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I suggest aiming for the level 5 Young Blessed Tree, that way you’ll be able to quickly harvest Little Blessing Orbs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Featuring By using our website you accept the use of cookies. 4. The 29,950 point total is roughly equivalent to one level 9 and two level 8 Dried Fruits.

from Gram Games. Rewards

The points can be obtained by tapping Spooky Points.

The Merge Magic Medieval Magic Event will begin Friday May 8th, 2020 @ 3PM EST (New York Time). You can create a farm with the Fruit Bushes growing as many sprouts as possible, then use those Blessed Sprouts to build up a higher level of Blessed Tree to harvest higher level Blessing Orbs. y'all crushed it!! Although given level values, they do not actually merge. Missing Event Rewards.

8. Posted by 3 months ago. Merge creature eggs, plants, fruits, magical items, the creatures themselves, (and so much … Press J to jump to the feed.

The additional dead things to harvest for more sprouts also taunts me, but smaller orbs dont do much damage.

The points can be obtained by tapping Dried Fruits. I just harvested my golden capsule and completely forgot I had to use it as a cloud key. Once you get further in the Event you will find Fruit Bush Seeds, give those a few minutes and they will turn into Fruit Bush Sprouts, then merge those to create Fruit Bush Shrubs, these level 2 Fruit Bushes will occasionally grow Blessed Sprouts if you give them enough space. This event lasted 72 hours from September 13th 2019 to September 16th 2019. They are currently the only way to gain the Leocapra creature. Creature

It's easy to record … Heal the piece of land where the key is and then use the matching key to unlock the Mystic Cloud! log in sign up. Events most of the time will start the Friday at the week of the event update release.

Four types of event treasure capsules are offered. :• Découvrez plus de 500 objets fantastiques à associer, fusionner et avec lesquels vous pouvez interagir à travers 81 défis !

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Below I list the steps that I use to get these rewards!

Sorcerer Ravens and Batcats Pacatour

Four types of event treasure capsules are offered. Thanks for your input!

The third Merge Magic Spooky Gardens Event will begin Friday Oct 23rd, 2020 @ 3PM EST (New York Time). Fairy x 2 ! Every time sufficient points are achieved, the counter is reset for the next goal. I didn’t complete the event due to lack of time, although since I am still in the beginning stages of the game, the rewards that I earned make a huge difference in my game!! You can always visit my Cloud Keys Guides to find the keys!

I would love to know how high you merge blessing orbs at what stages.

They are currently the only way to gain the Leocapra creature. I keep getting stuck at trees with lvl 1 young blessing orbs it takes sooo long to harvest. Our website uses cookies as further described in our privacy policy. Will this be another MM Event to have the special reward of the Leocapra Chest for completing all the quests!!!

Date User account menu. 2. this Event will last 72 hours until Monday Oct 26, 2020 @ 3PM EST.

• Découvrez des fées, licornes, Minotaures et des créatures hybrides inédites comme les Papilléphants (papillon et éléphant), les Chapaons (chats et paons) et bien d’autres.

One is the special event dragon and is very quick at harvesting, and the other is a slow, annoying lump.

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The 29,950 point total is roughly equivalent to one level 9 and two level 8 Spooky Points. The points can be obtained by tappingSpooky Points. Spooky Gardens Event

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