Breuer is the host of Fridays with Jim Breuer, (previously known as Breuer Unleashed) which can be heard each Friday afternoon from 4-6PM (EST) on the Sirius Satellite Radio channel "Raw Dog Comedy." The Unexplained (Jim Breuer / Rob Caggiano / Larry Schneidmuller), Credits: Few insiders think so. In addition, she frequently shares stories from her childhood and of growing up in America, according to her website. Fortune never mentions this. In 2008, Breuer went on his first tour in six years known as the "Breuniversity Tour" where he toured over 20 colleges and comedy clubs across the country. Also at the table: Martha Stewart, seen here to the left; Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures; and Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe.

Botha gets four pages in Sarah Lacy's Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good — more than Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Angela Chao received an undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard College and her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Elaine Chao is the daughter of James Chao and Ruth Mulan Chu, both of whom grew up in China. So I figured, why shouldn't I join in the fun? Breyer has a fair point: We may be seeing the cyclical bursting of another Silicon Valley bubble. "Breuer Bits" were often played whenever the show was on hiatus. Breuer was born in Valley Stream, New York, on Long Island. This money went towards opening a new executive education facility for students in MBA and doctoral programs. As of 2005, Breuer lives in Chester Township, New Jersey, with his wife, Dee, and three daughters. Elaine Chao and her family honors the memory of Ruth Chao. [Barrons], Kara Swisher doubts Accel Partners' Jim Breyer has the guts to put the squeeze on Facebook app developers: "My 5-year-old son could handily best the doe-eyed VC in a fair fight."

During one show, while Breuer was singing the Judas Priest song "Devil's Child," Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest, entered the studio and joined Breuer in song.[9].

It will be financed with "tens of millions of dollars" and looks to invest as little as $250,000 in digital-media startups based in Southern California. (Illustration by Sean McCabe for Fortune).

But, he goes on to say, passing on Facebook "may turn out to have been a mistake.". But the former CFO of PayPal is famous here. He credits Joe Pesci with jump starting his career as he mentions in his comedy concert "Hardcore".

Fortune magazine, ever servile, provides a ready platform for the powerful with something to say. Breuer is the host of Fridays with Jim Breuer, (previously known as Breuer Unleashed) which can be heard each Friday afternoon from 4-6PM (EST) on the Sirius Satellite Radio channel "Raw Dog Comedy." But even if Zittrain didn't have this chance connection to the Valley's movers and shakers, I'd think he'd be drawing attention from its inner circle anyway. In January 2011, he launched a podcast called "The Podcast Masters" with fellow comedian Pete Correale. "But," Breyers says, "I made some great friends." In a 1997 episode of SNL, both Pesci and De Niro made surprise appearances to "confront" Breuer. Declaring the bursting of a bubble now may help hasten its advent, and in the process, make it harder for Facebook's rivals to raise money. And more than a little menacing. Her husband, Jim Breyer, is also a Harvard Business School graduate and member of Harvard Corporation, among other boards. Facebook will announce this week that it's brought Silicon Valley wunderkind turned Web 2.0 grumpy grandpa Marc Andreessen onto its board of directors.

7. Who's Better Than Us?! Why? Chao married investment banker Bruce Wasserstein in 2009; he died later that year. “The initial years in this country were very difficult,” Chao said. [5] On SNL, Breuer's characters included "Goat Boy" (who hosted the fictional MTV program "Hey, Remember the 80s?") But, through it all, my mother’s quiet determination, resilience, hope and optimism guided and strengthened my father and our family.”, Elaine Chao and her family came to America in the early 1960s.

Few people outside Silicon Valley have heard of Roelof Botha. Chao lived in Lebanon, Pennsylvania at the time of her passing. CARLSBAD, CA — Who are those cool cats in sunglasses at D6? But he's cleverly cutting in Facebook itself, as well as fellow board member Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.

Breuer was a sit-in comedian on the Opie and Anthony Show for many years during their WNEW-FM tenure. (Accel's Jim Breyer wore a CBGB shirt!)

9.Sugar Rush (Jim Breuer / Rob Caggiano / Mike Tichy) The same year, he released a comedy album titled Smoke 'n' Breu.[7]. (Getty). [11], He is a self-described "superfan" of the New York Mets.

Chao served as the secretary of labor under George W. Bush for the entire length of his administration.

[4] He then joined the cast of Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1998. "Folks in the Valley are incredibly ego-centric to a point of snobbery" he blithely claims. May Chao said at the time of the donation.

He credits Joe Pesci with jump starting his career as he mentions in his comedy concert "Hardcore". ( But bitterly jealous Battery Ventures partner Scott Tobin—who passed when Zuckerberg came to him for startup money— has a different take. Founder Mark Zuckerberg and investors Peter Thiel and Jim Breyer make up the rest. Elaine Chao with her husband, Mitch McConnell. The latest on stage: Jim Breyer, the Accel Partners VC with a seat on Facebook's board. Accel partner Jim Breyer and Venrock's David Siminoff plan to take money from Hollywood talent agency William Morris and AT&T to form a new fund, according to the New York Times. The latest on stage: Jim Breyer, the Accel Partners VC with a seat on Facebook's board.

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