He was hired in March 1971 to take over at Marshall. A fireman on Nov. 15, 1970, looks over the wreckage of a DC-9 jet that crashed the day before on approach near a mountaintop airport a few miles from Huntington, W.Va. Aboard the plane were the Marshall University football team, coaching staff and boosters. It wasn't until 12 years later that someone asked him to talk about the tragedy at a university alumni event. (AP Photo/File), Firemen search for bodies of 73 persons killed when a DC9 chartered jet crashed in Kenova, West Virginia, November 15, 1970. Do You Wanna See Rematch? ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? One of the jet's engines, laying destroyed on the forest floor. I am so thankful to be here today to introduce you to my father and five people who were not living in Huntington and had no connection to Marshall, but their lives are forever bound to this university, this town and all of us.”. He left a son, 6, and a daughter, 5. Jack Lengyel wasn’t at all like he was portrayed. He held airline transport pilot certificate No. "Our players do understand what has happened in the last 30 years and are thankful for those who gave their lives and those who had to go through the rebuilding years in the '70s," assistant coach Mark Gale said. The dream was painfully slow. Not the way the movie showed you. Frank Abbott, First Officer Jerry Smith and stewardesses Charlene Poat and Patricia Vaught staffed the flight. And I said we are going to do it." He said the adjuster told him, "Sign here and take it." Attorney Jack Vital said, "The local bar kept a really low profile. For Chafin, Dunbar approved a pair of $10,000 fees. Leslie Garvis was only 6 months old when her father, charter coordinator Danny Deese, died. Marshall, which hadn't had a winning season since 1964, easily could have done the same. The Newsletter Bringing the Legal System to Light. Firemen, shown in this Nov. 15, 1970 file photo, search for bodies of the Marshall University football team that were killed when their plane crashed in Huntington, W.Va. Marshall University is preparing to mark the 45th anniversary of the plane crash that killed 75 football players, coaches, administrators and fans in November 1970. The doctor earned $85,000. Was Lengyel as strange a guy as he was portrayed? How did people discover the plane crash victims were the football ... Was Nate Ruffin really buried in Spring Hill with the six unidentified players? All they got was a lump of West Virginia coal. Though her only link to the Jewel City is the crash that took her father’s life, she said she has always felt a connection to Huntington. As news of the crash spread, Ruffin answered frantic phone calls from parents, among them his own mother. Jack Hardin, who was a veteran newspaper reporter, actually found a wallet that belonged to one of the players and that’s how the passengers on the plane were initially identified. Each of the four settlements included a $10,000 fee for the Huddleston firm. Was Nate Ruffin really buried in Spring Hill with the six unidentified players? HUNTINGTON — Every year on Nov. 14, the hub of student life at Marshall University, the Memorial Student Center Plaza, transforms into a quiet sanctuary. So no, it was nowhere near the truth, the Marshall football program was never in jeopardy. A chartered jet airliner carrying the Marshall University football team, coaches and a number of prominent Huntington residents crashed in flames on its approach to Tri-State Airport Saturday evening. As university sports information director, he earned $16,756. Carter, Ruffin and other surviving players attended funerals in Huntington -- one for six teammates whose bodies were never identified -- and in places like Bluefield, Va.; Atlanta, and Greenwood, S.C. Six teammates were from one high school in Tuscaloosa, Ala. "There were times I wondered why I wasn't on the plane with my teammates," Carter said. Marshall University. (AP Photo/HG), Dr. Donald Dedmon, acting Pres. Those bodies became people," he said. Garvis said the journey to find her father turned into a quest to ensure all the lives lost that fateful day were remembered. He earned $10,000. For every Nate Ruffin and Ed Carter, there are many who still can't talk about it. Yes, he was.

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