the seeds germinate well.

Greener Government » Natural Resources Preservation » Growing Our Green Canopy » Learn More About Trees » GYR Tree Directory. It can get 20 to 25 feet but that takes quite a while, since it's is a slow to moderate grower. It can also be used with other plantings. The most notable ones are at a bank on the south west corner of South Andrews Avenue and Davie Boulevard. We proudly serve Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice and many other areas. For instance, F. longifolium, listed in some botanical sources as a relative of decipiens, may actually consist of several different and obscure species all lumped together under one name. All you have to do is plant in a well-drained area (allow to dry out between regular watering). The fronds of tree ferns are usually very large and multiple-pinnate.

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