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He reacted quickly and summoned a man who owned a rifle, but before he could shoot the beast it disappeared back into the depths. Welcome to Loknest, Devoted to the Lake Ontario Monster In search of the Lake Ontario Creature or by the nickname of LOKI. In July of 1817, a ship was in the area when the crew spotted a dark-colored snake-like monster measuring 40 feet long and 1 foot in diameter about 3 miles offshore. Cryptid Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. A Canadian fishing guide has shared photos of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with an elusive giant freshwater fish. Mysterious Universe is a property of 8th Kind Pty Ltd, The Strange Case of the Kaikoura Lights of New Zealand. The Lake Ontario Serpent is a Canadian lake monster. When they told their rather what they had seen he came running with a rifle, and even fired at the 40 foot long, brownish serpent. Two nurses out for a walk alongside a lake in Northern Ontario at the beginning of May found a creature that is being called 'the Ugly One.'. It measured from end of nose to tip of tail seventeen feet, four and a halt Inches, while In width it measured six feet, four Inches.The body was encased In a shell that was very soft and pliable. Among the Great Lakes of North America is the majestic Lake Ontario, which while having the smallest surface area among its four brethren is still a mighty large lake, sprawled out over 7,340 sq. The noise made by the animal as he came into shallow water frightened the cattle and they ran back from the beach in great fright. The fishing guide told Kenora Online that he had a hard time wrapping his arms around the gigantic fish. Yet far from just myths and folklore by the areas’s indigenous people, when European explorers and settlers began trickling into the region they too began to make sightings of some massive creature in the lake, with one of the first of these being noted in the journal of French explorer Jacques Cartier, describing a monstrous “finned snake” that moved “like a caterpillar” before diving down beneath the waves to disappear. In 1931 two doctors were out boating on the lake when they saw a 230-foot-long serpent with “one eye in the middle of his head as well two antler-like horns.” In 1934, a group of boaters claimed to have actually collided with the monster at Cartwright Bay, near Kingston, and although they claimed that this had killed it the body was never found. The French explorer Pierre Radisson also made note of gigantic snakes living in the lake. Seneca legend told of a huge beast called Gaasyendietha that inhabited the depths of the lake. When hauled upon the platform scales upon which coal is weighed It tipped the beam at 443 pounds. The most recent account I can find is from a Reddit commenter called “jvantorre,” who says he saw it in 2011 in Toronto Harbor, explaining: Hi me and my friends were at a concert last night September 5th 2011 at the Toronto docks. It was black maybe 2 ft wide and only slithered York the surface never jumped but came up enough to expose it’s large fin. He was an employee of the Ministry of Natural Resources. On either side of the body of the monster were six fins or flippers, each 32 inches long and armed with claws seven inches in length. “It measured by my account 84 inches [approx. It stated the children witnessed a “hideous water snake, or serpent, of prodigious dimensions.”. Their account was published in the local newspaper stating: “not the first one of the kind that has been seen in Lake Ontario; and…there can be no doubt of the existence of such monsters in our inland seas.” It was also published in the Kingston Gazette and Religious Advocate another newspaper. The fishing expert caught the 200-pound (approx. It was black maybe 2 ft wide and only slithered York the surface never jumped but came up enough to expose it’s large fin. In 1881 the creature returned to Kingston, this time being seen by the passengers and crew of the steamship Gyspy, this time describing it as having a tail and small legs. You disliked this video. Sponsored by In search of the Lake Ontario Creature… It's skin is dark and was reported to be either blue or brown. On June 25, 1872, witnesses in Olcott, New York, supposedly saw the monster actually spectacularly leap far out of the water while making a strange bellowing noise. In the 1800s there were quite a few sightings of the creature in Lake Ontario, starting in 1805, when four fishermen near the area of Kingston, on the eastern shore, saw what they took to be an overturned rowboat bobbing about out on the lake. The creature popped up again in 1842, at Gull Beach, in Kingston, where it startled two boys at the water’s edge. A large fish, Forsyth explained, builds up lactic acid when it is fighting, which can be detrimental to the fish’s health and safety. It probably has its own breeding poulation as they are different lengths each sighting and they spand from before European colonizaton. They also call it the meteor dragon. Coel Forsyth, founder of Tightline Guide Service in Kenora, Ontario… A drove of cattle went to drink, whereupon the huge monster raised his head above the water and approached the shore, intending no doubt to take an evening meal of fresh beef. In 1888 some sailors saw the thing in the channel between Wolfe and Simcoe Islands, and in 1892 there was a harrowing report from a couple who claimed to have actually been attacked by “a huge serpent with eyes like balls of fire” during a fishing trip to Brackey’s Bay, only managing to escape by beating it over the head with their fishing poles. Found at the beginning of May 2010, no-one knows what the animal might be. Two fishermen also saw it in 1877 in Burlington Bay, described as looking like a log with a mouth like a crocodile. By pulling upon the hook, which was securely fastened in the lower jaw of the monster, the head was drawn out about three feet, displaying a most wonderful sight .As the head was drawn out farther and farther, the jaws would open wider and wider and the eyes would protrude dots and more. Even more recently still is a sighting made in 1968 by a local in New York who said it was an eel-like creature 20 feet long and had a mane, and in 1970 it was spotted by an employee of the Ministry of Natural Resources at the shores of Prince Edward County.
There’s no way to really know, and sightings in more modern times have dropped of substantially, leaving the mystery of the Lake Ontario monster a strange oddity. Sorry, only registred users can create playlists. The creature is known by other names, such as has many variant names, such as the Gassyendietha, the Metrosaurus, and Kingstie from Kingston and the east side of the lake.

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