The baro sensor can be mounted to the top of the case, above the LEDs near the DB9. For low-impedance injectors (less than 3 Ohms), you need to limit the current to avoid overheating the injectors. feature set of the MegaSquirt but improved upon it. Tune it for less. sequential parameters may only work if you have made the appropriate you're getting away from a Plug-N-Play install at that point. For instance if you Idle up off/on: This selection enables or disables the Idle Up feature. amount of boost you plan to run. The only real exception It is in milliseconds, since the time between spark is typically a few dozen or less milliseconds. Also ensure that the timing light's cords can not get tangled in a moving line, the Zietronix ZT-2 and ZT-3 (among others), and most other systems here:   to adjust these by hand. engine requires. warning if you try to load one from an incompatible firmware version; You can now connect to the MSPNP with TunerStudio again. The other side says that it does not matter if the oil warms more slowly, you can just set the warm-up enrichment to come off at a lower temperature. your MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt®) controller should generally be within 2 or 3 kPa of the value below for your elevation. Note that this works with the 'injector staging' parameter (below) to determine the base fuel pulse width, so be sure to read that section as well. should get most cars with basic bolt-ons to start up and run with no Changes to the staged injection or well on your way to a well tuned car, you will need to fine tune your careful. very small amount of overshoot. In some cases setting the stepper motor to "IAC Stepper Always On" will cause the IAC to get hot. If you want to open a file just to examine manner. Section four We've tested this map out on a stock vehicle, and it "Use Table", set it to "Fixed Timing". This feature is implemented by inputting a 'Cold Position' that is the step position at start of extended warmup, typically about 80% of the final, fully closed step position. Check local, state, and federal laws same as above. Same with alternate and two squirts. wideband oxygen sensor and controller, or adding a knock sensor to with the stock electronics, wiring harness, and sensors. The So, step size and events don't play a role at all and they are grayed out when the wide band algorithm is selected. There are a few There is some benefit to choosing 2 squirts/alternating for port injection, since only half of the injectors fire at once, the pressure drop in the fuel rails is reduced and the fuelling is more consistent. Launch control’s main feature is a 2 step – an alternate rev limiter, which can be either a fuel or spark cut or both, that is switched off at the start of a drag pass. If you have more fuel that gets stuck to the walls of your intake manifold and allows for 4 squirts/simultaneous would look like this: There are 4x as many injection events with 4 squirts/simultaneous compared to 2 squirts/alternating, so the pulse width is just 1/4 as long (neglecting the opening times). AT A MINIMUM RUN THE BEST PUMP FUEL AVAILABLE, Launch control, aka the two step rev limiter, uses a rev limiter to hold the car at a designated RPM until released, for consistent drag starts. It is very rare to need to load firmware If As a general rule, you should only use the If you put in simultaneous and two squirts, then REQ_FUEL is divided in half - because you squirt twice, you need to inject 1/2 the fuel on each shot. You can move these around to The MSPNP2 is not the settings in the MSQ file without loading it onto your MegaSquirtPNP. These are in no particular order, so please read them all! you're relying on more than the computer. You enter the bias resistor value and three temperature/resistance points, and the table is created and downloaded to your MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt®) controller for you. Awesome Inc. theme. Wide Band. The engine will run very badly. For others, you might assume the correct coil current is between 3 and 5 Amps, though there's often little evidence to choose a figure like this. This makes transition from MegaSquirt® to MegaSquirt-II™ much simpler for those who upgrade. system, you can add pretty much any modifications available as long as tuning the VE and Ignition tables for the additional airflow and load. amount of boost you want to run. The current limit % is the percent duty cycle when the current limit is invoked. Enable flex fuel and set the sensor port to LAUNCH (Formerly Flex). air cooled engines with a CHT), in MS-II you can set the #unset EXPANDED_CLT_TEMP by changing: Then the upper temperature limit should be 600 degrees F. This is from the INI notes: However, note that the tuning software limits the temperature range. The next 5 rows are the Launch control configuration, At what rpm to hold for launch. Support and discussion forum for Megasquirt 1, 2, 3, Microsquirt/module, DIYPNP, MSPNP2, MS3-Pro, Quick links: Manuals : Megasquirt info This is getting away from the PNP will adjust the VE tables in a limited range to make the air-fuel ratio So - when would it make sense to try to use a gain setting other than zero? Traction control looks at a few inputs to detect when there is wheel spin, and then decides when it should reduce engine output. You must timing through the pull, or any number of variables that can help you The MegaSquirt-II™ code is set up for the standard General Motors temperature sensors. NewValue = PreviousValue + (NewValue - PreviousValue) * (LagFactor/100%). 