I cannot carry a carbine in my back pocket when I’m off the homestead. There are much more nuanced takes on the matter as well – but they all mask a deeper concern and truth. FAQ | Mailing List | Email | 888.464.1875, To the kind people of the Hill People Gear forum -. The radical Left of the 70s is damned near the mainstream Centrist of today. I gather not many people do much training beyond weapons traing. Identify those people around you, who—even if you don’t really like each other all that much—are “yours.” Cultivate those friendships. While those will be free to $5 subscribers, non-subscribers will only be able to purchase them in the print format. Two days of this course are straight range time, before moving into gym work with combative and FoF iterations. Your email address will not be published. Avoiding the peril of predictions do you have some advice on what to look out for? Needless to say everyone got in dozens and dozens of reps on the draw stroke. Those encompass the bread and butter of reconnaissance and our jobs. I was introduced to the Mountain Guerrilla blog from some other prepper website somewhere, i dont remember. If you think Mosby is the type of guy you are going to recruit to your 1488 meeting because he values community and his tribe, then you have no idea what you are talking about. Mt. that no other trainer in the firearms industry would touch with a 10 foot pole. This is the Patreon Page for John Mosby's Mountain Guerrilla Blog. The “approved” list of self-defense ammunition (is your ammo on this... What’s the best self-defense ammo for a .380 pocket pistol. Posts: 12 Re: Tactical training with the Mountain Guerrilla The two Field Manuals (FM's) that we as 19D Cavalry Scouts use doctrinally are FM 3-20.96 and FM 3-20.971. But to one of commnter’s points, small tribes usually don’t fare too well against larger organized opposition. Former Green Beret Reveals #1 Shooting Drill You Aren’t Doing Right... Weird Reason Why Socrates May Have Been The ULTIMATE Prepper! Change ), Subsumed into the Zeitgeist Part Two: Kyle. He taught us, especially me, as the oldest grandchild, that all of “this” was fragile and temporary, and was going to end. Learn to shoot your rifle or carbine faster and more accurately. The final exercise of the class was a proprietary Mountain Guerrilla drill that incorporates problem solving coupled with engaging targets in a VTAC 1-5 sequence all while avoiding no shoot targets in the process. All excellent and all far better than any other class I have ever taken. It is for general supporters of the efforts of the blog. You can read more about that here. Collapse takes many forms and the disaster side of things aside a slow downturn seems possible due to structural pressures. I also sought this course out particularly because of the introductive combative work as I have no real formal training at such, even though I follow nearly all the content that is put out by folks associated with the ShivWorks Collective such as Craig Douglas, Paul Sharp, Larry Lindeman, Cecil Burch, and Chris Fry. We quickly got to introductions to the Fence, techniques for defending against punches and attacks, getting the gun out while entangled, and we got hands on. I learned to like the taste of humble pie. Please contact with info when available. We believe in personal liberty. Does he entertain any idea of coming to alaska to do any training segments? We were not so lucky. A few random last notes. He was probably the first guy to seriously take that on. When humans first set foot in a new continent, they came in small groups under their own power, bringing only the gear they needed. My greedy self-interest was at play but I also believed there needed to be a wake up call to get people in the area to get training on their most applicable tool available to them, the pistol, in the context where they’d need it the most. Going back to the Bundy Ranch and Malheur thing….people on the “Right” made a big deal out of the fact that “snipers” on the Oathkeeper side of things were aiming their rifles at federal officers. After everyone’s gratuitous ragging on Mosby for his pimpmobile rental vehicle, the class started out with a safety brief by the range owner and signing the appropriate waivers. We started with dry fire. Learn to shoot your rifle or carbine faster and more accurately. Quiet Professional . The trigger doesn’t really matter if grip is correct whether you reset in recoil or pin/reset. For a little motivation on to why you might be needing some of this training (in my opinion everyone does) see the posts at Defensive training groups about the bad folks. CLEARLY yours too! It is my personal position that the Alt-Right label is useless and many of their leaders are incompetent – Charlottesville seems at times to be a kind of defining moment in street based conflict between the extremes in recent years but it also seems to have driven the State as whole to effectively shut down further chances for conflict between these groups – do you think we are likely to see such confrontations again or will the conflict evolve in a different way? Only the best will be able to pass into lieutenant, major, colonel, etc. Mosby’s andragogical approach and teaching methodologies were spot on. I don’t think the “alt-right” matters much, if at all.

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