The Southern colonies consisted mostly of Anglicans, though some may speculate that the Southerners were more concerned with worshipping wealth. Many of us today don’t know why these colonies were established, but we should because it’s an extremely important event in history. The North American continent was not the same as its southern, A significant factor of any civilization, be it vast as the Roman Empire or pitifully miniscule, is spirituality. In the north, the New England Colonies developed on poor soil but with a lot of forest and lumber. There was fertile soil and the land was suitable for farming, which made the Middle Colonies an ideal place for farmers to grow crops and sell the surplus for money. Colonies. These colonies were founded by different people which resulted in creating very diverse olonies.The most important colony from the Middle Colonies by far was Pennsylvania. While both the New England and Chesapeake colonies can be separated by their culture, and government and religion, their motivations for colonizing was the most significant factor in differentiating the two. They were each unique, although one certain class stood in stark contrast to the other two. Even though the three colonies were all self-ruled, they all had distinguishing features. They were advocates of passive resistance, but also devoted democratic people. Middle Colonies Essay 348 Words2 Pages The Middle Colonies were the first to become self-sufficient after the Colonies separation from England. Slavery is then mainly concentrated in the South, involving more agrarian activities and land farmers. This group, the Middle colonies, was a halfway point between the New England and Southern colonies – and not just geographically. Pennsylvania, which contained the largest city in all the, Exploring Iago's Possible Motives in Shakespeare's Othello Essay. This is very important because religious freedom is nothing but a joke to Great Britain. In the Southern colonies, which consisted of Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina…, Effects of Land on Colonial Culture: New Jersey The New England Colonies, however, were a Theocracy, which meant that the church controlled the government. Governors then chose a council and colonist elected representatives to an assembly. Private land owners picked governors to rule the colonies. In fact, they were quite the opposite. Northern, Middle, and Southern Colonies Compare and Contrast ...Justin Baker R. Brogan US History 1865 Midterm Essay #1: Question #1: Northern, Middle, and Southern Colonies Compare and Contrast America has always been a land of diversity but also a land of unity. New England was also mostly made up of Puritans. The middle colonies include New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Early in the Development of Massachusetts and the other, diverse as the colonies that took shape upon the arrival of these new settlers. 1006 Words 5 Pages. The New England colonies were obviously meant to be permanent, very close-knit settlements. Middle Colonies Essay. Because of the plentiful supply of natural resources, the colonists were able to trade to other countries, receiving slaves in return. This essay has been submitted by a student. Laws passed by the legislature had to be approved by the king. Settlers come from all parts of Europe. Life expectancy in New England and the Middle Colonies were higher while death rates were superior, of the British colonies in the new world were all the same. best inform the new colonists of what your colony has to offer. The Middle colonies were quite different in that there was no single dominant religion. ... George. issues. Pennsylvania, founded by William Penn, is an excellent example of a proprietary colony. On average, people in the Middle Colonies ate about 1 pound of bread products a day. Taking these things into hand, the Middle and New England Colonies struggled to success. They also found great value in furs. The only problem is that they attempted to settle in their own way and all failed dismally. ► Answers are to be numbered in the order assigned. The colonists had their similarities such as that they were ruled by England, though their government was the majority self-governed, they were mostly Protestants who did not agree with the Roman Catholic Church, they had the same culture, and there was some religious tolerance. Farmers gathered corn, hay, wheat, barley, rye, other grains, and fruits using their hands or the developed farming tool called the cradle scythe. Three groups sailed over the treacherous Atlantic from their cruel lives in England to set up peaceful religious colonies. The Middle Colonies The Quakers were a diverse group of people of deep conviction. October 12, 2014 Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. With, different early American colonies.The settlers in these colonies came from many different places such as; England, France, Spain, and The Netherlands. Economically, the New England colonies did not have trade as their primary focused, but still were involved in the processes of fishing, lumbering, and trapping, the Middle colonies found their wealth in lumbering and shipbuilding; the Southern colonies sought to grow and trade, Although these colonies were all British, they had a vast amount of differences. There was the North (New England), the Middle Colonies, the Southern Colonies, and the Chesapeake Colonies, which many historians consider to be part of the Southern Colonies. Note: There are no promises everything will be perfect but, definitely a better life in the long run for your ancestors to live on. They had religious freedom, and they also had political freedom, and finally they had economic opportunities. In addition to this project, we researched the sociality of the Middle Colonies. The climate was colder than the other two colonial regions because of its location being so far up north, killing several people. The North American continent was. Interrelationship Between St. Lawrence Iroquoians And Huron-Wendat People. from England to the colonies next month. Through Also, the settlers in these colonies settled for many different reasons. Although these colonies were founded by mostly people of English origin each region had a different view on everything; economic view and intention, different social thoughts and "laws" and even different political regards. Words: 1213, Paragraphs: 10, Pages: 5. Are You on a Short Deadline? Religion was (and even remains to be) a big part of North America. Essay Sample: Once established, the thirteen British colonies could be divided into three geographic areas: New England, Middle, and Southern. Middle Colonies Economy Paper. Though similar and dissimilar, they both had similar goals to achieve success. New England had originally been an agricultural region, but the soil quickly become too poor and rocky for sustained farming. Typically, regions. You must submit the essay to the Drop box by 11:59 pm on October 23. When the northern and middle colonies were founded, England had a strong hold over the colonies. Although a majority of the colonists were from England, socially the three groups of colonies... leading up to 1700 that occurred in the New England colonies and the Chesapeake colonies made both of these establishments vastly different. Because it was near a river, the Hudson River Valley experienced an influx in trade and agriculture after they started to use the river frequently. It was established by William Penn as a haven for Quakers in the New World. How would you have planned the Jamestown colony to ensure a good and prosperous start? These 13 colonies can be categorized into three: Northeast (New England), Middle and Southern colonies. This, think. English Puritans sought out haven in the New World, far away from persecution in the mother country. Additionally, New York and Philadelphia were two great areas that served the purpose of trading via all the harbors to import and export goods, including crops like wheat and grains. (1) Define Sir Walter Raleigh and the Lost Colony of Roanoke and the purpose of English colonization. A Comparative Research on the Three Sections of the Thirteen Colonies: the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies Note: There are no promises everything will be perfect but, definitely a better life in the long run for your ancestors to live on. The first successful settlement was Jamestown, Virginia and then other colonies arose.

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