", 1) Lobbied for prayer and teaching creationism in public schools, heavy involvement from the republican party; did not represent the majority as the name suggests, The three camps that evangelicals are divided into. Most people deported from the United States have committed a crime, which is the reason they are deported. Someone other than the patient then chooses euthanasia on the patient's behalf.

Christian fundamentalists were alarmed by a number of developments that, in their view, threatened to undermine the country’s traditional moral values. The psychologist Carol Gilligan upended the belief that men and women think in radically different ways when making moral decisions when she argued that men and women think in exactly the same ways about morality. courses that prepare you to earn

Our moral common sense suggests that accidentally running over a man with our car is morally worse than doing the same to a rabbit.

Which anthropocentric philosopher said, "Animals . In the aftermath of Watergate and the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974, millions of evangelical Christians voted for Jimmy Carter for president in 1976, contributing importantly to his narrow victory over Gerald Ford. an animal is merely a resource that humans may dispose of as they see fit; an animal has instrumental value only. vance packard's book that showed how poeple change religions as they move up or down the corporate ladder, lost members because they supported civil rights for african americans and opposed the war in vietnam, faith in jesus, importance of personal conversion experience, authority of the bible, importance of preaching, some religious groups rising in numbers and some losing members; distinctions between branches of christianity began to dissolve and mean less to people; socially conservative christians have become more involved in american politics, jim hunter; deciding the social and moral direction of america, religious americans define themselves in terms of, which religion they belong to and their views regarding hot-button social issues, want to include more different types of people within religious leadership roles, more likely to support social changes, more comfortable with women in leadership, abortion, same-sex marriage, easy divorce; tend to be better educated and more prosperous than religious conservatives, oppose including new types of people in religious leadership roles, oppose many social changes, conservative christians began to get involved in politics, a coalition of right-wing protestant, catholic and jewish leaders who have become increasingly active in politics since the early 1970s, socially conservative catholics and jews who tried to undo many of the social changes that had occurred in the U.S.since 1960, supreme court rulings about prayer in pulic schools, roe v wade, loss of tax exemption for religious schools that were racially segregated, culturally conservative, politically active christians and jews became part of a larger resurgence of cultural conservatism.

Natural law theorists claim that humans naturally incline toward procreation, which implies that the use of contraceptives is always wrong.

When religious adherents claim that murder is wrong because God says that it is, they are implicitly espousing the, Not thinking too deeply or too systematically about ethical concerns.

In addition, the organization supported increased defense spending, a strong anti-communist foreign policy, and continued American support for Israel. Although it disbanded in 1989, the Moral Majority helped to establish the religious right as a force in American politics.

People liked politics no better in the 1970s. The fundamental moral issue involved in the health care debate is justice, which is about persons getting what is fair or what is their due. The principle of autonomy (the right of self-determination) can be used to argue for. One report claims that slowing global warming can help prevent the melting, which would be accomplished by creating better fuel efficiency for cars and stronger energy efficiency standards for buildings and appliances.

Politics is a dirty business. Their sexual behavior results in the greatest net good for all concerned.

the moral majority quizlet chapter 26. That moral judgments express attitudes and influence others to share those attitudes. Subsequently, several conservative politicians asked him to found the Moral Majority.

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