(Patrick McMullan), BEFORE THE SPLIT: Oil tycoon Sid Bass — who hates wearing tuxedos and going to the opera — at the LA opera in 2007 with scene-queen wife Mercedes. I'd be interested in hearing a counterargument! Creative Writing program at Goddard College. Is this playing into the Chinese hands or is it part of China's strategy to merge Hong Kong into China proper?

Apart from that countries which are importing prices insensitive materials e.g.

Hayman Capital Management looks for opportunities in any market, country or asset class. I think it's 80K tonnes per SCMP who have some connections and boots on the ground. He continues with short term policies that continue or worsen major weaknesses while running the most corrupt administration of modern times if not ever. Damn if you do, and damn if you don't... kinda like China market? (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! The question that appears in these comments quite frequently is "Kyle Bass has bet against China in the past and lost, what's different now?" Many customers hedge their forex exposure which adds to complexity. Friends and observers say there are very few clues.

Mr. Bass is a founding member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China. My only criticism is that probably I will have to wait another year to see a new interview with Kyle in Real Vision. ... IP Theft. Kyle Bass’s age is 51 years old as of today’s date 30th October 2020 having been born on 7 September 1969.
Xi has collected more power around himself than any leader since Mao before the disastrous famine of 1959. Come on!

Kyle Bass was born in 1969 and grew up in Dallas, Texas. https://www.hkma.gov.hk/eng/key-information/press-releases/2018/20181005-3.shtml Interesting discussion, have been w/ RV since the beginning, and started following Kyle Bass since the GFC.

DLS. If the US wants to remain a moral, political and economic leader, then act accordingly.

About a week before they announced their impending split, Sid went out of his way to be photographed with Mercedes at the opera — a highly symbolic gesture, given that he hates both the opera and having his picture taken. I wish If I had to listen to him more. Only critique is Kyle needs to study the American press. Apples and oranges. He said he would be fully committed to a Yuan (HKD?) Your California Privacy Rights i have the same problems. “Sid won’t be mean to her.

But his contribution to the world of the hedge fund is immense. So only about 5 percent were this spent this year of the total reserves. DLS, Maybe someone got the exchange rate wrong and took a number that's actually USD and thought it was HKD... lol. I guess that is how you stay in good graces with RV, agree with Raoul that Trump is to be hated no matter what. But out-of-favour assets may still o…. This particularly so when Trump has given a clear message of World trade as a 0 sum game and every man for himself. His company is currently worth $432.6 million, which was earlier worth $2.3 billion. This outcome was unthinkable at that time. Swift is one thing and trading with yours partners outside Swift is another.

Most people keep it between the lines in adding worthwhile thoughts.

There are other things you can do with better risk adjusted returns. -39:55 "evil china takes ppl into concentration camps, but ppl buy their bonds" -> counting on the ethics of bond markets WTF? Why does the press get it wrong? I like Kyle and enjoy listening to him but he’s just dead wrong on China pure and simple. Simply great! Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager who is popularly known as the founder of the company Hayman Capital Management where he served as the principal as well. Kyle has mixed up the USD that has flowed into the HK banking system which had reversed this year with the reserve which the HK Monetary Authority holds . I thought the arguments he presented were very compelling and yet it didn't happen at least not within his expected time frame. I especially liked the ones about ethics (or lack thereof) in investing.

Maybe you know about Kyle Bass very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in 2020? I'm far more encouraged to hear Washington is well aware of the situation with China, as many of us feel Washington has lost it's way in protecting America/citizens. Same, companies been doing it to each other for eons. I believe Kyle May be right not perfect but right. But I'm not invested with him and so don't care. under the leRS, while specific exchange Fund assets have been designated for the Backing portfolio, all exchange Fund assets are available to support the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate.

His thoroughness always amazes me, it is no wonder why he is one of the best on earth at what he does. In 2005 started his own business and launched the company Hayman Capital Management and worked as the investment manager of the firm. This suggests our (you and I) understanding of the imminence of the move according to Kyle is wrong. It also shows why it might be a rare bipartisan issue in the US. US Inc has done very well for the top 10 percent. ... China in WTO, interesting spin.

I like Kyle’s analysis. We will see how it plays out. Since CDSs are insurance for a security defaulting, this was equivalent to betting against them.

He needs to lighten up on the moralizing. Investors have been able to make money often without doing due diligence and the Chinese have taken advantage of weaknesses in our system; why not, God knows there are enough Americans taking advantage of weaknesses in our system. Until, of course, someone they knew saw them.

