Which items are top tier especially for early mid game accounts? Will definitely consider adding this! 47. This makes bank slots later on cost much less than they used to. Upon logging in to the Melvor Cloud, it will now attempt to automatically load your save. Note from Prat: These dungeons were made to be challenging and shouldn't be idle-able (maybe possible with god armour and pots). This stops constant notifications from popping up during combat training. -Play Hard Mode and focus on making it through the first logs. These can be equipped from the option in the Bank when selecting the item. Its the only one without much craftable gear. Perhaps you could put some permanent minigames you that you can play while idling other skills? [NEW] 4 New God Dungeons have been added to the game -, [NEW] Including the God Dungeon Monsters, a total of 26 new Monsters have been added to the game, [NEW] Armour for each respective God has been added to the game - These sets include Helmet, Body, Legs, Gloves and Boots, [NEW] 4 New Godswords have been introduced -. I have removed the silly 2 minute special attack timer, and that ridiculous box in the combat screen. [NEW] Added Total Mastery Level to the General Statistics. This update includes a new and improved look for the Volcano Dungeon. [FIXED] Fixed a bug where buying the Redwood Cooking Fire would cause the game to had a heart-attack. [FIXED] Cook x10 / xAll should now work as intended. [NEW] You can bury Skeleton Fish for to receive 3 Prayer Points each. [FIXED] Adjusted wording on some item and shop upgrades regarding speed/interval changes. [FIXED] Aorphet's Signet Ring now correctly applies to the Confetti Crossbow. The next update, Alpha v0.07, will focus more on balance and content for the current skills in the game. This will reward you with Easter Eggs that you can spend in the Easter Shop! These will be constantly added with the game to assist new players. [NEW] Special Attacks have been introduced. The trimmed version of Armour comes with increased stats to assist in combat. [FIXED] Combat skills are now highlighted green when training them. [NEW] Potion Menu in the Header now displays the amount of potion charges. Copy / paste this into the import field to load it. Thank you to mrDLSable for heading the team to get this up and running.

[CHANGE] Herb Sacks now only provide up to 5 of a Herb Seed, down from 10. You are all amazing, and I hope to get all of you involved in future of the game as best I can. You must upgrade an item to Silver, before upgradin it to Gold. [NEW] Ranged, Fletching and Crafting has been added to the game.

[CHANGE] Patreon Item text has been changed to be more clear as to what a Patreon Item is.

Each God Scroll contains the powerful rewards, which the player has a chance to receive. [FIXED] Removed duplicate Black Sword drop from Black Knight. [NEW] Your hitpoints bar now shows a small 0.5s animation when healing from Food or Auto-Eat. The Amulet of Calculated Promotion was added in the Alpha v0.12 update and was the first Easter egg item to be added to the game. [CHANGE] Master Farmer (Combat) no longer drops Cabbage Seeds. [NEW] Dragon & Ancient Claws have been added to the game. This update brings along a couple of new skills for you to train, as well as some other additions and changes throughout the game. [NEW] Hardcore Mode has been added. We are also own our very own domain! [CHANGE] Doubled (and a bit more for Emerald) the Crafting XP provided by all Rings and Necklaces. [CHANGE] Standard Elemental Staves now substitute 1 x of the respective Elemental Rune.

[NEW] Hovering over your current GP in the sidebar or Shop will show the exact value. [CHANGE] The Mastery Bonuses for Runecrafting has been changed, removing the XP bonus from per item Masteries (This has moved to the Mastery Pool). This update also includes a redesigned special attack system for Players! [FIXED] An issue where upgrading armour does not work if your bars are in the first slot of your bank. The next update, Alpha v0.07, will focus more on balance and content for the current skills in the game. [CHANGE] Each Tree now has base "Cut Times". [CHANGE] Increased Melee Strength Bonus for the Big ol Ron to 275, up from 201. Is anyone else stuck on loading offline progress? To put it simply; all Hitpoint values, damage values, eating values, and maximum hit values have been multiplied by 10. [CHANGE] Changed the compression technique for saves to zlib compression. [CHANGE] All Cooked variations of Fish are now worth on average 25% more than their raw counterparts. [NEW] Arrow Tips have been added to the game. [FIXED] An issue where Dragonite Ore cannot be mined. -The game seems to play much, much better on a 120hz monitor. [CHANGE] Sunset Rapier now has an attack speed of 2.2s, down from 2.4s. GolbinEnthusiast. They always drop Leather/Feathers respectively. Diamond Jewellery XP rates increased by 200%. [NEW] Added a "Apply Weird Gloop to all plots" button in Farming. If you play on more than one device, you will have different local backups on each device. [CHANGE] Added Padding to the bottom of the. [NEW] The game now saves locally when the tab/app is closed. The player is guaranteed to gain one of the following items from the scroll: All new God Equipment requires Level 85 in their respective levels to equip. [FIXED] Fixed an issue where registering for a Cloud account would cause the Cloud save to display as broken. [NEW] Six combat areas have been introduced to fight in. Traverse the harsh lands and encountered various enemies and dungeons which await your arrival. [NEW] You can now see a small Mastery progress bar in Firemaking, Cooking, Smithing, Fletching and Crafting. [NEW] Approximately 80 Potions have been introduced.

