*kyaaaa~~*. Stalkers, yandere, violent psychopaths. He’s a do S and he kept calling the mc “little masochist”, which annoyed me to no end. i lol a lot reading this When I’m playing through an otome and there’s a player-type in the story I can’t say I’m not super attracted to them, though. Well… I REALLY loved Kyohei’s main story POV. He’s very moe (萌え)… I don’t know how to explain moe but you can read up on in in Wikipedia here if you want. Apparently, there are so many things, so many facts in his route that playing it too early will spoil the plot of other routes. I always feel bad for not picking certain characters I’m not in to because I think nobody else would choose them. ahh I see… so it’s a sequel…I thought it was a sub-story xD the title has that sub-story vibe you know? Ahh, sweet love. Oh difficult choices in life!!! ( Log Out /  With all the horrible things that are happening to people all over the world like shootings, stabbings, airplanes getting hijacked/dissappeared with hundreds of people on it, sometimes I’m amazed that some people are still able to believe that we are here because a “god” loves us. It’s interesting! Anyway, that’s my rant on my types for choosing who’s route to play first. Almost every time I see an ore-sama in an otome game, I’d be like “be cocky all you want now, because you’re going to be wrapped around the mc’s little finger by the end of the story and I’m going to laugh at youuuu~~~”. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I REALLY REALLY LOVE JUNPEI MIYASHITA AND ISSEI SEZAKI I was a bit disappointed as it was so predictable. I’m a quite emotional reader. He also comes from a good family. I'm such a sucker for reincarnation stories… I think though, the entire Star Crossed Myth series is a bit too dramatic to be honest… but I guess that's what happens when you have a bunch of drop dead gorgeous gods as your love interest? Of course, with most Japanese R18 otome games, all male characters has a tendency to go crazy and rape the mc, but if there’s a demand, there’s a supply. He's also a hedonistic sadist who takes pleasure in "breaking" and raping others and turning them into his sex slaves, and then killing them when they've outlived their usefulness. He wasn’t my type of guy, so i wouldn’t spend money on him if I’m on a budget. Not that I’m attracted to too many guys with eyepatches. But he loves her, no doubt. *sigh* What a waste. Awww… I want a Kutani Ryou puppy~~!! I guess there’s something about them that makes all the girls fall for them. Shiba  ended up to be one of my favorite R18 otome game male characters. Kaiji…. It was different from other POVs that there aren’t many repeated scenes, so there were a whole lot of character development there. But there’s no doubt in either game he’s a player. Honorable mention are the boys from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo (all 5 of the above, Johji is an exception). Which he then fills with stuffed animals and childlike toys, because he thinks she still likes the same things she did as a kid. I'm a love interest in my childhood friend's reverse harem!!! -_-|||, Kyosuke is another one of my favorite characters in Celebrity Darling the Last Scandal and Celebrity Darling Love Duet. Unfortunately, for every shy gentleman and jerkass with a heart of gold there is a creepy, possessive, or sadistic love interest who can only be described as psychotic. And of course, a small smile from these guys always makes me squeal in delight. It shouldn't be surprising that Mikami is a disturbed person, considering the tragic death of his parents years before the start of the game. Because i think I’ve spent over 1k (not think. The Japanese opening for In Your Arms Tonight Season 2. Yes, I’ve mentioned him before in the ore-sama type, but he is definitely a player too. Genji is another ore-sama that I though I just had to play when I first saw him. Kuro to Kin is another game where all the love interests are pretty problematic in a "I have an overwhelming desire to sexually assault you" sort of way, but Tomoomi definitely wins the "most likely to be put in a mental institution" award. He was late to realize his true feelings for the mc in both games, thinking it was just her voice that he’s interested in, but he was always silently supporting her. Lol I’m not that much of a fan too!!! He turned out to be my favorite ore-sama character. Since then there have been a small handful of releases increasing each year, including Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for the PSP and 3DS. Very very sweet and cute character. Of course, the list is no way exhaustive to the number of otome games I’ve played. Like… They don’t get nearly as much romance in their story as the others because sometimes the game developers make them too young, and it’s creepy. I was happy.” T_T (BTW, he looked like an ojisan, but he’s actually not THAT much older than the mc I think. how about Kissed by the Baddest Bidder??? I don’t know how to say it. :3. So going to buy Kyohei’s and Kota’s pov now! *squeals*. In the visual novel examples of the genre, the player proceeds in the story by selecting dialogue or action choices which affect their relationships in a decision tree format. Of course, Takuma doesn’t look like that (above) all the time. I mentioned him in the redhead type already, but I love him so much that I figured I’d mention him again here, since he’s such a classic character with a lack of different facial expressions. Relevance. For whatever reason, I have a thing for male characters with red hair. However, i have been searching for a way to play it for free in english for hours. Not only that, he kept biting her. How’s his main story? :D :D, Lol i love Kyohei and Kota! At certain points, or when the player passes certain requirements, special events can occur, often with a "CG" (computer graphic) as a reward. Let us know in the comments below! Type 4: He’s Loved You for Forever / Childhood Friend, I totally dig this type of set up, but unfortunately, many plots for these characters weren’t executed properly. Like you said, it’s so rewarding getting a smile out of the ones that never do!

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