Peasant Crossbowmen - Peasant crossbowmen are armed with a crossbow, knife and if lucky enough, some armour. Jaguar Warriors - A fearsome warrior, who through great skill and courage wears the jaguar uniform. Noble Swordsmen - Strong Scottish melee unit armed with sword and shield and wearing plate armour. War Galley - War Galleys are larger than normal galleys. Bodyguard - Well armed and equipped these elite troops have the task of guarding and fighting alongside the army's general. This list includes a description of what each unit is, and the unit's ID for use in cheats and console commands. General's Bodyguard - These warriors are the general's personal guard, fiercely loyal, there is little this unit cannot take on. Italian Spear Militia - Experienced and well trained local militia equipped with good armour and a spear, able to form a defensive ring of spears. Hand Gunners - Somewhat inaccurate but capable of firing a powerful shot, the noise and smoke from these handguns can demoralise enemy troops. Turkomans - Tribal Turkish nomads, accustomed to life in the saddle. Peasant Archers - A peasant archer is armed with a small bow and knife. Totally unarmoured means they need to stay out of melee. Dismounted Gothic Knights - Impressive looking knights, well protected by armour and armed with a two-handed sword. 2). Naffatun - These men throw deadly pots of flaming Naphtha that can seep through any armour. Unreliable, and only moderately effective as archers. 2). With their fearsome poleaxes, they can crush enemy infantry as well as cavalry. Fire Ship - A Dromon modified to carry the medieval naval equivalent of a flamethrower. Crossbow Militia - Local militia armed with crossbows and some armour, good for ranged combat, but will melt away in melee. Mailed Knights - Encased in mail and equipped with lances and swords these early knights are formidable fighting machines. Basilisk - Very powerful cannon with great range, damage and accuracy. Welsh Longbowmen - The first wielders of the longbow. Turkish Archers - Used to hunting with a bow these troops are proficient with their bows, but will melt away quickly in melee. Dismounted Latinkon - Western European troops fighting for the Byzantine Empire, these experienced fighters are effective even on foot. Khan's Guard - Magnificently equipped elite troops loyal to the Khan, and willing to protect him at all costs. Available to the highest bidder! create_unit London "Merchant Cavalry Militia" 2. Forlorn Hope - These desperate men are armed with a massive two-handed sword and thick armour. Turkopoles - Turkopoles are mercenaries hired by Christian forces in the Holy Lands for light cavalry duties, armed with bow and sword. Elephant Rocketeer - Rockets on Elephants? Ghazis - Reckless and fanatical religious warriors armed with an axe, capable of devastating attacks. Royal Banderium - Armed with lances and encased in plate armour these loyal warriors act as retinues and bodyguards for royalty. Sudanese Tribesmen - Tribesmen from Africa armed with swords. Mercenary German Knights - Protected by plate armour and equipped with maces, these knights for hire excel at taking on heavily armoured units. Armenian Cavalry - Armenian mercenaries equipped in a western style, armed with lances and protected by mail. Crossbow Militia - Crossbow Militia are peasant crossbowmen called up to defend settlements. Dismounted French Archers - Protected by brigandine armour, these archers have a horse to ride to battle on, but still fight on foot. Has very long range but slow reload time. Pirate Ship - A Pirate ship! Carries soldiers and catapults for raiding land and smashing sea targets. Heavy Billmen - Heavily armoured versatile infantry wielding the billhook. Skythikon - Asiatic Nomads, who serve the Byzantine Empire as horse archers, wearing little armour and armed with a composite bow. Feudal Knights - Protected by heavy armour and armed with a lance, these elite warriors crush and ride down their opponents. Sporting heavy cannon broadsides and a thick hull. Carrack - A large capital ship armed with broadside firing cannons. Armed with swords and mail. Highland Rabble - Ill disciplined and fierce peasants from the Highlands armed with a basic hand weapon. Unhorsed Knights - Forced to fight on foot, after losing their steeds in battle. Mongol Foot Archers - With little or no armour, these archers are best at weakening enemies from a distance with their powerful composite bows. Battlefield Assassins - Tracing their history to an obscure order of knights, these battlefield assassins are masters of stealth and death. Type the name of a unit, or a unit's ID, into the search box below to instantly search all units. Polish Retainers - Wearing brigandine armour, and armed with a lance and sword, this unit is capable of devastating charges. General's Bodyguard - Well armed and equipped these elite troops have the task of guarding and fighting alongside the army's general. Peasant Archers - Accustomed to using their bow for hunting, these peasant archers are armed with a small bow and knife. Broken Lances - Broken lances are well trained and experienced professional soldiers, protected by plate armour, armed with lances and swords. Venetian Archers - Well armoured archery unit with powerful composite bows. Lightly armoured, but still enjoy a good hand to hand scrap. Native Warriors - Very basic warrior armed with a stone axe and small shield. London), [unit id] with the unit ID of the unit you wish to spawn (from the below list), and [amount] with the amount you wish to spawn (e.g. Dromon - Used by the Byzantine Empire since the 6th century, with a central tower with a firing platform for marines. Grand Bombard - The Grand Bombard has increased range, damage and accuracy compared to the bombard. Their well known prowess causes fear to their enemies. Sword and Buckler Men - Superior swordsmen wearing light armour and an open helmet, and armed with a double-edged sword and buckler. Can destroy nearly any wall in one shot. Muslim Archers - Troops comprised of Sicilian Muslims fighting for their city, equipped with bows and light armour. Norse Swordsmen - Well armed and equipped Norse swordsmen. A good defensive tool able to fire in a nine-barrel barrage.

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