When they met, she admitted, she wouldn't waste her time away from her family on vacation as she might not see him again. Joe and Sophie also met on social media; the two had many mutual friends who had been trying to introduce them for a long time before Joe slid into Sophie’s DMs. The Jonas Brothers are huge fans of 'Game of Thrones', and they were pretty bummed out when it ended. 'Married to Jonas' focused on Danielle's married life with Kevin, her tumultuous relationship with her mother-in-law and the family issues.Source: Married to Jonas, NBC. The Jonas Brothers and their wives appeared on their latest album, The Jonas Brothers are all married men now, and they’re making their love known by including their wives in their latest music video for the song What a Man Gotta Do. Powered by. Chopra Jonas continued on that she and the 23-year-old Game of Thrones alum, who wed Joe Jonas in May 2019, and 33-year-old Danielle, who is married to Kevin Jonas… News of their relationship surfaced in 2016, and the two were engaged a year later. He had to sign an NDA 'cause he knew so much about it. But the first meeting, not so much. Priyanka first rose to international fame when she won the title of Miss World in the year 2000. Yeah, he is a ladies man alright.Source: Frankie Jonas, Instagram.

Before the peak of their fame in the late 2000s, Kevin Jonas met Danielle Deleasa in May 2007, when she was in the Bahamas for a family vacation. Sophie is of course engaged to Joe, Priyanka is married to Nick and Danielle is married to Kevin. Jonas Brothers Wives - The Complete Details! Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three headliners, was the second in line for a wedding (double wedding, to be exact) to Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, in a literal festive fashion. They followed their stateside ceremony with a second celebration in the south of France. They took one step forward by adopting a Husky puppy, Porky Basquiat, in September 2017, Waldo's friend, which actually passed away recently. He even opened for Miley during her Best of Both Worlds Tour, although the two broke up in 2007. Imagine the millions of hearts break when they had to cope with the fact that they would soon be married, but not with them. Kevin and his wife, Danielle Deleasa, recreate Say Anything, while Joe and his wife, Sophie Turner, act out Grease, and Nick and his wife, Priyanka, recreate Risky Business. The 27-year-old also met his then-fiancee family members in India, and the Bollywood sensation met his family, as they prepared for their wedding. But there's still a chance for any teenager to be the one for this Jonas. It was a rather quiet time for Kevin during the period of separation from his brothers. Kevin first met Danielle while their families were vacationing in the Bahamas in 2007. Frankie Jonas.Source: Joe Jonas, Instagram.

Her hair and makeup … Aside from taking care of the girls in their New Jersey home, the business is doing pretty good for its beginning. He'd missed the group even after the solo success, and love was a big part of that feeling. “We can relate on so many different levels.

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