Click the names for more information, such as in-game descriptions, base stats, and movesets.

This is what I came up with, Durability: (See ability "Imprison Harvest"). I saw in my vision that you're the saviour. Pistol Kick: The user/Stand's foot transforms into a pistol and kicks the opponent then fires once to a few times. When Enter Sandman is summoned, it will phase through into the target's dream, and will give the target the worst nightmare they possibly would have until they woke up. His personality is the last thing people would guess when seeing his rather intimidating looks. Is very lethal if not dodged. November Rain uses its body to create any combo of 2 of these weapons: November Rain hugs itself and electrifies its whole body. When he tried to pull out the game over screen of his life, there he meets someone, the one that'll change his whole life. Can throw objects out of the dimension via the cloud beneath DO's torso, but needs to exit the dimension with the object. (Get that ugly thing outta my face), Millions of possible combinations! On the job, he is lethal to his target, both as a hunter and assassin, and takes his job very seriously. It stands about 7 feet tall and 9 feet long. It's extremely fast and has high range, though it isn't infinite. Description: Neon Trees is a Stand capable of absorbing the color around it , and converting it into energy in its body. Spectrum Barrage: A barrage attack where Neon Trees focuses its energy into its hands and feet, and releases them through a rapid barrage of punches and kicks. Thanks Sam! The way that it works is that the people who have seen the previous stand users dead body are so overcome and moved by the projected memory that they cant stand to see anything happen to it. Very nice concept indeed. Seemingly successful on killing the target, the opposing hitman then waste no time to clean off the evidences, and quickly left the location. Spin energy began to course through his arm into the ball, and as he threw it, it went as fast as a bullet and left a dent in the wall. Effects: When Darkness Mimicry activates, the greek meandros pattern on the cloak will radiate a faint dark grey light. Country roads can only have one target afflicted at a time and can stop the ability at any time. This is kinda the story continuation of that Razor Sedge guy person, the user of the previous stand i made, so if you read this out of context it may be a little bit off so i suggest you read my previous stand user's story first before reading this one.

It felt like he's invisible and intangible, and he moved freely all over the house. Limit : 3 hours cooldown, and Absolute darkness only lasts for a minute. He who lives in the darkness, raising justice behind the scenes.

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