“He was a great president, a great friend,” said Sununu, who served for three years as Bush’s chief of staff. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File), FILE - In this Dec. 18, 1970, file photo, newly appointed United Nations Ambassador George H. Bush smiles. objLink.BackText = "Go back to the Concord Monitor"; First spouses, of course, are known for teaming up with charities, or cutting ribbons. But many Arabs did—enough to produce the families of New Hampshire’s two major-party U.S. Senate candidates. '"; She then moved across the country to establish the inaugural inclusion program in the public schools of Mill Valley, California. Former President George H.W. Arab-American campaign donations are a rounding error on the more than $40 million contributed by people and organizations supporting Israel. “And it goes without saying, the one who really makes this all happen, my amazing wife, Valerie,” said Sununu during the opening of his inaugural speech at the Statehouse last month. (His office declined an interview request with Valerie Sununu for this story.) objLink.LinkTarget = "_blank"; Bush has died at age 94. objLink.Credit = "'AP file'"; Bush died at the age of 94 on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, about eight months after the death of his wife, Barbara Bush. Every day before he went to bed, he would send a hand written note to everybody he had seen that day. And you'll never see this message again. objLink.LinkContent = " » Buy this Image"; I actually, I didn’t know what a Sununu was,” she said to laughs. He is the father of John E. Sununu, the former United States Senator from New Hampshire, and Christopher Sununu, the current governor of New Hampshire. Three of his grandparents immigrated from Lebanon—the country, not the town. Bush (left) jokes with Chief of Staff John Sununu in Chicago in 1989. var currentheadline = document.getElementById("headline").innerText; objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; Mrs. Sununu returned to the East Coast to attend Harvard University’s School of Education where she earned her Ed.M. var sellablestring = "MONITOR STAFF"; objLink.LinkTarget = "_blank"; var currentLocation = window.location; in special education. Rep. John E. Sununu, the Republican nominee, is part Palestinian and part Lebanese. objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; While that’s all public, in private, it’s an open question how much the First Lady may try to influence her husband on matters of policy. If anybody had asked me 10 years ago to predict the state in which this would happen, I would have guessed Michigan, maybe California. var currentLocation = window.location; Diagnostic tests, elective procedures dropped early in COVID-19 pandemic. WASHINGTON -- Nancy Sununu, wife of White House chief of staff John Sununu, has not ruled out a race for a congressional seat from her native New Hampshire, White House aides said Monday. Father: John H. Sununu Mother: Nancy Brother: John E. Sununu: Personal Life: Marital Status: Married : Spouse/ Wife: Valerie Sununu (m.2001) Children (3) Calvin, Edie, and Leo : Qualification: Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BS) Income: Net Worth: Approx $2.22 Million dollars (As of 2020) Salary: $319,979: Online Contacts: Social Media Links He was somebody they understood and liked and they gave him their vote.”. John Henry Sununu (born July 2, 1939) is an American politician who was the 75th Governor of New Hampshire (1983–89) and later White House Chief of Staff under President George H. W. Bush. objLink.Credit = "'Matt Sayles'"; With the President is White House Chief of Staff John Sununu. objLink.IsAboveImage = false; If you were leaving your home in the Middle East to build a new life in America, this doesn’t strike me as the place you’d stop. Sununu, aides said, was not considering elective politics while she commuted between New Hampshire and Washington as her husband started his new job.

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