End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End. Some of the evidence that Hawks killed Best Jeanist (This post contains manga spoilers) It has been confirmed that Best Jeanist didn’t die after AFO almost killed him, seeing as though it shows him talking to The Winged Hero, Hawks. My Hero Academia is gearing up for an even bigger end of 2019 with both a fourth season of the anime and second big anime film too. Best Jeanist was an elegant man with flamboyant tendencies. Investigation Start! But... looks... sketchy. Male I unfortunately think so. 190 cm (6'3") During the Kamino Incident, Best Jeanist was not only successful at restraining multiple low-tier and mid-tier Nomu, some of which were defeated by his comrades Mt. [6], Best Jeanist believed that no matter how dire a situation may be, a real hero doesn't believe in excuses.[6]. Fiber Master (ファイバーマスター, Faibā Masutā? Portrayal [7] Since his hero costume is covered from head to toe with denim, his Quirk specialty, he always has a source of easily controllable fibers for him to weaponize at his disposal. This lead to a … My Hero Academia's current arc has been squarely focused on Shigaraki and the League of Villains as they fought against the powerful Meta Liberation Army. The series has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since 2015. My Hero Academia Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. ), was the former No. Hakamada Tsunagu Team(s) Another answer, for the people who think Hawks wouldn’t do that, is that Best Jeanist faked his death to help Hawks get in the League of Villains. Another known application includes manipulating fibers of clothes worn by allies for forced evasive maneuvers. Best Jeanist's proficiency with his Quirk, Fiber Master, is so great, he can restrain an immensely powerful villain such as All For One. Unknown For now, everything we can do is to wait for the next chapters/episodes. What do you think? Not out of commission, missing. Lady and Gang Orca, but he was capable of swiftly immobilizing the incredibly powerful All For One. Although this does seems like Hawks is indeed walking down a villainous path, it's clear by his inner monologue that he's not. Hawks asks Dabi what they were doing in Deika (as the new League and Meta Liberation Army mashup has doctored the events of what really went down), but Dabi deflects this once it's revealed that Best Jeanist's body has been in Hawks' bag. But in order to get a meeting with the League themselves, Hawks had to kill one of his fellow pro heroes to show his loyalty to the cause. Despite being overpowered, Best Jeanist had the mettle to continue fighting, and attempted to constrain All For One again, but the masked villain swiftly dealt a grievous injury fabrikinetic, taking the hero out of battle entirely. With Endevour in his situation, and Hawks with the villains, and potentially dead denim, the three top heroes are gone. Hideout Raid Team ),[1] also known as Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist (ファイバーヒーロー ベストジー二スト, Faibā Hīrō Besuto Jīnisuto? No pun intended. Status Leaving the public in a difficult time. Also, I don't want to think that Hawks can kill a comrade even if there's consent. ): Best Jeanist's Quirk allows him to freely manipulate the threads in any nearby piece of fabric. 3 Pro Hero and recipient of the "Best Jeanist" award for eight consecutive years.[2]. Blond But there's been a curious plot building in the background as the number two hero, Hawks, has been going undercover in order to figure out what the League of Villains has been planning. Okayama Prefecture Gender But I would think he wouldn’t really hesitate to kill somebody if it’s “what he has to do.” I would think he did feel the slightest bad when he did that. I think it was someone else or a dummy maybe he didn't really kill best jeanist, well atleast that's what i hope. Here is Jeanist IN the bag. Anime Debut Quirk My Hero Academia Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Nick Valdez His hero costume consists of a pair of jeans, a denim waistcoat with two large breast pockets, and a denim dress shirt with a very high collar which covers his face up to just below his nose. His given name is homophones with the verb "to tie or fasten". But for me it's either he just really beat him up so bad to the point he became unconsious and put him in the bag or he really did kill him. Tsunagu Hakamada Images, Tsunagu Hakamada (袴 (はかま) 田 (だ) 維 (つなぐ) , Hakamada Tsunagu? Copyright 2018 ComicBook.com. Chapter 3 (Mentioned)Chapter 48 (Debut) That's why I suppose that Tsunagu, aka Besuto Jīnisuto, is most probably alive. Tsunagu can unravel part of his clothes into fabric strings … Later on, it says on a billboard that Best Jeanist is missing. It has been confirmed that Best Jeanist didn’t die after AFO almost killed him, seeing as though it shows him talking to The Winged Hero, Hawks. Birthplace Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In chapter 265 hawks said to Jin "when neither side will give up, somebody has to die" it could be that he really killed jeanist so he could get to work with the liberation army, dig much deeper information from them to save people and stop the liberation army. He can unravel a part of his own clothing into strings and use them to restrain targets, as well as use the targets own clothing against them. Hawks had to go very deep undercover and since he's a well-known and adored hero, he had to do something truly terrible to prove his dark side to the League. Remember that duffel bag pic? