An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions Walker Area Fisheries staff were unable to bring volunteers in the boat during 2020 sampling. Leech Lake The DNR in 2019 relaxed walleye regulations on Leech, removing the 20- to 26-inch protected slot to allow one walleye over 20 inches in the four-fish bag. Please support us by making a contribution. Minimum size for walleyes are 14 inches. Additionally, a nighttime summer component was added to the 2019 summer creel survey to estimate the amount of angling that occurs in the first few hours after dark. Standard surveys were completed on six area lakes with gillnet-only surveys completed on five lakes including the Woman Lake chain. Fishing is allowed only during tournament hours thereafter. Fishing in Kabekona Lake and Steamboat Lake is prohibited. • The existing Walleye regulation (20-26 inch protected slot limit, possession limit of 4, one over 26 inches allowed in possession) will be continued. All fish from team entering the transport boat must be CLEARLY marked and/or separated from the transporting boat. Tournament officials reserve the right to delay, cancel or restrict tournaments waters in case of severe weather. Seasonal angling pressure: Creel surveys conducted in 2019 and the winter of 2019-20 showed angling pressure was within historical averages. [On Leech Lake Indian Reservation] Possession limit 50. First things first: anyone fishing for walleye in Leech Lake should know the new regulations for 2019. No minimum length limit and the daily bag limit is 10. Monthly sampling of zooplankton (very small animals that fish like to eat) at five locations lake wide was initiated in 2012 and continued from mid-May through mid-September. Check out the full list of maps here. This is great news for anyone planning a fishing trip to Leech Lake this spring or summer! A competitor is not required to assist another team and does so only with Tournament Director’s approval. The goal of these results is to provide information on findings and sampling activities on area lakes. Standard July shoreline beach seining was completed with no walleye caught, but yellow perch were sampled at each sampling site. Background . Of course, even with the updated regulations, you still need to get out there and catch those fish! Transport boat is not allowed to fish any longer and must go directly to tournament headquarters and report to the Tournament Director. Each participant is required to wear Coast Guard Approved chest-type life preserver, which is fully secured whenever the main combustion engine is running above idling speed. The Walker Area Fisheries Office released at the end of September a fishing report on Leech Lake and other area lakes. Leech Lake Fishing Report For October 9, 2020, Tips for the 2020 Ruffed Grouse Hunting Opener, Leech Lake Fishing Report For September 17, 2020. Cash awards and prizes are based on a full field of participants. Upon approval, the chairperson may provide an observer. Previously, anglers could keep up to 4 walleye, but were required to release any walleye in the 20-to-26 inch “protected slot.” As of 2019, this protected slot is removed. Boat registration numbers on all boats must be clear and identifiable. Non-competitors are not allowed to anchor or hold spots for contestants. Click here to log in and see all of our other subscription options for the Walker Pilot, including online only & auto-renewal subscriptions. A $100.00 fee must accompany protest. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. There was an error processing your request. Special regulations for muskellunge on Elk Lake (Clearwater County) have been dropped. Violators of this rule will be subject to disqualification. The Fisheries Management Plan for Leech Lake 2016-2020 was developed in cooperation with the Leech Lake Fisheries Input Group which is comprised of citizens from various levels of government, angler groups, civic organizations, business owners and individual anglers. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism The Tournament Director will interpret rules accordingly to the spirit and intent of the rule and his decision in all disputes is final. Teams must check in each morning prior to the tournament starting. The official ruler will be "The Judge." Returning to tournament action after mechanical breakdowns: Running out of gas, dead batteries and other mechanical breakdowns are not exempt from any late penalties. Trailering of boats during tournament hours under any circumstance is prohibited. No worries. Monthly sampling of zooplankton (very small animals that fish like to eat) at five locations lake wide was initiated in 2012 and continued from mid-May through mid-September. Any team violating state or local rules may be disqualified at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Each contestant should do all they can to insure the well being of their catch. For questions on fishing regulations in general or on specific waters: Fishing Regulation Questions,, Inland Fishing Regulation Website Questions. The minimum length limit is 14" and the daily bag limit is 5. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no wild egg take took place across the state this year, meaning there were no fry available for stocking into lakes or into ponds to be grown to fingerling sizes for fall stocking. 