Well, if you’re ready, let’s start. This figure is completely different from the reserve the HKMA holds which can be use to defend the HKD peg, Dmytro Y, - I am glad to help with slight editing. The excess reserves is kind of their war chest that they have to defend their peg. The above is latest release from HKMA regarding latest foreign currency assets. How on earth can the small investor position to generate profits sufficient enough to offset the change in the balanced portfolio?? DLS. “If Sid hadn’t married her, the ambassador probably would’ve taken her back,” says the longtime acquaintance. - on China as the bad actor. That being said it is critically important to be correct about our "whys?" If only every day was a Friday! I'm sure you're smarter than him, Taimoor.

- talks about monitoring flows, current account deficits, USD shortage. Curious, as that is why no one believes in HK that the peg will go anytime soon. Bass talks about China wanting its cake and eating it too, What about US Inc wanting its cake and eating it too? Oh, The Forever War started. That makes the Chinese system more prone to mistakes, and those mistakes when they come will be magnified. DLS. The financial system and government have done very well having the reserve currency; manufacturers and workers have not (as predicted by being the reserve currency). Kyle is successful in keeping his private life in a low profile and has not revealed much to the media or his disciples. He was also one of the first to raise the possibility that Greece would default on its debt. What I would like to ask Kyle, is this basic understanding of what he said correct?

Sitemap DLS, The real Bank of China is the Chinese Government that controls all the levers of China's financial assets. So refreshing to hear a leader be a MAN!! China may be going through a tough time in the short term, but they can come out ahead in the long run. Ask him why, though, and he laughs. in US, it was trade ahead of the Fed and not against (no matter what you thought of QE or economy), not trading against the JCB, and I would think same applies here re: RMB/Central Bank. Legendary investor Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital, joins Real Vision's Grant Williams for a deep dive into China. “Sid’s sphere of social connections expanded with her — it was Lord Rothschild-this, Duke-so-and-so that,” says Columbia. I think Mr. Bass is most likely exposing his frustration in the West's view that this is a normal Western style rivalry. The problem with giving trade ideas without understanding the why, is that you’ll mishandle the trade even if you’re on the right side. But Grants interviewing skills are second to none!

Never heard that from Bass until now. Thank you Kyle. Kyle Bass is the author of Possessing Harriet, which received its world premiere at Syracuse Stage, directed by Tazewell Thompson.
Despite being in a low-profile part of the bank, he became a managing director three years later.

Great think piece in any case, especially when viewed in succession with certain pieces referencing SDRs and how the next crisis and the massive trade imbalances that have only worsened since 2008 will be "handled" using the IMF clearing house. He knows something about China most ppl don't know. Of course, he also had the money, and in the words of one observer, “Nobody’s got the kind of money Sid has.”.

“Their lives will go on,” says the old acquaintance.

The problem, according to sources, was the ambassador’s finances. Texas hedge fund manager Kyle Bass is one of three owners selling the property. 5,285 Followers, 910 Following, 1,523 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kyle Whalum (@kylewhalum) So it comes as no surprise that when it came time to unload a $59.5 million tract of land, previously thought to sell for roughly $100 million, Bass chose Uechtritz to list it. Very enjoyable but from, dare I say it New Zealand, I hear Bass as a very centric U.S. commentator perhaps not fulluy accepting that the Chinese not so much 'stole IP' but actually America was too free to give it away because doing so made them a quick buck and that was all they were interested in. You can interview all the Chinese economist all you want. Is there a link to any reporting on these State Department executions?

Trenton T. -- I believe the real pivot was between South Korea and North Korea. Most of the wealth in HK is in this sector and most of the lobbying power, HKMA know that and we have heard this drum beat of de-pegging so many times before.

only one question I know China has invested for over a decade in EM countries in order to have better access to raw materials, if their main problem is the CA turning into a deficit and not having USD to finance China inc, isnt it possible that they start a parrallel market in CNY to buy Oil for example from the saudi, iran russia venezuela, etc? He worked for Prudential Securities until 1994 and later joined Bear Stearns in 1994. Hong Kong dollar reserves and Hong Kong dollar excess reserve quotes from Mr. Bass in the transcript with slight editing: ***“But what's lost in that dialectic is when you have a currency peg, for every US dollar, you have to have a Hong Kong dollar. Any amount in excess is available to defend the peg. Is it just an unfeasible task to replace the dollar as the commodities denominator? 70% of their war chest is gone”. That theory was bolstered by a message Sid sent to close friends, Columbia says, right before the couple announced their separation. It features a 35,000-square-foot rustic mansion on 2,492 acres of land. The key here is the age — he’s nearly 70. Thanking in advance.

Kyle Bass is the author of Possessing Harriet, which received its world premiere at Syracuse Stage, directed by Tazewell Thompson.It was also produced at Franklin Stage Company and has an upcoming production at HartBeat Ensemble (CT). So, do I understand it right, HKD would weaken 30% to peg with mother China, to let’s say 1:10, at the same time stocks would appreciate (in HKD), the opposite SNB play? This was virtually academic and had very little on what to do. Kyle Bass gives a great interview, as always, with some out-of-the-box ideas.

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