I don't want to see a Roman Catholic at Ibrox. If you play for the Protestant people, you don't play for the Catholic people. Holds the record for the oldest first-team player for Rangers, aged 41 years 77 days. I wouldnt even waste your time, there are loads. We managed to do ok without any of them at the club, so that will do for me! Its the Celtic way. By [2] In the 1920s, following the rise in popularity of the Orange Order in Glasgow where Rangers players and directors attended functions,[3] Rangers quietly introduced an unwritten rule that the club would not sign any player or employ any staff member who was openly Catholic. Rangers' second top goalscorer of all time, with 261 goals in 408 matches. English holds the record for the most league goals scored in a season for Rangers, with 44 in the, Murray scored Rangers' first goal in European football, against, Greig holds the record for most appearances for Rangers, with 755 in his seventeen year spell at the club. players involved in the 1971–72 Cup Winners' Cup campaign or have been named club captain), but the reason for their inclusion should be indicated in the Notes column. Retired as a footballer to become manager of the club. [18], Graeme Souness became Rangers manager in May 1986 and declared his intent to build a team based only on merit, saying that signing players who observed another religion or had a different skin colour[a] "felt completely normal". He was voted the, Holds the record for the most goals scored in one season for Rangers, with 57 in the, McKean died while still a Rangers first team player, in a. Rangers' all-time record goalscorer, with 355 goals between 1983 and 1998. I was just happy they punted him and he ended up back with us. There will be a lot of people handing in their season tickets. when celtc were founded players left rangers to go to celtc. There have been 6 black players play for the New York Rangers On Dec. 23 1998 Rumun Ndur became the first black player to play in an NHL game for the Rangers… Former VC, now current captain from 6 July. Willie "Doc" Kivlichan 1906 - 1907 Colin Mainds 1906 - 1907 Tom Murray 1907 - 1908 Pat Lafferty 1886 Johnny Jackson 1917 James Tutty 1899 - 1900 Tom Dunbar 1891 - 1892 Joe Donnachie 1914 - 1918 Hugh O [24] Johnston's agent Bill McMurdo felt that Rangers would need a "very special person" to cope with the pressure of being the first player to break the policy. on returned saying he didnt like the all catholic thing and came home to rangers. [12], By contrast, Celtic never had a similar policy banning players of any religion. [23] Some welcomed the fact that they had got one over their rivals,[23] while the Johnston signing brought back some lapsed fans who had been troubled by religious discrimination.

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