If you have access to the internet, you could use Google Translate. Write the main points from each section on pieces of paper or cards. Passed my exam in first attempt and took only a few minutes to finish it. You can use them to test yourself or give them to someone else to test you. You must read and understand the contents of this book in order to prepare for the test. Once you feel more refreshed, return to your studying. Include time for revision in your study plan. Use the revision questions at the end of each chapter, together with the tasks in the chapters. Good ways to do this are as follows: Plan a review every few days or once a week. However, if you would like to purchase hard copies, you can do so through Amazon. You could write down answers separately or just check them in the study material. The best mnemonics are ones that make you laugh or that you make up when you are learning. People learn and absorb information in a myriad of different ways. Some people find that using different coloured pens or pencils to highlight important information – names, dates, numbers, etc. It is a good idea to create a study timetable through which you can plan out your weekly study routine. Try imagining the numbers as pictures or shapes. You should start this a number of weeks before the date of your test. Answer 18 or more correctly to pass. This will allow you to recharge after processing a lot of information. Note: To get detailed information and prepare aptly you should understand what makes Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories. Yes, it is silly, but you will remember it. Regardless of what time you prefer studying, ensure you get a sufficient amount of sleep. You should also find a suitable studying environment. Drawings, pictures and diagrams are a wonderful way of recording and organising information. You can also use pictures in your mind to help you fix the information in your memory. Some people simply find that reading information over and over again is effective, whilst others find that taking notes, drawing pictures, recording and listening to information, or writing down questions to ask themselves later, is beneficial. You will find you will learn material faster and ultimately do better on your test if your learning is done in small chunks spread out of a longer period of time, rather than in a few lengthy sessions just before your test. introduced in 2013 and will remain valid for 2017 and consequent years. pass the official life in the UK test. You will be surprised how much you remember – this will help your confidence. Research shows that we quickly forget about 80% of what we read. Before you learn anything new, read our notes again then go back to the questions at the end of each section and answer them. Don’t forget that you can look up many of the words in the glossaries at the end of each chapter of this book, which tell you what words and phrases in the study materials mean. Step-by-step advice about preparing for, and taking, the Life in the UK test You’ll be tested on information in the official handbook for the Life in the UK Test. Notes written in your own words, in English or, if you like, in your own language: You could write your notes in this guide or in a notebook or on cards. The Official Study Guide PDF covers a range of topics you need to know to pass your test and apply for UK citizenship or permanent residency, including: Easy to understand information about the test, including what the Life in the UK test is and who needs to sit it. When you have finished reading a passage or section, look them up, write down what they mean in your notes or in a small notebook, then read the passage again. If you don’t know when your most productive time of the day is, try studying at different times during the day to find which time best suits you. For example, the sentence below: No Plan Like Yours To Study History Wisely. Do your best to stick to the schedule and don’t leave your learning to the last minute. Try to work out the meaning of the word using the information from the rest of the sentence or paragraph. You could explain some of the things you have learnt to someone else. If you know someone else studying for the Life in the UK Test, you could ask them to be your study partner so you could help each other learn. As you read each section of the book, you can write down your own questions to ask your study partner and vice versa. © Copyright Lifeintheuktest.net 2020. Prepare for the test. Some people find they study better in the morning whilst others prefer studying during evening hours.

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