The strike was crushed, Hardie moved to Cumnock and became secretary of the Ayrshire Miner’s Union. It was directed by James Martin Charlton; Samuel Caseley played Keir Hardie. In 1892, Keir Hardie was invited to stand as the Independent Labour Party candidate for West Ham in east London. His mother, Mary Keir, was a domestic servant and his stepfather, David Hardie, was a ship's carpenter.

His career in politics began with the establishment of a worker's union at his colliery, and in 1881 he led the first ever strike of Lanarkshire miners. Keir Hardie Health Park Aberdare Road Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1BZ 01685 351026 . Hij steunde het vrouwenkiesrecht, hogere belastingen voor mensen met een hoog inkomen en de vakbonden. 2020 Got You Down? Published 25 September 2015. In the darkness of the pit, he taught himself shorthand by the light of a miner’s lamp. When this job was completed, the family moved to the village of Quarter, Lanarkshire, where Hardie went to work as a pony driver at the mines, later working his way into the pits as a hewer. He was cremated in Maryhill, Glasgow. One of the buildings at Swansea University is also named after him, while a main distributor road in Sunderland is named the Keir Hardie Way. Hardie hit the headlines in 1894, when after an explosion at the Albion colliery in Cilfynydd near Pontypridd which killed 251 miners, he asked that a message of condolence to the relatives of the victims be added to an address of congratulations on the birth of a royal heir (the future Edward VIII). His mother later married David Hardie, a carpenter. The party's president was Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, the first socialist MP, and later founder of the National Party of Scotland, forerunner to the Scottish National Party. In politics he was at first a Liberal, but his experiences in the mine and the union drove him further to the left and by his thirties he was demanding the nationalisation of the mines and the destruction of the whole capitalist system. Fate had guided Hardie to Ayrshire, now he would shine but, as always, not without struggle. [36] The society aims to "keep alive the ideas and promote the life and work of Keir Hardie". The growing family soon moved to the shipbuilding burgh of Govan near Glasgow(which wasn't incorporated into the city unti… An MP himself in 1892-95 and again in 1900-15, he was leader of the parliamentary party in 1906-07. The last two decades of the 19th century saw Hardie become a major player in socialist activity. [Cries of Divide!

Hoewel hij een ongodsdienstige opvoeding had genoten, bekeerde hij zich in 1897 tot het christendom. He died on 26 September 1915 in Glasgow.

Encouraged by his mother, he went on to educate himself, reading history and literature, and especially admiring Carlyle.

Hardie is seen as a key figure in the history of the Labour Party and has been the subject of multiple biographies. Mapping Houston Heights — Houston’s First Suburb, How Worms, Germs, and Lowlife Scum Rewrote the Script. In 1866, the young Hardie stayed up all night nursing his sick mother and brother. [3], Hardie's first job came at the very young age of seven, when he was put to work as a message boy for the Anchor Line Steamship Company. His stance was not popular, even within the Labour Party, but he continued to address anti-war demonstrations across the country and to support conscientious objectors. [38] The play deals with Hardie's battle to win the constituency of West Ham South. The area was pock-marked with mines and ironworks, and with its glowing furnaces and permanent pall of black smoke, was often compared unfavourably to hell. He started working at the age of seven, and from the age of 10 worked in the Lanarkshire coal mines. In May 1879 the mine owners decided to reduce the wages of their workers.

In 1886, Hardie was appointed secretary of the Scottish Miners Federation. The Ellen Wilkinson Estate in Wardley, East Gateshead (once in the Urban District of Felling, subsumed by Gateshead Metropolitan Borough in 1974) has Keir Hardie Avenue as its main street. In 1899, the Labour Representation Committee was formed, which eventually developed into the Labour Party. The man grew up in a working class town, earned money in one of the most dangerous professions of the Victorian era. [1] Hardie had little or no contact with his biological father, a miner from Lanarkshire named William Aitken. By 17 he had taught himself to read and write.

© Copyright 2020 History Today Ltd. Company no. Na het uitbreken van de Eerste Wereldoorlog nam hij een pacifistische houding aan. James Keir Hardie (15 August 1856 – 26 September 1915) was a Scottish trade unionist and politician.

But this is where he learned to read and write, and change history. However, Labour MP’s got behind the need for Britain to enter the war. James Keir Hardie (Lanarkshire, 15 augustus 1856 - 25 september 1915) was een Engels Labour-politicus, pacifist en christen. Conservative leader and former Prime Minister, Arthur Balfour, lost his seat, Manchester East, on a swing of over 20 percent. In 1881 the miners went on strike in support of a 10 per cent pay increase but hunger drove them back to work and with resources depleted they could no longer pay Keir Hardie. According to Hardie, the Lithuanian migrant workers in the mining industry had "filthy habits", they lived off "garlic and oil", and they were carriers of "the Black Death". Hij vond reeds op zeer jonge leeftijd werk als bezorger. He now knew there were others who, like him, wanted to improve conditions for working people and to protect against the worst excesses of employers.

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