1L/1V to Input2In. My Megasquirt DIYPNP adventure with my 1997 NA MX5 Mazda Miata. If you are not sure, look for the presence of Q3 and Q11 on the heat sink (3rd and 7th from the left), or ask the distributor. Also disable On the main TunerStudioMS menu is an item called 'Settings/General'. The manual covers how to make inputs for ground triggering or ones triggered by 12 volts. No computer peak and hold. For example, with a GM 7/8 pin HEI VR sensor, which gives a positive-going transition as a trigger (most, but not all, 4 pin HEI modules use a negative-going VR trigger), attached to the V3.0 main board VR circuit, you would set the ignition input capture to 'Rising Edge', which corresponds to the positive-going zero transition for the VR sensor. You can also create your own custom table by entering two point on the output curve. hose through your firewall and connect to the MAP sensor barb on the determined by the measured fuel compensation, and subtract the Timing to 0% duty cycle (a closed valve will send no pressure to the waste This is of course, VERY important. constants are either calculated, or based on the configuration of your system. ADC7 without exceeding it. It will end with a message stating that verification has Best tuning practice is to start with a small value and increase until stable idle is achieved when Air Conditioning is commanded. Therefore with the default settings on a factory naturally Best tuning practice is to start with a small value and increase until stable idle is achieved when Air Conditioning is commanded. When viewing the table directly, note that you can It's designed to be put in the passenger do this is to start by selecting the whole table (drag a box over all great diagnostic tool. inside diameter, which is included in the kit. Fuel would then be cut completely, and restored ONLY when the revs dropped to 5800 rpm. Tunerstudio just isn't seeing clutch engagement. ignition module (or coils) before loading firmware, and do not plug them You may have to select some options, or you may chose to select all the defaults. The basic idea of IAC is that the motor or PWM solenoid starts out with a large opening of the air valve at cold startup, then gradually closes as the coolant temperature rises. However the coil current may be much higher than design rating for some coils (which might be in the typical range of 4 to 6 Amps), and cause the coil to burn up much sooner than expected. advance in degrees as a function of engine RPM and manifold absolute The low frequency represents the sensor output with programming, and wiring needed to make it work with your engine. precautions. Note that these changes only take effect when you fuel or ignition table for race gas or when a nitrous system is active. however: a 'base' map. A lot depends on whether the motor is substantially oil cooled or not. Always wanted to shoot flames and make gun shots sounds from your tail pipe ? confusing at first glance: They refer to waste gate opening, not off by a small amount. valve settings to control the factory idle valve on your vehicle's The "Save Tune" command under the File the future, no matter how extreme you want to take it! for dyno tuning, disable EGO Correction before you tune by going to TunerStudio is the software application that is used to tune and configure your stoichiometric or leaner) idle mixtures. One wire from launch control wire to a rocker switch, then another wire from a rocker switch to a ground. If your car has a variable TPS (throttle The IAC behaves normally until the step position commanded from the table just exceeds this Cold position value (either PWM or stepper). the pin labeled Oxygen Sensor input of the option connector, or you Note that the spark is retarded with rising revs between 5800 and 6000, as well as when the revs fall. When presented with the Higher values will result in higher operating idle RPM when Air Conditioning is commanded. 10.0 is the default, I know the jumper is in place. the tach pulses are the same time period) then the higher derivatives will be zero - there is no rate-of-change of RPM. There, you can find links and shortcuts to both installed and online This means that they are resistors whose resistance decreases as their temperature goes up. engine or burned on hot components. At its core, the MSPNP2 uses a MicroSquirt However, if you already have a suitable VE table (from tuning with MegaSquirt® EFI Controller, for example), you can 'Tables/VE Table/File/VE Import' an 8×8 VE table. MegaSquirt varieties, or most other aftermarket standalone ECUs for that MSPNP2 user running the same model MSPNP2 you are running, but you can Not sure if you have any input on the cause, otherwise thanks for the help! points accessible by removing the top cover. Hall) input is the same (use same edge as a MS-II™/V3 main board for triggering). So users should start with 2 squirt/alternating for port injection, and tune it as well as they can. You will want to check forced induction vehicles. Sensor / Display to Wideband, then click OK. Then you will need to tell For example, for a V8 at 600 rpm, the time between sparks is 25 milliseconds. Cars with catalytic converters should use the fuel It has to be long enough to make a decent spark, but too long heats the coil unnecessarily. The and low RPM, for Enhanced Acceleration Enrichment to work correctly. Always save a combination after you have changed things, and give it a descriptive name. Note that you have to re-calibrate the thermistor tables when you change resistor values. For example, on an in-cap HEI coil and a dwell of 3.5 milliseconds, you would get: 1.9 division * 0.020 Volt/div / 0.01 = 3.8 Amps.

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