Follow these easy care tips for prayer plants and you should soon see improvements. All plants in both genera have ornately patterned leaves, and some have colorful striped markings. The prayer plant boasts stunning foliage that is perfect for a floor container or hanging planter. ", "Great problem-solving for your plant's issues. Your plant may be exposed to too much sunlight, which would cause the colors to fade or bleach.

In the wild, prayer plants are perennial flowering plants that bloom in spring with small, white flowers. Water your maranta plant enough so that the soil is always slightly damp. Perhaps that explains some of the problems I have with it. Uneven watering or humidity could be the cause. During winter, when the prayer plant becomes dormant, the only care you need to give it is watering and misting. More than likely, the plant is trying to tell you that it is not happy in its current spot.

My prayer plant was very full and bloomed all summer.I accidently left it in a room that isn't well heated and it died back a lot.The plant needed to be re-potted but now it's a lot smaller,i was wondering about going ahead & taking it out of it's pot,removing dead growth & old soil.Then potting it up in new soil and trimming the roots back. Question: I’m afraid I have neglected my plants at times and now my prayer plant is getting long stems with a multitude of beautiful leaves at the last half of the stems. This trick helps to improve airflow and allows water to drain easier. The frequency you need to water maranta plants depends on several factors. Plants that are exposed to too much sun are likely to become washed out and develop brown blotches on their leaves.

In addition, they’re non-toxic. The leaves of this maranta plant are green-grey with darker green markings on both sides of the central vein. Proper care of your prayer plant usually involves keeping the soil moist. Fertilize every 2 weeks during the growing season and prune up to three times per year as desired. Caring this way for your prayer plant helps to mimic their native environment in tropical rainforests. If your plant does not get enough light, the stems will grow long and spindly as they will naturally reach for more light. Try turning it every three days and watch its behavior. I came here, "This article answered every question I have about the care of my prayer plant.

Yes. The best care advice is to repot your plant in spring or summer. The spider mites themselves look like black dots. Do not put the prayer plant near heating or cooling vents or doorways where it will be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations and drafts. Aim for a balanced houseplant fertilizer with a ratio of 8-8-8 or 10-10-10.

What should I do? ", "I wanted to learn about my new plant. Multiple plants may begin trailing over the edges of a shared pot. Because of their shallow root system, it’s best to plant prayer plants in shallow pots that have good drainage holes.

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