201 Minnesota Ave Walker, MN 56484, Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce Video Gallery. Only Walleyes will be weighed. The minimum length limit is 26" and the daily bag limit is 2. Fish deemed unfit for release will be donated to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. Contestants must enter as two-person teams (no "Partner TBD" or unknown partner names on the entry forms) and must fish … Instant engine stop switches must be operating properly when contestants are using the main engine above trolling speeds. The benefit of these new regulations is that you’ll avoid the disappointment of netting a nice, big walleye for your fourth catch…only to find that it’s only 25 inches and needs to be released. Fish will be measured by an official in any manner that results in the longest length. The major change to these regulations for 2019 is the removal of the protected 20-to-26 inch slot. We have plenty of tips and helpful resources to ensure you land that big catch. Threats of harming another In addition to our fishing reports, you can also find some general walleye fishing tips specific to Leech Lake. Time permitting, teams may be allowed to head back on to tournament waters and return to tournament action only with approval from Tournament Director. Creel survey on Little Boy and Wabedo lakes took place from May 9 through Sept. 30. If you’re interested in catching other species in addition to walleye, visit our overall fishing tips page for tips and recommendations from everything from bass to bluegill. No exceptions. These regulations only apply to walleye caught in Leech Lake, so if you’re fishing in a different lake in the Walker area, no need to worry! Be Truthful. 2020 Leech Lake Walleye Tournament RulesPARTICIPATION & ELIGIBILITY. 2020 Leech Lake Walleye Tournament Rules PARTICIPATION & ELIGIBILITY. Rules and Regulations. Catch rates were above management goals for walleye, within goal for pike and just below goals for yellow perch. Returning flights will be in 20 minute intervals beginning at 3 P.M. and subsequent flights every 20 minutes thereafter. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, Lengths of walleye sampled ranged from 6 to 27 inches and demonstrated a balanced size distribution. Each participant must observe safe boat conduct at all times. Reports of adult zebra mussels have continued mostly in the western bays but high concentrations have not yet been observed throughout the lake. 2020 Inland Trout and Salmon Regulation Maps ; 2020 Walleye Regulations Any magnified viewing device used to observe competitors is not allowed. Entries will only be accepted when all information is complete and signed. MORE SPECIES each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Teams must abide by all local navigation laws and avoid restricted areas at all times. Vertical gill netting was completed on Long Lake (DOW# 11-0142-00) targeting stocked rainbow trout. Keeping up-to-date on fishing regulations is important for everyone who plans to try their luck on the lake. During tournaments fishing hours, contestants will not discuss techniques, tactics or fishing spots with any other contestant; nor will they be allowed to receive fishing information from non-competitors. Any unfavorable conduct or action by a competitor which could negatively reflect on the Leech Lake Walleye Tournament will be grounds for disqualification and/or future rejection of entry application. Any balance weights used must be removed prior to fish being presented to the judge or a 1 pound penalty will be assessed. (No refunds after May 16, 2020). No persons under age 12 may participate as contestants. It turns out that in the years since those new regulations were put in place, the walleye population of Leech Lake has successfully grown to a point where the DNR feels that these restrictions can be rolled back. Tow boat or disabled boat teams are not allowed to fish any longer, must stay in their assigned boats and must go directly to tournament headquarters to report in with Tournament Director. Following interviews with concerned parties, a ruling will be made. Walleye, sauger, and hybrids: May 2, 2020 to March 7, 2021: The minimum length limit is 15" and the daily bag limit is 5. The tournament committee reserves the right to adjust cash/prize values accordingly. Specifically, “make-up” stockings would be reserved for lakes on an alternate year stocking schedule, which would be looking at three consecutive non-stocked years resulting from the missed 2020 stocking. Each Team may weigh FIVE (5) fish daily. The Leech Lake Walleye Tournament is a live release tournament. All contestants will be expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times towards non-competitors and competitors alike. Panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish, crappie and yellow perch). The completion report will be available in spring 2021. You have permission to edit this article. A team must consist of one contestant 17 years of age or younger to be eligible for the Adult/Youth division prizes. In the event that rules infractions are brought to the Tournament Director's attention at anytime, and investigation proves a violation occurred, a penalty of daily and/or tournament weight may be made. that is degrading to another person. Both the boat being towed and the tow boat are subject to any late penalties and must be in at designated time..  No exceptions. Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. All boats must carry a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance.

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