“Technically, you cannot delete a Direct Message in Discord. In this article, we will explain how to handle the Discord server by removing unnecessary messages properly. 7) Now, you can open the new channel and get the bots installed again.

Click on the icon, then select, A window will open asking you to confirm your selection. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Each type of message works in different ways and has different rules. 3) Now, select the option ‘Add to Discord’ and give it the required permission on the server. If you just want to hide some direct message conversations, that's it. Besides, here, you will learn more about how to perform Discord Screen Share and how to fix Discord Not Opening with ease. 2) Now, hover the mouse pointer over the respective message so you will see a three-dot icon. Also, different sets of rules are applied to both of the messages. So, it is important to click on ‘X’ buttons after a thorough consideration of the action. Just like Direct Messages, channel messages can be deleted using a few different methods.

Manage your Discord server with leveling, moderation, Twitch, Youtube and Reddit notifications.

That is because the bots will not be copied either when you clone a channel. I think I will just have to go through each message and delete them separately, that will be the easiest way as I cannot be bothered with bots etc. When Discord was first launched, administrators could delete or remove messages in bulk within the native UI of the Discord app. Select. There is no shortage of options to choose when you are looking for a bot. This is by far the simplest method for deleting a huge number of messages at once.

In fact, there are designated bots that can be used to delete messages. This process creates a copy of the channel without the channel’s old message history. How to Clear Chat in Discord [Delete All Messages], Realtek Digital Output: How to Fix Your Audio Problem, How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Windows 10, The Best Text Reader for Android You Should Know, A Complete Review On MightyText Alternatives, Best Windows 10 MKV Players: All You Need To Know, Airpod App for Android You can Easily Use.

More importantly, they were allowed to delete the messages in bulk form.

However, the messages of the panel will actually remain in the servers and the other person’s chat panel. If you wish to know how to do it, follow the steps mentioned below.

Just close the chat panel so that you don’t see messages, and you can also remove your copy of a message so it disappears from your history. Regardless of the fact that Discord is mainly used among gamers, it competes with other chat apps as well. Follow these steps: Step 1: Right-click the user you have communicated with and choose Message. Log into your Discord server and follow these steps: Once MEE6 is installed, you can utilize a variety of features from the browser window that pops up, as shown below, or enter commands within Discord Chat to delete messages and more. Note that there is no confirmation dialog, so don’t go clicking the X on conversations you might want to keep. Now, all the messages in the old channel are gone, and your new channel has the same settings. As per this option, we will explain how to solve the issue by cloning the channel. Hover over the message until the three-dot icon appears on the far right.


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