The two photos below depict a Bobcat and a Mountain Lion. Mountain lion DNA was recovered from a Petersham, Mass., close to the New Hampshire border, after a 2016 incident in which a horse was injured. Breeding populations of western mountain lions have been found in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana and Minnesota, Morse said. State and Federal wildlife officials insist: “No known cougar populations exist in Maine.” Although Maine once had a cougar population, they have long been officially listed as extirpated. It is two miles south of Rockland, eight miles south of Camden and about 85 miles north of Portland, Maine. WINDHOEK - The number of dead seals found washed ashore on the coast of Namibia has risen to more than 7,000, non-profit group Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) said on Friday. Tomlin says that a biologist dismissed the image as that of a lynx. Yelin is excited by the idea that mountain lions are maybe moving into her neighborhood. Today, he's the Outdoors editor for the BDN, a job that allows him to meet up with Maine outdoors enthusiasts in their... On Baseball: The next Red Sox manager should be obvious – Alex Cora, Swiss Skydiver upsets Authentic at Preakness, Patriots analysis: Long odds for Patriots to win 12th straight AFC East title, Jacob deGrom, Mookie Betts in the mix for historic NL awards, North Anson couple injured in Phillips crash, Public hearing set for medical marijuana cultivators. KEENE — Mackenzie Yelin was out for her morning jog a few weeks ago when she noticed something in the woods by the road. The North America mountain lion, referred to as a cougar, puma, catamount or panther depending on the local, was once found across all of North America. While [my wife] was driving on Route 1 in Jonesboro headed to work [about two years ago], a large animal crossed the road from north to south. “A lot has to be put together because it’s extremely easy to mistake a cougar for another animal.”. Enter your email and password to access comments. This specific sighting location would be off Rt. “We’re still very interested,” Jakubas said, adding his office averages a cougar report every couple of weeks. There have been a recent rash of mountain lion sightings in Maine. John Lutz’s Eastern Puma Research Network lists the following as confirmations of known cougars/mountain lion encounters in Maine: 1) near Paris, Maine, in Dec. 2005, 2) near Waldoboro, Maine, in 1996, Chance of precip 30%.. Mountain lion kittens have camouflaging spots and rings around their tails that fade as they mature. It was a light buff color; the tail was the same color, not very long hair. As a … The big cat with the long tail bounded across the highway, startling her. Courtesy Minden Police. 7) a report just two weeks ago near Kennebunk, Maine. Bill Hauk: Two of my teenage sons saw a mountain lion around 2000 on our farm in Swanville. “He didn’t stay anywhere because there was nothing happening,” Morse said. Here’s why. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. That doesn’t mean a mountain lion-love connection won’t happen eventually. Anecdotal and photo evidence continue to contradict state and federal wildlife officials claim that there are no mountain lions in Maine. Laura Casey: I read your article in BDN via Facebook about mountain lion encounters and I know I saw one in New Sharon. At this level of sightings, the passing of time may help us resolve the inconsistencies surrounding cougars or mountain lions. I saw a Mountain Lion in 2007 in Northfield, MA at the junctions of Rtes 10 and 63. Monday, October 26th 2020, 12:31 PM CDT. “I say, welcome back, top predator,” Yelin said. Thank you for reading! Steve Balzer: My wife and I have settled in Jonesboro. According to a press release from the Minden Police Department, the department responded to a report of a possible mountain lion sighting early Monday morning on the east edge of Minden. “I was looking directly at it as it ran past.”. As I slowed, I noted the colors which Ms. Kelly described and the colors were the reason I found the entire episode so unreal. Class 1 is DNA positive identification or a body or undeniable photos of an animal. Wildlife spokesmen say that, if cougars existed here, we would have trapped one by now, or killed one on the highway. Low 31F. It was about the size of a German Shepard dog.

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