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rōmaji Name My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and has been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. Green Knowing that, and Best Jeanist having proven that he was prepared to sacrifice his life to save others in his fight against All41, he does what Dumbledore did—he planned to have Snape (Hawks) kill him so that this could prove his loyalty to Voldemort (Shigaraki) and give him a sure "in". His current status is unknown: Also, Hawks is carrying an bag that could fit A person in it when he called Dabi: Dabi never answered, but Hawks could have been calling him to say “The Denim Is dead, let me meet Shigaraki”. Micah Solusod Episode 4 (Mentioned)Episode 27 (Debut) Dabi questions whether or not this is Best Jeanist, but decides to let Hawks into their upcoming meeting because it's clear that he killed someone. Yamada Hizashi- Your favorite commentator. 4, current No. Not sure, but I truly believe that mangaka has impressive skills of introduction and further development of characters that have "second plan roles". Personal Description He believed very strongly that people with influence must maintain a positive appearance both physically and socially. I'm starting to change my mind that Hawks has indeed killed Best Jeanist. Civilian Alias After all, if it was me I would not kill one of my favorite characters. His sidekicks lost all contact with him. Right now, I'm willing to believe that Hakamata isn't dead, and that is simply just a decoy that will be used until Hawks is found out. Tsunagu can unravel part of his clothes into fabric strings and manipulate them in order to restrain targets. See, even spelling it makes me concerned) and Hawks as intelligent as a spy could be most likely find a "backdoor" to make Shigaraki Tomura/government believe his bluff. But regardless, it seems things are running full speed again as Hawks is running out of time to make a move before the Paranormal Liberation Front does. Fiber Master *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I think Best Jeanist may have done a "Dumbledore" to Hawks' "Snape". Status Tsunagu lost one of his lungs in the fight against All For One. Hawks had been a spy for the government in the league of villain. Some of the evidence that Hawks killed Best Jeanist. Community content is available under. [4] He took Katsuki on to try to fix his attitude only to be frustrated by the young man's stubbornness. I think so it would be possible that best Jeanist was killed by him. However, the latter case was temporary, as the Symbol of Evil broke free from Best Jeanist's restraints and defeated the trio of Hideout Raid Team members, although denim-clad hero got his comrades to safety, leaving 3 Pro Heroes with moderate injuries. building in the background as the number two hero, Hawks. I can't wait until the anime for all of this comes out. 'Boku No Hero Academia' Profile: Tsunagu Hakamata. Biographical Information So what is it that really makes someone a hero? Pro Hero Sacrificed one person for the sake of millions. Steamy Romance Spotted?! Best Jeanist uses his Quirk to restrain various Nomu. Eye Color Occupation Even if it's just one life, Best Jeanist is still a great hero. Hawks had been a spy for the government in the league of villain. And inside the bag it appears to be the body of best jeanest. That talked for a bit, before Jeanist mentioned that Hawks normally didn’t visit him. So, is Denim Boi dead? - August 27, 2019 06:13 pm EDT. All rights reserved. I think hakws did kill best jenesst because in vol 25 he appears with the same bag. With that line, now there's a question of whether or not this is actually Best Jeanist himself. Moreover, either Hawks villain or not, that would make government too concerned(even for the government it's too much: a top hero which assassinated another one? Image Gallery At the end of the chapter, it shows Hawks grabbing one of his feather sword-things. Hawks is currently worried about how much stronger the League of Villains is now that Shigraki has amassed the power of the Meta Liberation Army, and those aren't the thoughts of someone who killed a fellow hero. Blood Type After some waiting, the latest chapter finally showed what Hawks has been carrying around this whole time. Dabi said he had to do one more thing before he could meet Tomura Shigaraki. Birthday Best Jeanist often used metaphors referencing jeans, denim, and various other sewing and fabric based phrases, often inspiring his recruits with speeches, telling them to keep their life straight like their jeans. This lead to a mysterious fate for fellow pro hero Best Jeanist, League of Villains is now that Shigraki has amassed the power of the Meta Liberation Army, make a move before the Paranormal Liberation Front, My Hero Academia Reveals What Was in Hawks' Bag, Attack on Titan Season 4 Reveals Important New Casting, Boruto Sees Orochimaru Learn How Konoha Feels About Him Now, WWE Superstar Lana Shows Off Ravishing Dragon Ball Cosplay, One Piece Cliffhanger Sets Up Yamato's First Test of Strength, The Promised Neverland Reveals Original Concept Art of Emma and More, Shaman King Announces New Spin-Off Series, My Hero Academia Sets Up a Major Battle with a Climatic Cliffhanger.

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