[FIXED] Frostbite now correctly applies Extra Damage Multiplier. [FIXED] Woodcutting stats for seconds spent cutting is now displayed correctly. [CHANGE] Gold Ruby Ring now provides +10% HP Regeneration.

It sorts all items in the bank by itemID. If you do not wish to see this, you can disable it in settings. Requires Level 85 Herblore and uses 1 Barrentoe Herb and 1 Diamond to make.

Although I almost got a heart attack opening up the game to a blank screen telling me to download my save... One suggestion: with the added weapons smithing skill is getting pretty extensive. [CHANGE] Black Dragons now drop up to 600 coins per kill, up from 500. If you wish the unequip anything, you can click it in the combat screen to remove it. [NEW] A notification has been added to tell you when a Mastery Token was used on an already existing Level 99 item. [REMOVED] Removed empty Tooltip from Fletching. Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! This can be disabled in, [NEW] You are now able to Upgrade Potions to the next tier via the, [NEW] You can now see the quantity of the grown Allotment/Herb/Tree you have in the bank from the. [NEW] There is new Artwork for the Godswords, Cloudburst Staff, and Earth Layered Shield. [NEW] 4 New elemental chests have been added to the game, which can be created by upgrading 100 elemental shards received within the God Dungeons. [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - Increased scaling for Golbin Raid Coins to [Wave * Monster Count * FLOOR(Wave / 15 + 1)], up from [Wave * Monster Count]. [CHANGE] Adjusted the layout of the enemy combat screen. [NEW] Added the first ever "Easter Egg" item to the game. Food [CHANGE] Snape Grass seeds now provide 92 XP per harvest, down from 106. Thes provide +3 Prayer Points when burried. I thought it was obvious but I got nothing. When stunned, you cannot evade an attack. [NEW] Silver bars can now be created in the Furnace at Level 30 Smithing (In preparation for Update Alpha v0.06). In the sidebar, you will now find a link to an Easter Event Page and will be greeted by a minigame. Percentages are now only floored visually. This system in general simply did not suit the style of the game. These are one-handed magic weapons that have higher stats than staffs. Adjusted values for Shortbow & Longbow stats. These times are [2s,2s,3s,4s,5s,6s,7s,10s,15s]. [NEW] Air / Water / Earth / Fire Acolyte Magic Gear have been added. [FIXED] Success rate for Thieving correctly updates when the Theiving Gloves deplete. for example: adding crossbows/javelin tiers into bandit chest and spider chest, throwing knives for the bandits in bandit hideout. [FIXED] Fixed milestone placements for Slayer and Herblore. This can only be obtained by slaying the Dark Horned Elite, located in the Desolate Plains slayer area. [NEW] Monster kills are now tracked behind the scenes.

[CHANGE] Mobile Only - Slayer Tasks in Combat now have their own menu. [NEW] There are new Combat Areas and Dungeons to explore! [FIXED] Fixed issue where special attacks for weapons that cannot miss were actually missing. [FIXED] Fixed issue with bank items showing incorrect quantities when Smithing, Fletching or Crafting, [FIXED] Rings and Necklaces are now priced. The harder difficulties provide extra Easter Eggs per successful clear. This allows you to see the save state and ensure the game saves prior to exiting. [FIXED] Fixed incorrect Bronze Shield stats for upgraded versions. [NEW] Air / Water / Earth / Fire Expert Magic Gear have been added. [NEW] Damage Multipliers and Damage Reduction adjustments have been added to. [CHANGE] Dungeon boss images are now larger than the standard monster image sizes. Difficulty: I consider the Volcanic Cave challenging, but not overly difficult. [NEW] Green, Blue, Red and Black Dragonhide armour has been added to the game. [CHANGE] The Cape of Arrow Preservation is now known as the Cape of Ranged Preservation. [CHANGE] The time to grow for Trees has been doubled. Skillcapes are somewhat of a 'Trophy' that you can acquire upon reaching Level 99 in its respective skill. [FIXED] Fixed an issue where starting a skill while in combat did not stop combat correctly. [FIXED] Cleaned up item notification code. [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - Reduced Golbin HP scaling to [HP = Wave * 1.2 + 1], down from [HP = Wave * 2 + 1]. Melvor Idle is a free Idle RPG inspired by the popular MMORPG Runscape. Contents 1 Fletching Dragon Javelins with Alt … [NEW] 4 Scrolls have been added to the game, which are acquired through defeating the Gods to receive the above items. [NEW] Your chance to hit now shows under your max hit combat stat. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. [NEW] A simple 'Bank Sort' button has been added.

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