Though he uses his abilities as a Burnish to burn buildings, he always leaves an escape route for those inside. If the government decides what we’re taught then everything must be a lie!! Why, some would even argue that his delicate frame can easily be mistaken for a girl's body. The flames are apart of us. However, in the 2018 live action adaption of, Before his acting career in films, Taichi Saotome performed in Japanese Kabuki theater. Lio ends up being captured by Kray as a source of energy for the machine's core.

"What a pointless internal power struggle. In another Memorial art book piece by a different artist, one image reveals that the strap belts on his pant legs aren't actually attached to them. I̷'m̷ n̷u̷t̷s̷, b̷a̷b̷y̷, I̷'m̷ m̷a̷d̷. Posts; Ask me anything; Archive; latinaartist6 asked: What is your opinion on Galo Thymos? Good Kaiju: Anosillus | Anosillus the 2nd, Promare

After his discussion with Galo, an elderly Burnish man directs him to Thyma, whose condition is greatly worsening. After the world is saved and all of the Promare flames are removed from Earth, Lio and Kray are briefly shown talking.

His eyes are pink, though often reflect purple and orange hues. Lio attempts a Burnish form of CPR in which flames are given via mouth-to-mouth. Lio complies with his wishes by transfiguring the machine into both Lio de Galon and later Galo de Lion as well as making a giant Matoi. The flames are apart of us. 001 | She understands!!! Powers/Skills Lio Fotia is the false antagonist of the 2019 anime movie Promare. He appears to of come back from a recent grocery trip, which makes Galo question if Burnish even eat. Michiru Kagemori | He is shown to mock those in authority, specifically Freeze Force and the Foresight Foundation. Zorome, SSSS.Gridman Gridman | Deus explains to Lio, Galo, and Aina that stuck within the Earth is an energized alien species by the name of Promare. Age: 21 Mad Burnish protests this discrimination with periodic bouts of fire across the city.

Lio can turn his flames into a variety of weapons. (Mad Burnish may be part of Burning Rescue now, but that won’t change the fact Gueira and Meis like to mess with the gang.

Often seen around Gueira. Lio confides this to Galo before he leaves with his fellow Burnish. Voice Actor Nicknames Detroit, Boss. Gender male. ). Furthermore, Lio is left devastated by Galo's fall off the Parnassus, having the young man call Kray a monster. Guts | Lio uses his flames to fly instead. Second in command in Mad Burnish. To his last breath. not sure if there will be a mini series or another movie to delve more into this character but…. T̷h̷e̷ c̷r̷a̷z̷i̷e̷s̷t̷ f̷r̷i̷e̷n̷d̷ t̷h̷a̷t̷ y̷o̷u̷'v̷e̷ e̷v̷e̷r̷ h̷a̷d̷
Ryūko Matoi | In the wake of Freeze Force's attack, the duo launch Lio into a volcano to save him. Birthday: April 3 To the general public, his resistance is viewed as terrorism. Friends/Allies Lio screaming Foresight's name in anger can be heard throughout. we are- More and more edits will be added during this month as it progresses, so make sure to check regularly for updates! Lio Fotia is the false antagonist of the 2019 anime movie Promare. Lio is the young leader of an organization called Mad Burnish, composed of humans called Burnish who have developed pyrokineses. From Lio's own flames, all of the lake's ice evaporates, revealing the presence of Deus' lab. However, his passion and abilities may also lead to his downfall due to his heavy sympathy towards his people. His and Galo's aggressive fighting styles end up being very compatible. He is one of the strongest Burnish. Birthday: Dec. 14 Second in command in Mad Burnish.

Furthermore, his plans, while odd, have been shown to work.

No information The duo then attack the command tower. After trying to kill Kray once more, Lio uses the remains of his flames to protect Galo, putting his safety before his own. I’m doing okay though, so no need to worry! Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Do-Gooder This later results in the shock of Galo, who mistakes him for being far younger than either man is.

Lio also creates the plan of having Burnish live in a faraway area where they can live their lives in peace from Freeze Force and the Foresight Foundation. Lio wears a black leather jacket adorned with military-esque cords, zippers, and belts.

in-stock. About LioAge: 30Hair: Mint green-almost snow whiteEyes: magenta and shade of purple around the iris. Barazō Mankanshoku | If you are not a Burnish, he will at first see you as a possible threat to his people. Nudist Beach (Isshin Matoi | Aikurō Mikisugi | Tsumugu Kinagase | Kaneo Takarada), Space Patrol Luluco This is why he shows distrust with Galo at first, as Galo was affiliated with Kray. Mr. Judge | Lio is of slender build and relatively short stature. A few examples include a bow and arrow, a sword, scythe, knife, and whip. A fight breaks out between them in the city.

Inferno Cop, Kiznaiver Family Warning: Exploring this aspect of the Promare Wiki contains heavy spoilers. Initially, Lio was intended to be the film's protagonist with a personality akin to. But in the meantime Promare’s bluray release is in just two weeks! Burnish, BNA: Brand New Animal

Taichi Saotome


Leader of the Mad Burnish, a group united in defending the Burnish, people with unexpected fire abilities that are hunted down and secretly experimented on.

He attempts to counteract this by attempting Burnish CPR.

When Lio lands and eventually has the ice melt, he removes the bullet and ends up going on a revenge-fueled rampage fueled by the mistreatment and sorrow for his Burnish brethren.

Lio Fotia Promare Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Gender Katsuhira Agata | Lio Fotia Promare - Lio Fotia Non-Scale Figure ( SGT Ver.)

Gueira is made upset by this and attempts to break his locks, which ends up freezing him. Galo has even passed his aptitude tests before joining Burning Rescue. A burn in his heart for every time he hears any trace of distaste for his kind and will defend the Burnish. in-stock. A lot of fans (who watched the trailer for the first time) assumed Lio was a girl until he opened his mouth and a man's voice came out of it. リオ・フォーティア Futoshi | -From theatrical animation [Promea], leader [Rio Fortia] is three-dimensionalized on 1/7 scale. Was everything he knew a lie? I̷'m̷ n̷u̷t̷s̷, b̷a̷b̷y̷, I̷'m̷ m̷a̷d̷.
To the general public, his resistance is viewed as terrorism.

Others include bergamot, lemon, melon, cyclamen, muguet, jasmine, musk, moss, cedarwood, and amber. Lio Fotia | )), 18.  my muse tries to convince yours that santa totally does exists. “…Do you think it’s flat like a disc or turned sideways?” He almost spills sauce and everything trying to demonstrate.

Goro | Eyes


He is adamant that Burnish should never kill without reason and is incredibly passionate about protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Green-blonde “Of course Santa exists.” Lio said it so matter-of-factly that the florist was taken aback. Nico Niiyama, Darling in the Franxx Her death leaves him feeling bitter towards the foundation.

Soooo...last year in June, I made a bunch of pride-related edits of my characters. He slams his Matoi Tech into him and forces him into Aina's container. And Ignis has been sitting around just observing. The armor he creates with Promare is jet black, sleek, and tall, with stilted blade-like legs with whitened segments. Kray, however, is left unaffected as a Burnish himself. As the previous leaders, they follow behind Lio whenever they can. Lio's Lietenant. Lio at this point tells Galo not to interfere and only fights back in Aina's container.

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