Patches, pins, prints, shirts and more; paired with a genuine passion for art and complex designs we challenge ourselves at every opportunity to raise the bar in the Business of Patch Art . 5 00. This Patch Has Been Deleted Morale Patch Violent Little Machine Shop. Some of our military morale patches are rare and will not be available indefinitely. DUMP BOX OFFICIAL JURASSICALLY FUCKED PVC Morale Patch Series Dump Box. This category is for funny morale patches in general - if you are looking for a specific type of velcro patch, try checking out some of our other categories:  battlepatches, blood type patches, team patches, etc. Terminator Murder Hornet M134 Mini Gun Morale Tactical Patch - With a Corona beer! PDW This Is The Way 2020 Morale Patch. _support['ui']['styles'] = { Some of our military morale patches are rare and will not be available indefinitely. 8 00. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Velcro backed Morale Patches gained popularity during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 15% of proceeds are donated to veterans' charities. Mia Die Cut (Patch) Sold Out View. The Largest Selection Of Morale Patches In The World! You can also use the, use the, Guidelines to designing your own PVC Vinyl patch, Guide to getting Free Digitizing on Embroidered Patches, How to Create Patches with a different language, Creating a biker patch - Sons of Abiff Patches. 7 00. A purveyor of morale patches featuring cute anime girls, guns, and tactical gear, sometimes all at once! Hole Stuffing Specialist. Corona Virus Morale Patches (choose), GI Joe Exotic Tiger King Mini-Duck Gun Morale Patch, GI Joe Exotic Tiger King COMMANDO Morale Patch, Lysol Syringe Internal Cleaning - Embroidered Morale Patch, Coronavirus Veteran Morale Patch (choose color) 3" wide, Non-Essential / Essential PVC Patch 3.5"x2" (you can be anything you want...), Corona Virus Survivor Patch - Covid-19 PVC Patch 2" (hook/loop) - Green, PVC Toilet Paper Ranger Eye Morale Patch (choose), Zero Fucks Bob EDC Lighter Morale Patch Classified Flying Tigers Series, Get Some! Embrace the Suck. The largest selection of morale patches in the world! 80’s Tammy Morale Patch. Red Flag Patch. 8 00. Some of the newest morale patches are the best, although some of the older but awesome morale patches are still the most popular. A wide variety of military ultra high quality US-made tactical Velcro Morale patches. You can put Morale patches on just about anything from hats to plate carriers to combat shirts and even wall panels. widgetColor: 'rgb(96, 96, 45)', Totalitarian Radio Patch. At Tactical Shit, we curate the best morale patches as they happen from hundreds of manufacturers world wide including Violent Little Machine Shop, Milspec Monkey, Dumb Box and more. Come get you a morale patch or three! Phrase Tabs. var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); Enter if you dare! A wide variety of military ultra high quality US-made tactical Velcro Morale patches. This category is for funny morale patches in general - if you are looking for a specific type of velcro patch, try checking out some of our other categories: battlepatches, blood type patches, team patches, etc. AFO WOLFPACK MORALE PATCH. See You Space Cowboy. Tech SYPCH-RFMN-CB Rifleman Symbology Patch, Charlie Don't Surf PVC Surfboard Morale Patch - 2 Color Options, "Lights Out" Glow-In-The-Dark Night Vision Operator PVC Morale Patch, Dangerous Goods “Up Your Ass & To The Left” PVC Morale Patch - 2 Color Options, Butthurt Bitch Bar Candy Bar Morale Patch, “WHY ARE CONDOMS SO BAGGY” GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PVC PATCH, PARA RESCUE THE LOUDER YOU SCREAM MORALE PATCH, MORALE PATCH KEYCHAIN (With Random Removable American flag), Become DEATH (full metal jack) Animal mother PVC patch, BIG DICK MURDER DEMON MORALE PATCH (Choose Color), The Military Moist Towelette Morale Tactical Patch set (patch and wipe) or separate, K9 PVC Tactical Police Fang (Hook/Loop) Gold Sword Patch, The American patriot freedom tomahawk Morale patch 4" x 1.75" PVC hook/loop back, FIFTY - Smoking Jihadis is addictive PVC DIP PATCH 3", PREMIUM EMBROIDERED SKULLTANIC RAM MORALE PATCH, PREMIUM EMBROIDERED SKULLTANIC MORALE PATCH, The Tactical USA Flag Tactical Morale Patch - Choose type (color and forward or reversed) - Made in the USA, WEAPONS 3D PVC MORALE PATCHES (Choose type), BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY - PVC MORALE PATCH (glow in the dark), ISIS SLAYER MORALE PATCH (SKULL) - PVC MORALE PATCH, This Is My Boomstick Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell PVC Patch, Waterboarding Instructor tab (choose color), Premium Embroidered Norse Legend Morale Patch 4" x 3.5", Go Shit Yourself You piece Of Fuck Morale Patch 3", Dangerous To Go Alone 8bit Retro PVC Morale Patch - (Choose Type), Im here to fuck shit up, Go fuck yourself and Death is my Business - Morale Patch (choose type), BACON AWARENESS RIBBON 3D PVC MORALE PATCH, The yummy Bacon Strip Morale velcro Patch 4"x1", 3" Round 3d PVC Operator As Fuck Patch (choose color), The Space Force - PVC Military rubber morale patch 3" logo (Embroidered or PVC), Glow in the Dark PVC/Rubber Star Wars Darth Vader Morale Patch Measures 3.5" x 3.25", Thin Line Patches (choose your color) US American Flag velcro Patch 3x2", Glow in the Dark - Death Dealer PVC morale patch, The Filthy Thirteen - 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division Reflective Warpaint mohawk Patch 3"x3", THE "HARD CORE" SOLDIER PVC (rubber) morale patch, The subdued Punisher American flag patch - Matte Finish - (Forward or reversed), Morale Patch TAB Multicam AFGHANISTAN WTF EXPENDABLE - Choose (hook/loop), Simple Smooth Operator Tab 3.25" x 0.75" (choose color), CALICO BILL MURRAY WOVEN MORALE PATCH - party pirate, Molon Labe Morale Tactical Patch 1x4" (choose color), Tactical 2nd Amendment Tactical velcro patch - Black, Infidel Morale Tactical military Patch 1x4", Mulitcam Colors American flag - Embroidered patch - Choose size, BUSHIDO WAY OF THE WARRIOR WOVEN MORALE PATCH, We The People - PVC / Rubber Morale Patch, SUBDUED US/UK STARS & STRIPES/UNION FLAG FRIENDSHIP PATCH, Come and Take It - AR15 - PVC Morale Patch, The full Metal Jacket patches - Mother or Born to kill (choose type), 3x2 " CALIFORNIA STATE FLAG PARODY MORALE PATCH, THE MJOLNIR NORSE DONAR THOR HAMMER PVC Morale Patch 2.5" X 2", Thor's Hammer Viking Norse Ornament PVC/RUBBER morale patch 3"x 2.5", DEATH DEALER CARD -MORALE PATCH - Choose Color, All Lifes Splatter 3.5" x 2" PVC velcro patch, The US Flag - PVC/Rubber - 3x2" Subdued swat (Empire Tactical USA Brand), The Viking Odin Symbol Valknut Unicursal 3x3" Valhalla PVC Morale Patch, The VIKING “ÚLFHÉÐNAR, NO MERCY, ONLY VIOLENCE WOLF RUNE PVC 4" patch, A balanced Breakfast, 3x2" PVC Rubber Patch.

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