I lost my husband on March 14th of 2015. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2006. Where are you? I wake up with his names on my lips. Our dog. He had 2 stents put in the Wednesday before and said he felt great from Thursday to Saturday.

Give yourself time and space to heal, to walk through a quiet season of adjustment. Sometimes I wonder if a person really gets over the missing of a loved one. He wasn't the type to lay in bed or stay down. We got him to the hospital and the ammonia in his brain was almost 3x the normal. I keep thinking about you baby and it pains a lot. Lol. Your email address will not be published. I am so sorry for your loss. I've been with my boyfriend since I was 10 years old. I did all I could to help him. I've seen my husband suffer the worst.

Holding onto hope every step. My condolences to you at this time. The pain will remain for a long time, but the memories, laughter, and good times are what will keep you going until you meet again. He taught me to live simple. His heartbeat ran fast then slow and stopped. He never had a new truck, and that's why I cry more because he never got a chance to enjoy one! We did everything together. He was diagnosed in January with lung and brain cancer. It’s something wonderful. Some say you will get over it, well if you haven't lost a loved one close to you, you will never get over it. I still expect to wake up and this will all be the worst nightmare I've ever had. I miss you my dear husband…. But he is worthy of only one portion of your life, time and energy – no matter how much you miss him. My husband passed almost 2 years ago, and I am stuck. Leslie Woody.

I lost my husband to gastro esophageal cancer on August 2, 2017. I married my husband on 2/1/17 and lost him on 2/27/17. I lost my John on 18 December 2008. Let us know how you like this article. As you sit up high with our Lord Most High, remember me as I sit and cry. He’s just gone. My kids are going to be too young to remember their daddy, but I just don't want to be here without him. So I just pray that we may we meet soon in an another world. I think gardeners call it letting the land lie fallow. I just keep praying for justice and then maybe I can see the light of continuing life without him. I loved him. My smile is masked and the days are long and dreary. This is complete misery. I truly know how it feels. I believe I will see him again one day. I lost my husband just 2 days ago. That it could never be. I miss you and I'll love you forever. Take care. Katie, I lost my husband of 57 years also on November 7, 2016. About 7 months later I met Barry. We are raising three of our grandchildren. Thank you for letting me share a little bit on the loss of my best friend, my rock, and my love. The thing I don't think I expected was that tendency to inflict pain on yourself - I know the events of those few days that are the most painful and yet I find my mind deliberately wandering back to them it's like a bad tooth or ulcer that you can't stop your tongue from prodding. some say you will get over it, well if you haven't lost a loved one close to you, you will never get over it. No more do I get to hold his hand, hear his laughter, and hear that beautiful heart. Mostly for my 2 precious daughters. This spoke to me so much because the reason I married him was partly because of how safe I felt around him. Oh hell, where and how can I move on? He was taken by a cancer when I turned 50. I suffer from anxiety and depression because l miss him so much. I made the choice for him to go in peace. I can't seem to leave the house except to go to the store when necessary. Love and miss you, Kevin. But your post was beautiful and a positive way to look at each day. We prospered and moved out of our house after 30 years of making memories for country living. Don't put a time limit on grief. 8 Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore, How to Handle Your Boyfriend's Lack of Effort, What to Do When Your Boyfriend Stops Texting or Calling You, Did His Feelings Change? This makes his absence sort of sweetly painful, deliciously heartbreaking. We have been together 19 years. I know we had amazing times and each day if I am lucky I will remember new ones. He passed March 12, 2017. We had been married 18 years and our son was turning 2 in August. When does this pain go away? Then, give yourself three pieces of advice. It's not a day that goes past that I do not think of him. Each day I am certain he is with me . He was only 65 and healthy. And I'm always thinking I didn't do my best. Young kids, and we grew this far.

I just lost my husband on the 5th. I can't think or sleep.

I'm on SSI and disability, and he had no life insurance, so it's gonna be hard to move on moneywise. A third party took him away from me, one I could not fight and it consumed him and claimed his life. I lost my husband 4 months and 10 days now to be exact. It was so lonely without... Read complete story. I think about her all the time and wish I had the right words of comfort and love.

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