And I think that malfunction was actually magazine related because the other thing I noticed is that with the 30 round magazines, I had more failures when I filled them all the way to capacity. Keep in mind though that the wood easily scratches which is my only gripe with handling the weapon. Luckily for me, a more aggressive Tom of the same size strolled through. While hunting hogs in Texas, it’s legal to shoot them from a moving truck while on private land. I know it would do the job as a truck gun with Hornadys ammo! But when you look at prices with companies like Inland Mfg. Forgotten Weapons along with Ken Hackathorn has an outstanding video talking about the M1 Carbine, its role in WWII, and the exact limitations of the rifle in combat! Before we get into the specifics, there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind. If you want a new production M1 Carbine, built to original GI specs, then look no further than Auto-Ordnance. When I took the gun back out to the range, I was still getting a lot of those feeding failures. He bought it through the NRA program back in 1964 for $100. The Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine chambered in the venerable .30 Carbine.

His strutting and crotchetiness ended up scaring off the other males and sent them right to me. The .30-caliber M1 Carbine is a versatile little rifle. In my years of shooting, one thing generally remains the same. I would highly recommend the Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine if you are in the market for an M1 reproduction. Would still like to see an article where someone used the M1 carbine on wild hogs. For a fighting carbine of the 1940s, this rifle is very ergonomic and quick to deploy, which was a shift in weaponry of the time. He also had some military surplus ball ammo from that time period. It is usually completely reliable, accurate enough for personal defense and pest popping, and, above all, it is user friendly. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. Ended up filing the Front Band Lock Spring into a hook to stop the Front Band Assembly from moving when the rifle was fired.

I still have the rifle and I buy reloads from dealers at the local gun shows. It is still a great gun to shoot! Only once I had a failure to feed, and that was completely my fault when the reciprocating charging handle clipped the side of an obstacle during cycling. I got some of those Korean KCI magazines and a few different types of ammo. Every bit as able to defend as the most modern rifles, well worth the effort to “get some”!

In the meantime, you can buy all the ammo that you might need for your M1 Carbine, or any other gun that you have, from us with lightning fast shipping at The nice thing about the US Cal 30 carbine is it doesn’t look “bad” like the other black rifles and due to its nostalgia and collectibility, I think it may survive the current gun ban mania going on my many politicians. The only way to know for sure is to simply shoot a bunch of different types to figure out what your gun likes. #191 - Is the Glock 19 the Best Concealed Carry Piece? I bought an M1 Carbine spring kit from Wolff Gunsprings. Fixing the Problems on a Ruger 22/45 Lite, #202 - Alien Gear Holsters Product Review, #203 - Subnet Visits Old_Painless and We Go Shooting, #205 - Product Evaluation – The Colt Competition Series 1911 Pistol, #206 - The Box O’ Truth Gets a Suppressor, #207 - The Box O’ Truth Tries a Suppressor on a Rifle, #209 - A Lovely Day at the Range and an Important Fact, #213 - The 2018 SHOT Show (Part 1) - Lots of Pics, #214 - The 2018 SHOT Show - Part 2 - Lots of Pics, #215 - Let's Play a Game - The Quarters O'Truth, #3 - Features to look for in a Tactical Light, #15 - Hand-held Light Techniques Conclusions, #16 - General Principles of White Light Use, #17 - General Principles - "Enough" Light.

So obviously, that takes a little longer to clear. The M1 Carbine saw initial service during WWII in 1942. The rifle’s parkerized steel receivers, walnut stock, and original iron sights are a perfect reproduction from the original design. This one has a barrel that’s stamped March 1944 and I bet most of the rest of the gun is at least that old. Like I said, some of these guns that have been better maintained over the years probably run just fine. The magazine release is in the expected spot which is just past the push-button safety at the front of the trigger guard. I've taken wild hogs with a .22 magnum, 32-20 and .243 Winchester out to 100 yards... whatever you have at the time (and better be quick!). The T&E firearm sent to me was the standard AOM130, with a 15-round magazine.

So that is what we’re talking about today. And again, there’s no telling what’s going on with this thing. I will shoot some Lake City 1966 military surplus ammo I got from the DCM a while back, so that we are comparing military surplus against military surplus. Recoil was mild from the small cartridge, and I would compare it to a slightly harder .300 Blackout. There are a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong that can impact the reliability. #62 – The Box O’ Truth – Will a Better Target Improve Accuracy with Iron Sights? I was devastated that the wheat fields were so high. If this was my gun and I wanted it to be 100 percent, my next step would be to take it to a gunsmith or a specialist shop like Fulton Armory for them to troubleshoot it. is just fine but, I know you were showing folks what the .30 carbine can do. So my next step was to address some of the more difficult-to-access springs. The tiny carbine saw service throughout WWII, Korea, and even into the Vietnam Conflict. and Fulton Armory, the Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine is probably the best bang for your buck. Get proficient on YOUR time. That is a common recommendation for those magazines. I enjoyed my time with the M1 Carbine reproduction from Auto-Ordnance. Loads of folks in central Texas "hunt" with what I'd consider elephant guns and are way-overkill. The walnut stock wasn’t amazing in finish, but it looks excellent overall. Enter Auto-Ordnance. The wood stock leaves something to be desired though. This one has a barrel that’s stamped March 1944 and I bet most of the rest of the gun is at least that old. It’s 75 years old. The iron sights are basic but true to the original GI design. Are there any good reasons to rely on a 75 year old piece of history like the M1 Carbine for... Cruiser Ready: How to Store a Home Defense Shotgun [2020 Update]. I never have any problems with it and I don’t expect to. We then moved the target back to 100 yards and shot an eight shot group with the carbine and with my M-1 Garand. #194 - An Inexpensive AR-15 and an Inexpensive Red Dot Scope, #195 - How Easy is It to Shoot 30 Shots Into One Group.

Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. The iron sights are basic but true to the original GI design.

I used Prvi Partizan, Sellier & Bellot, Federal, Hornady, and Tula. The weight is phenomenal, and accuracy is impressive for its design type of weapon.

That allowed me to replace the ejector spring and extractor spring. It was built as a lightweight rifle to be used as a short-range carbine within 300 meters. We’ll see…) installment of our series on the much beloved M1 Carbine. He also had some old European brass on a “wrong” stripper clip, which appeared to be from Greece. The barrel is not chrome-lined though, which would be a perk, but I wouldn’t necessarily worry about service life. Location: Illinois. The M1 Garand tends to get most of the American WWII glory, but it’s not the only cool firearm from the ’40s!

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