Margo Hanson [Josh is locking himself in a cage]  Company Credits Dream!Margo says that she's going to marry Josh and that Fen will give her away. i love josh hoberman so much tbh, wired: taking your crush to steal kanye’s komodo dragon and screaming at each other in indonesian. Josh Hoberman : I've got, what, a couple of hours before the quickening takes over, and I'm sorry if that makes me a wimp or whatever, but i don't want to rape or murder anybody. Margo Hanson She never misses, ever.

Josh Hoberman You don't Hoberman, because if you did, you would know. She does everything. The MagiciansThe Magician King I mean, how could I even do that to someone else? I have to give you something. There was a great king on Earth who had a philosophy: "Hakuna matata". : Discipline Huh? Margo Hanson Who starts tickle fights?I feel like Margo would, especially if Josh was upset about something! The Serpant.

| Yelling every two second for kids to stop running, and no diving! And the Measly Mountains, they've disappeared.

Filming & Production One way or another the bonds that held them together were starting to fray, they were losing their magical ability to effortlessly love one another. All of the “popular” kids look up to her because she is a boss bitch and she teaches all of them to have compassion and be empathetic. |


She tells him to keep it up and she goes to get dressed for the banquet. Horseback riding, but I don’t know too much about horseback riding, we don’t have it at my camp but Alice is a full horse girl. If he has to leave earlier than Margo, he’ll leave her sweet little messages on the mirror. That's actually less messed up than the way I thought it would go... Margo Hanson He comes off as bitchy at first but those kids are his little drama ducklings and he will defend them with his life. Oh, put your tit back in your training bra, wolf-boy. Interesting choice of words.) At the banquet, Josh tells Margo about Fen’s destiny for overthrowing her.
Trust me, where I’m from, that was really clever. It was a very bold move on his part and took a lot of courage, trust me he was nervous, but he decided the timing felt right and went for it. Helen Of course he was curious about what was going on in the outside world, but he had the idea that Eliot and Josh and Janet were busy ascending to some inconceivable new level of coolness, as far above Brakebills as Brakebills was above Brooklyn or Chesterton, and he would have felt let down if they’d still had the time and inclination to bother keeping in touch with him. Technical Specs, [after Josh has eaten the Komodo dragon's heart as part of a ritual], [Josh has just finished frantically cleaning up after discovering the remains of a dead animal in his bed], [looking fearfully out of the car for Josh]. Josh watches Ru coerce Fen to overthrow Margo. Imagine him convincing Todd to let him shave his head.

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