Well, I have checked their website and haven’t purchase anything yet. They just commented on my photo that still shocked me a little bit. I think that they use the shipping costs as a way to make money somehow… I don’t trust brands that make you pay for shipping! I recently reached out to Sopfeel out of my impulsiveness hahaha they say to be an ambassador I have to buy a product from them and they’ll give me 50% off+Free Shipping as well as 30% comission on my promo code. A bit of research on internet will reveal all of the truth. Though referral program is also used by genuine companies but for promotion but in the case of xyz, the company has no real product to sell. Required fields are marked *. Also, if you do want to become a brand ambassador and make money in the future, companies will never want to pay you if you are willing to not only work for free but also pay them to promote their products. Hence, the same can be the case with xyz whose main motive will be to make more people enter as the member of the company. The testimonials on xyz are copied from other genuine sites. I actually did sign up and get “free” items through a brand ambassador company just yesterday to see if it’s legit or not for my own eyes. The job we're talking about is an offer to become a 'brand ambassador,' which would require users posting photos of themselves using the brand's products in exchange for free products, a sales commission, and more exposure for your posts. The companies which provided me a way to track my commissions, are they legit, or not? In addition to this the company is also paying $25 as sign up bonus to those who register themselves as the members of Investment Company. We, In this will reveal the truth and make you face whether Marohh is worth using or just a sheer waste of time. (Suppose Xyz.com is an Online Investment Scam Site). Each and every person is opting for shopping through internet due to the comfort it provides. Their website seems legit, but you never know! Therefore such social media account will also have 0% reference of xyz. Required fields are marked *. Is it safe to transact and deal with an unknown app/ company/ website. All Rights Reserved. These cookies do not store any personal information. Therefore such claims of these sites are fake to attract people towards registration. Your email address will not be published. We believe that through the above article we were able to solve all of your doubts and furnish you with a good amount of knowledge. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. My next step is supposed to be ordering one of their items with 50% off. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); NOTE: We are taking xyz as a company for an example in our following paragraphs to explain the concept in much deeper way. However, after that i had like 2 other companies comment on the same post which made me suspicious. In above paragraphs we have studied that scam sites do not prefer to share their personal information in order to protect them from the complaints of the customers.

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