The word Lakka means cloudberry in Finnish. You need to restart RetroArch for this change to take effect. If you are using a real HDMI wire and TV, you can plug your headphones in the TV.
Joypads with no input_menu_toggle_btn lack an important button and can not be used as primary joypads.

Lakka offers the possibility to store your ROMs on an external USB drive. Note that these the only folders which are made accessible via SAMBA – accessing other areas of the filesystem requires a different approach. # This config file is used to expose core-specific options. Lakka has a read only rootfs, to allow overriding some files in the system, we use this layer strategy. If not, you will need to find the IP of your Lakka box. Plug your SD card into your computer, in the System partition (FAT32) you will find a config.txt file where you can uncomment some lines to enable overclocking.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a decent choice, too. Mount your SD card and remove or comment hdmi_drive=2 in config.txt. Wireless Dualshock. There are two overall approaches to gaining access to the Lakka filesystem: Lakka can also be configured to use ROMs that are served from a NAS for users who are comfortable working in a Linux shell environment.

You can override this setting in RetroArch configuration file : Yes, find the IP of your box in the Network Information.

Please provide some debug information. You can alternatively disable vsync.

Not yet. This method consists of mounting the SD card, flash drive, or hard drive where Lakka is installed on a host workstation running Windows, Linux, or OS X. You can change default setting for the ribbon via the Setting Tab > Menu > Menu Shader Pipeline to Ribbon (Simplified) or Off which corresponds to the entry menu_shader_pipeline = "1" and menu_shader_pipeline = "O" for the configuration file.

Wireless XBOX 360 controllers are supported, but they require a proprietary dongle. If you’re on Linux, you can mount the second partition of your SD card/USB pendrive, and access the files on this partition. But it will be easy with Linux and an SD Card or a Live USB. They will expose the directories of Lakka, you can transfer files by dragging and dropping. Please note : While overclocking may give you better performance, it is done at your own risk and Lakka is not responsible for any damage you do to your RPi/boards.

You may be able to connect to Lakka via the name “lakka” in your SCP client. Please note that installing Lakka itself to an external USB hard drive is also an option. You need to put the BIOS in the system directory. You have to push the central button once and it should start working. Please read the documentation about Upgrading Lakka.

In a terminal, copy the files over network using the scp command: Download the free software FileZilla or WinSCP, and connect to Lakka using the SCP protocol (port 22).

Lakka is delivered batteries included, and doesn’t require internet connection to play games. Wireless Dualshock, Yes, it will work out of the box in wired mode. This method requires that SSH be enabled in Lakka, but it is faster than SAMBA. Supporting virtualisation means having an X server with some special video drivers, and it is not yet the case. Use the directional arrows, and Enter and Backspace keys. The distribution sets the HDMI card as default.

Windows, OS X, and most Linux distributions should be able to navigate directly to Lakka’s Samba share by entering \\lakka\ into their file browser. In Settings -> Video Settings, disable VSync.

To restart RetroArch, you can just use the Quit RetroArch entry in the menu. This way, you don’t need network connection, and you can access all files on your drive, including RetroArch configuration files located in .config/retroarch/.

It’s because we use OverlayFS, a layering system for our filesystems.

You can also configure Lakka by mounting your SD card or USB key on your PC, and edit the configuration file with a text editor. In recent versions of Lakka, you can go to the Audio Settings and switch the Audio Device using the left and right keys.

For now, the only primary joypads supported are wired XBOX360 and PS3.

You cannot use the USB wire with your wireless controller. At last, you can switch to menu RGUI via Setting Tab > Driver > Menu Driver > rgui.

Note: If you are using Lakka for PC in live USB mode, you should be able to access the hard drives of the host computer.

You can also edit the configuration file manually using the command line interface. This can happen on some TVs. It’s the consequence of the deletion of the config files.
# It will be written to by RetroArch. If one day the buildbot is down or unmaintained, a Lakka image would remain usable forever.

We do support some Chinese clones, but not all of them, yet. Store some ROMs on it, and plug it in your Lakka Box. The only action required from the user is to provide the games. # core_options_path = # Path to content history file. If you cannot reach the Lakka system by name, it may be possible to reach it by IP. The editable portions of the Lakka system can be found in the following folders. Downloading and installing a prebuilt image.

Register on github and report the bug. Switching audio device from the GUI. Or manually set vsync = "false" in /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg.

It depends on how you want to use Lakka.

Yes, if your DS3 is an official Sony controller. In wireless mode, you will have to pair it using command line. You need to use bin+cue, check that the content of the cue file matches the bin name. SSH is enabled by default on most images, if not, you can enable it in the Service Settings. Accessing ext4 partitions from windows is not supported natively but you can install a driver.

It will also require that you have and be familiar with operating SCP-enabled file transfer software or an SSH client capable of managing SCP file transfers.

Lakka’s toolchain cross compile each core with different flags and optimizations for each board, resulting in a speed boost. This will force the sound to be sent over HDMI no matter what the TV says.

Please see the documentation for Troubleshooting Lakka.

There is a service in Lakka that will restart RetroArch automatically.

The Odroid-XU4 is also very capable for a smaller price. These files you see in the dev folder are empty files.

It is not convenient if you have installed Lakka on a device with internal storage, since you would have to connect the drive to another PC. We try to support NOOBS and Berryboot, but dual booting is not the priority right now. Lakka is meant to be installed on a dedicated machine.

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